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Official Verizon Blog Offers Up DROID 2 Details, August 12th Release Date Confirmed?

According to shots from an official Verizon company blog (Yes, even Big Red blogs!) we have some confirmation on a few additional details for the Droid 2, plus a new rumored release date.  These shots reassure us that Android 2.2 will come pre-loaded with full Flash support, the physical keyboard has been “enhanced,” and a bundle of bloatware to boot.  Oh you don’t care?  You just want the release date info?

From 2 separate sources, we’ve heard as of today, the tentative release date for the Droid 2 remains August 12th.  Does this make sense?  It seems to.  The 12th is a Thursday and we all know that Verizon loves Thursdays plus the following week is a pretty major Adobe/Android summit which would be an ideal time to officially announce Flash.  That’s 2 weeks from today!

Oh and some additional details from the VZW blog…


  • Ihabyahia
  • Ihabyahia
  • Jjvg4211

    Will the Bluetooth Issues be resolved with the Droid 2?????

  • Final+Confirmed+Verified Specs, Please?

    Also, when are reviews due?

  • indiana85

    wait so its gonna have vz nav i loved that app on my blackberry storm it was better then google maps to me can't wait im a droid 1 owner right now so hopefully they give me some kind of special early upgrade

  • skywalker45

    You know I've always followed the happenings here at DL and am a happy D1 owner with a custom JRummy 2.2 ROM. As an engineer I can say with some certainty (I also have a LOT of experience with Linux) that these locked bootloaders and encrypted files will be hacked if not completely destroyed. There is no doubt that it can and will be done. I wouldn't expect any phone manufacturers to remove stuff on their devices they consider “proprietary” but owners of these devices have rights too and one of those is to change their device at will to meet their needs because they bought and paid for the device including the OPEN SOURCE software powering it. If they had meant for it to be any other way then they shouldn't build Android phones. They should migrate to Windows where all the source code is proprietary. Motorola is blameless if you do anything to brick your phone and yes there will be A LOT of bricked phones until some devs figure out a way around these locked loaders and bloatware but it WILL happen my friends I can promise you that. In my industry I've seen it happen more than I can even tell you.

  • rockymtnhigh

    So is it confirmed that D2 has a locked bootloader?

  • Ravindra

    Droid 2 is gsm or cdma? thanks for replys..

  • WhereIsTony

    I will hazard a guess that no one gets a OTA foryo update (on verizon anyway) until after the D2 comes out.

  • I don't care what the world thinks of me. I want the Droid 2. I like my D1 so much that the D2 is perfect for me. It calls out to me like an exgirlfriend who wont leave me alone.

  • Rich G

    Ughhh stupid bloatware. Other than that I'm super stoked!

  • Fawzi94

    When the Droid 1 landed, it was a total game changer and its specs were best-in-class. Moto ruined the trend, because the Droid 2's specs are lackluster at best, they only match if not fall short of other phones out now.

  • Guest

    Will the Droid 2 have Google Nav with Google maps in addition to VZ navigator? I'm new to Android phones, but have heard remarkable things about Google Navigation. If it doesn't, I would have a hard time buying this…

    • Michael_NM

      Short answer: Yes, stay away from VZ Nav and welcome to Droid Life! 🙂

      Long answer: Google Nav is embedded in Google Maps. GMaps is an app. In order for it to not be available on the Droid 2, VZ would have to deny access to it. If VZ did so, I would never buy another phone from them. I'm sure they wouldn't care, but I'm just as sure that it won't happen. GMaps and GNav are (in my opinion) one of the most amazing features on my Droid. In addition to my many geeky hobbies, cartography (and GIS) is near the top. I have owned GPS receivers since the early 90's, and (excepting the Garmin Rino 530) GNav is the best consumer implementation of a GPS receiver I've ever seen. If you've read this far, I'll repeat: stay away from VZ Nav and welcome to Droid Life! 🙂

      • Guest

        Both answers were incredibly helpful. thank you!

  • drewr1992

    If I can put a custom rom and get rid of motoblur………..you've got me sold.

