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Download: New Froyo Leak FRG22 for DROID

We have no idea why a “newer” build for the Motorola Droid would already be floating around, especially on the week that the official OTA update is rolling out, but that’s exactly what we have.  The new build number is FRG22 and that’s basically all we know.  We’re guessing this is a simple bug fixer and can’t have anything incredibly different than FRG01B which is hitting devices as you read this, right?  Only one way to find out!

Update:  Feel free to read this excellent writeup by the guys who put together Sapphire to get some additional thoughts/info on FRG22 plus their upcoming ROM.


Download:  FRG-DEODEXED-Release.zip

*Note 1* – There is a chance that Voice Search is broken.  Please let me know if you experience this or any other issues.

*Note 2* – I have also not had the chance to test this, so please proceed with caution.  We just wanted you to know that it existed.


1.  Download the file to your SD card.
2.  Open ROM Manager, choose “Install ROM from SD Card.”
3.  Scroll down to find FRG-DEODEXED-Release.zip and tap on it.
4.  When prompted, check the box to create a backup if you don’t have a recent one.
5.  Skip the “wipe data and cache” box if coming from another Froyo build.
6.  Phone will reboot, work magic and BAM!  Enjoy the new Froyo!

Let us know of any differences from FRG01B that you may stumble upon!

Cheers to CellZealot for dropping leak after leak on the Droid developer community!

ROM Via:  MyDroidWorld

  • That is cool. I will test it!

  • That is cool. I will test it!

  • twistedlim

    Voice search for navigation and browser seems to work fine.

  • P5stover

    tried to reboot and its still in the “M” screen. how long does it sit there for?



  • Yowwwsi

    can i install it on the Motorola Milestone?

    • Mrpicolas


  • JC

    Is this just for rooted devices? Or can I install this like I did the FRG01B build?

  • Masiril

    I'm trying to install this but it gets to the recovery screen and just sits there and doesn't do anything. Anybody have this problem?

    • Masiril

      Nevermind I got it for some reason it wasn't booting into recovery all the way had to do it manually.

  • I've blogged about it (http://www.wrstone.com), but the reason for the halting of FRG01B and the new FRG22 patch for those who applied FRGO1B is pretty simple:

    Motorola's FRG01B for Droid is buggy as an ant farm.

    Oddly, not every user who applied FRG01B has these issues. However, after looking over various forums and my own experience, common problems include:

    1. Apparent speed of the device itself seems slower. I've not timed it, and this may be more psychological than anything as I grow more frustrated. However, it does feel a bit laggy. Keep in mind that in order to create as fast a response as possible, I long ago disabled all of the device's transition effects (it doesn't look as pretty, but it's fast). In any case, the massive performance boost promised by Froyo simply isn't there.

    2. I've got a 20MB pipe that runs a server, 1-3 laptops, and a variety of handheld devices as my daughters come in and out of the house. I routinely get 1.5MB torrent downloads for new HD Doctor Who episodes. My bandwidth is fine.

    As of yesterday's force to FRG01B, the networking (wifi seems worst) has been at best slow. At least 25% of the time, it fails entirely.

    3. YouTube is useless. I assume that because of the fouled network connection, the player simply times out on the stream.

    4. The Gallery lags badly. I assume this is because of the fouled network connection attempting to load Picasa albums and ultimately failing.

    5. Any app (and they are legion) that needs a good Internet connection is now unstable. Because the device can't get decent network connectivity, timeouts are reached and the apps tend to fail.

    6. I play “Trap!” — an addictive little game involving bouncing balls on the screen. The interesting thing about this app is that it's one of the few affected by the 2D graphics bug introduced in the 2.1 upgrade.

    If anything, the performance of “Trap!” is worse under FRG01B than under 2.1.

    To be a bit more scientific, I downloaded the LagTest app to check results, and it seems to show that the 2D bug may have been resolved.

    It's unclear, then, what might be causing “Trap!” to lag.

    7. Flash simply sucks. There's no other way to say it. I tried playing Falling Girl, one of the oldest, simplest Flash games out there. The girl falls slow as molasses in January. Really. Jagged, slow-motion falling. The simple control of click-and-hold doesn't translate into press-and-hold on the handheld. There's no way to interact with the game.

    Even if you did, it's so laggy as to be pointless. This may be due in part to network connectivity issues, at least with respect to streaming Flash videos. But Falling Girl is so simple that it ought to load very quickly with no further streaming. It shouldn't be so pointlessly slow.

    8. Some users have reported difficulty playing local media. I've not experienced any problems, but I use Meridian rather than the stock media players. I've watched Star Wars and listened to lengthy playlists without interruption, but many other users have reported problems playing media and even viewing MP3 tags correctly.

    Hopefully FRG22 update resolves these problems. If so, Verizon/Motorola/Google needs to get it into the wild ASAP. If there's an FRG22 that's been pushed to some users as reported, we need that file right the frak away.

    Until such time as Verizon has released a Froyo build without a buggy networking stack, it's a bad idea for anyone to install FRG01B. If you have installed it, we need the FRG22 fix that goes on top of FRG01B.

    If you've not installed FRG01B, for Ghu's sake: DON'T. It might run fine, but then again it might not. If it doesn't run fun, you'll not be a happy camper.


  • Jonesboy6

    It seems as though I can no longer set my own notifications ringtone from Mabilo ringtones now that I'm running this Froyo. Everything else working great! FRG22 with P3Droids kernel running at 1100Gz with SetCPU and no other issues to report! Anyone else try to set your own notifications ringtone other than whats on the list?

  • jon-az

    Where's the Flash player? Downloaded and installed yesterday. Everything is fine, with the exception of Flash support. What gives?

    • Djc636

      Everythinng works on mine. I cant find adobe flash to download. Where did you get it?

    • It's not officially released yet….but you can download it and manually install it from this board http://www.droid-life.com/downloads (don't forget to go to settings and check the option “Allow Non-Market Apps To Be Installed”. Works great!

  • Gardner24

    Facebook and Twitter are now preinstalled

  • arirang

    Those on the fence whether to install rooted FRG22 by P3Droid, as i posted in MyDroidWorld where this ROM is also,
    “i went with the plain jane odexed FRG22, and every core feature/apps works without issue–battery life, voice search and ALL search functions, phone service and quality, camera and video, youtube, BT and WIFI [including WIFI tether], GV+SMS, physical and display QWERTY, etc. NOTE: i dont use exchange so can't comment on that.

    the only glitch was a couple of apps didn't auto-install and required manual install–one paid and one free–but the +20 others did. as a sysadmin dealing with pushes and updates that's VERY good considering how hammered google's market servers likely are. also bearing in mind this is done OTA vs. physically connected [ala itunes].

    compared to FRG01B this is zippier. HOWEVER, i wiped everything prior to FRG22 installation so reported 'lagginess' in the OTA may be due to the install method–upgrade vs. clean install. from a technical POV when given the choice of clean install- vs upgrade-path the former will always yield optimal performance and stability.”

  • Jderosa2121

    Does anyone know how to remove the 2.2 software from the phone once i downloaded the leaked version

  • What about the baseband It never changed to the new one. Anybody?

    • They (Verizon-Motorola) only have you change it if you have problems. I've never changed mine even when I was rooted with JRummy and Stock Rooted Roms. Never Overclocked or updated kernels either. I actually have less lag with FRG01B than I did with the stock rooted Roms at least the on-phone functions. The internet seems to lag pretty bad on videos and web in general though both flash and YouTube.

  • What about the baseband It never changed to the new one. Anybody?

  • DocDeth54

    I'm still new to all this so a little help please. i have tried both update downloads and it tells me both times ' cannot download – . the content is not supported on this phone ' . what am i doing wrong ?

  • GoneFishing

    Question: This is on Pete's site for latest Download..( FRG22ODEXED.zip )..Is this 2.2 for root from 2.1 the correct version?? or should I just wait for things to calm down and get some clear answers??

  • Johnzenobia

    Voice Search is not working.

  • lifesign11

    Can we lay down this new rom over Cyanogen6rc2? I've finally got it set just so, and I'd hate to start over… (would though, gotta have the latest build!)

  • ronandersonjr

    I thought that build number looked familiar someone dropped it on vzw message board. Bragging he'd been running it for 4 months

  • Santee Lopez

    soo if i downloaded 2.2 froyo from here FRG01B will i still get the FRG22????

  • Javsld568

    Is it just me or is google chrome to phone not working? The app seems to work good, but when i go to my chrome browser on my pc, it says error, get the latest version of extension, but i go to the google chrome extenstions website “chrome to phone” isnt even listed, even websites that had direct download links, i click them and says the links are dead :

  • xmetl

    will this break my root if i install it?

    • Javsld568


  • Jothen2002

    i AM A BRAND NEW ROOTED USER ! Finally! ANY WHO ..any reason why I should switch from the 2.2 build FRG01 form Pete to a different build ?? are there real capability differences? or just preferences?

  • Pcremote
    • Geoff

      it will absolutely NOT work on your phone. The builds are hardware specific.

    • xmetl

      lmfao no of course not

  • Geonerd

    I want my Milestone Update now. I'm quiting Motorola if they live us alone like that. September??? that's really funny.

    At least teach me how to root my 2.1 on milestone and send me a 2.2 ROM, in fact I prefer that over the OTA.

    • Buy Easy Root. Google it. It is like a dollar. The developer's name is Unstable Apps. Stop whining and complaining when there are real solutions right in front of you that you are just too lazy to dig up.

  • guest

    eoeappinstaller will not open, i have to force close everytime I try open it.

  • Swould333

    EHH… This benches out the same or pretty close to the release Pete posted… what makes me a little leary is that you can't uninstall the Twitter app… i don't use it.. and when i try to uninstall it say's it was unsucessful… defeats the purpose of Rooting doens't it.. the idea of making your device YOURS…. makes me wonder why the dev would lock that app… ??? …. HMMMM??? sounds HINKY to me… back door or some other hack/jack maybe??? Ideas anyone??? going back to the other.. seems less suspicious..

  • EC8CH

    This Froyo thing is worse than BP… the leaks just won't stop!

    • Timmah

      Your trying to “likes” xD

      • EC8CH

        It's a race to see if I can break 1000 likes before getting to 500 comments 🙂

        • I'll help 😛

          • Anonymous

            I was going to say that, then i read yours.

  • Brochaos

    anyone know what the build date is in the build.prop file?

  • Tomas

    If i'm coming from pete's rooted version of the OTA release, will this retain root?

    • snafu009

      Yes, I just went from Pete's to this release and root is certainly still present; I did, however, have to download a custom kernel to continue overclocking past 800 (the stock limit in this build), but that's a simple process.

      • Dpu328

        What kernel did you choose?

        • snafu009

          Chev's LV 1.0Ghz has been running like a dream for me. I ran into issues running kernels at higher clocks; for example, the LV 1.2Ghz ran me into unending bootloops.

  • Stak3407

    This is a newbie that I need help with, I am rooted with SB recovery by doing the steps on this website through RSD Lite but when I am loading new ROM's on to it it refuses everyone. My Phone says I am rooted but I have never enjoyed the luxuries of being rooted with 2.1. ANYWAY, I would be just as happy non-rooted with 2.2 Froyo on my phone. My question is if I am rooted with SB recovery still on my phone will I get sent the 2.2 update just like everyone else or do you have to be completely non-rooted to receive it??? Will it erase the root and just install stock 2.2. I ask only because if I non-root I do not want to loose all my apps. PLEASE HELP

    • Jsmuli2

      First off, if you are are on moto droid, ur better off leaving it rooted with Bugless Beast (or whatever 2.2 ROM) because then you can still get overclocking and wifi-tethering. Apparently Moto might be cracking down on people in 2.2 and a rooted 2.2 would be difficult.

      From what I read, if you want the official 2.2 OTA, then you must set back to 2.1, im still not sure if you need to unroot or not. either way, in order to back up ur apps use this app: http://www.appbrain.com/app/com.appspot.swissco

      it allows u to back up ur apps in the cloud and manage them.

      You can also get Astro File Manager and do backups of ur apps that way.

      Hope this helps and don't be afraid to google ur questions too, there's plenty of Android forums with answers.

  • Jinxygrrl

    hmmm, tried to update to frg01b and it didn't seem to take. Just downloaded this one and it didn't seem to take. Still says frf84b. Any ideas?

    • kellex

      Might have to wipe data and cache. 🙁

      • Jinxygrrl

        Yeah, I was hoping to avoid that. Ok, I will. thx.

      • Jinxygrrl

        I've tried everything with no luck. But, I believe it may be an issue with ROM Manager. Every couple times running it, I get an error message that says Recovery is broken. I suppose I have to delete it and reinstall.

        • Jinxygrrl

          yeah, uninstalling, reinstalling, and flashing a new recovery seems to be working. It is installing now.

    • Adiaz

      try flashing a different version of clockwork. It should install then.

  • kriven4437

    Since installing Froyo last night i have noticed only one bug when i hit the app drawer half the icons were missing and stacked ontop of eachother in the top left corner maybe this fixes that

  • B_hermon

    What if this release is a bug fix to FRG01B. 1. Google sends out an update to a small number of ppl, see if it works then pass it out to the masses… maybe FRG01B had some bugs in the small OTA, fixed it and now we have this release? You'll remember when Froyo was initially introduced, Google had an update for Nexus users to download directly from Google, but then pulled it off the shelves. Maybe FRG01B is the latest “pull”

    • Fredflinstone

      What do you think the “B” in FRG01B stands for? Bugs…

  • Toneynola22

    will there be one for non rooted droid coming soon???????

    • Hope so, my WiFi is useless right now. I wouldn't know how to go back to 2.1 from 2.2 stock so I can root it.

  • wow I just got mine

    • Geoff

      OTA or off this site? If it was pushed to your phone, was it FRG01B or this new version?

  • briderx


    Motorola S305 Headsets – $25.00 Each.

    Kellex – I wouldn't have posted this, other than the fact that they work SO damn well with 2.2 and audio quality is absolutely amazing on the Droid!

  • JosueD

    Update: I installed this, And its the speed wise its the same, 9.615 linpack score with 600mhz, Voice Search does work, It does come with a twitter app which is something new.


    • kellex

      Makes sense. Thanks for posting.

      • adams

        so why does the ota get such a low number?is jit disabled or what?

    • adams

      i got 9.083 MFLOPS on FRG01B

      thought that should be around 50 with FROYO! :S

  • Lol at giant font for source, MyDroidWorld get butthurt or something?

  • hawgpapa

    I tried it just for grins and it IS really good – fast and smooth as advertised. Just waiting for some themes built around it.

  • mtkregs

    I always smile when I see the “faster and smoother” comments. Placebo?…or are there any measurements that were used to make those assessments.

    As I respect the opinion of cvpcs, I thought I would include a link where he provides his comments on the next-number-up-build.

    • kellex

      Everyone please “like” this and read it.

      Amen is all I have to say.

      • Glad you updated the post, kellex. Sapphire 1.0 should be releasing at about 1-3pm CST. I hope you plan on giving all of your readers a shout-out when it does 🙂

        • Scotklein

          I'm anxiously waiting!!!

          • cvpcs should be out of his SECOND meeting soon, and then he will be able to post it 😀

    • Tabrad

      If the cache and data is wiped, then it can and will make a device run faster. So this might be a lot of the difference people notice between roms, which is why the very first thing I do when I install a rom is a quadrant score.

  • Cody Barton

    Voice search is working fine for me.

  • chazztastic

    OK…kellex… so since there is already another build, and there could possibly be another, if i install this will I still get the official OTA when it pushes?

    • chazztastic

      nvm, i didnt read all the way through 🙂

  • briderx

    Installing now..

  • Djspikezz

    Could this be the Droid X/Droid 2 Build, version of Froyo?

  • must be some new goodies in this new build – last update was 49 some odd MB – this one is 74

    • MuddyB00ts

      if you're talking about the stock update, that was meant as an addition to 2.1, leaving the files that stayed the same and adding on the new ones. These full Roms that come out are the complete operating system, since the distributors don't know what you've got going already so they just replace it all.

  • nkhex19

    You think they are gonna send out this build after releasing FRG01B? Didn't the Evo get 2 froyo ota updates, the second one being a bug fixer?? (I know the Evo is a is on a different network) I could be wrong though.

  • Pfilly

    Extremely fast and smooth with excellent battery life. I've been playing with this since late last night and it's beaten out all other ROMs to date.

  • Edwardvaldez1

    wait how can stock droid get this?

  • It is definitly faster than the ones before frg01b. I was running bugless beast v.4 and that was fast, but this was still faster and more mb of ram available.

  • I did notice that I thought the FRG01B was then some of the roms out there with OC. I will try this one out soon to see if there is any difference. But I doubt there will be.

  • z32589

    I'm waiting for Pete to drop Bugless Beast v0.5

    Gotta be honest – still can't find a better build then his. I always come back to Pete. I think it's the way he sets up memory handling. I've tried everything, including JRummy LithMod and Sapphire 0.8.4 – always come back to Pete.

    • kellex

      Hard to argue with that, but wanted to make sure you guys knew this was out there. 🙂

    • Sapphire 1.0 is releasing later today, maybe give it a try?

    • Cbrown0723

      I tried the froyo build very briefly then went back to BB.4

    • Hope you know you might be waiting for a while lol
      Either it drops VERY soon, or it won't drop for a while.
      With all the stuff he is working on 0.5 has taken back seat 😛

    • Craig

      Speaking of which, now that I'm updated to 2.2 (non-rooted) what options do I have to get rooted? Did I just screw myself?

  • There are only about three to four files changed in this build, wifi firmware files and google apps. Faster? I say it's the placebo effect.

    • kellex

      I highly doubt this is any faster than FRG01 or FRG01B. But people can sure think that! 🙂

      • Haha, whatever makes people happy. Oh yeah, and as you stated in another comment (which I forgot because it is a feature I do not use), voice search has been fixed.

        By the way, your updates on twitter made last night for me.

  • geekabilly

    So far most people seem to notice it is faster, even with stock kernel — primary issue is with voice search for some — still early, this is really hot of the presses…

    • kellex

      Apparently they have fixed the Voice Search. At least I hope so as I was unable to test this.

    • JosueD

      Yeah thats what i saw in a thread, Have you tried installing it?


      • geekabilly

        Not me — can't until tonight…

        • JosueD

          Okay, Well im currently downloading it, Ill let you know if it does have voice search issue's.


  • i caught your spat on twitter last night. funny stuff.

  • Hdeunbsjji

    Hmm that's so strange. What can be different?

  • The_Other_Ray


    • The_Other_Ray

      this is just stock right?

      • Ron

        It's stock but rooted already for you…

        • The_Other_Ray

          Oh ok. Thanks.

      • nkhex19

        Same here. Really liking Lithium Mod, using the Galaxy S theme. Very smooth ROM.

        • How's your memory management doing?
          Are you using a taskiller with it? 😛
          Mine is crapping on me basically….

          • nkhex19

            Nice screenies, my memory management is ok, I use the task killer when my phone feels bogged down but this ROM has been really smooth for me. My favorite so far. 🙂