  • Guan hao

    Well done, Droid-Life 😀

  • Polo504

    any release info for the R2-D2 version?

  • Chefmelv20

    hmm The good newsis my birthday is the 12th =)
    The even better news is I already have the Droid X (and hopefully froyo next week)

  • Think of the D2 this way, the D1 just went to the gym and lifted weights, gained curves, and has some killer speed now, didn't really care about the camera…sigh

  • Give me my freakin 2.2 update for the Droid Verizon!

  • any chance that universal networking inbox will be ported to a rooted D1?

  • Wjk7405

    does anyone know if droid 2 will have a video recorder zoom, or a front facing camera? or, does anyone know if there is or will be an app for video camera zoom? those are two huge issues that the moto droi is lacking that other phones have.

  • tom76

    Off topic…but important enough to share…Birdman tweeted the link i'll post below for a petition to unlock the bootloader they're installing on current devices. It's worth a shot!!!


    • tom76

      “They” being Motorola of course!!!

      Droid Users…Unite!!!

      • trumpet444

        Great link. I signed. My comment. —
        If Motorola continues locking/encrypting bootloaders, then to ME, they are no longer set apart from any other cellular phone manufacturer. If I'm not allowed to modify something I bought and own, all the while completely understanding the consequences of my actions ($600 paperweight), then I may as well blindly pick out any other phone running the Android OS because they are all now the same in my eyes. You (Motorola) know full well you are not “protecting” the average user with a locked/encrypted bootloader, you are hindering the capabilites of a product that I paid for and own. We have countless options to modify the exerior of the phones that we own with cases and stickers and what-not. Why prevent us from modifying the interior? We know how to, just let us.

    • Michael_NM

      Nice find Tom. Fellow Droid Lifers, please “like” Tom's comment.

      BTW: I added “Droid owner hoping to upgrade to another Motorola device, but only if it has an unlocked bootloader.” in the comments. I'm still not rooted, but I support the cause, and love knowing that I have the option. Being told I can't pisses me off!

      • trumpet444

        “Being told I can't pisses me off!”………..awesome. That was pretty fn funny, and very true. That thought crosses my mind almost every day

      • leonaeyes

        Updates for droid 2 surfaces that it would have a soft launch and official launch.

      • leonaeyes


    • EC8CH

      Sign me up… #260

    • 1bad69z28

      Great idea, I just signed, hopefully Moto will listen 🙂

  • Tkampka

    LOL, my side is hurting after watching this show down between the iphone and DROID 1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4D0Gsyu8-ak. sorry, copy and paste, its funny!!

  • ChaoticNYer

    I Really Dislike Motorola's Inclusion Of Bloatware On Their Recent Handsets. Granted, It Isn't Just Motorola Who Is Guilty Of This. For Me, Stock Android (albeit with ADW Launcher) Is More Than Enough For Me. I Would Like It If All Handset Developers Offered Their Bloatware And “Themes” As Apps On The Android Market. It Would Provide Faster Android Updates And Open Their Influence To Those Outside Their Customer Base. To Provide Incentive To Perspective Customers, Handset Developers Could Include A Voucher With Their Handsets For A Free Download Of Their Respective Software And “Themes”. It's An Idea That Everyone Could Live With.

    • Herkulease

      I don't mind too much. If they at least allowed you the option to remove them. I can live with blur somewhat. but I hate having apps I will never use and having no way of removing them. blockbuster, city id, kindle etc.

      • Comrade

        Once you can root it, you will be able to remove the bloatware.

    • Agreed!

    • WTF is with these initial-capping posters? It's marginally more annoying than all-lowercase. God, people, write right!

  • AnDroidSepTIX

    People seem to forget with OVERCLOCKING you are using more Energy hints less BATTERY. You cant replicate an actual 1 ghtz processor with any ROM. We get it you can do all these things with a droid. We know because we have one.

  • An interesting piece on android for ya….

  • ohiobuckeye7

    Not to mention this is the day of the Lucas Films Star Wars summit in CA.

  • David

    Not as exited as i was for droid1.

  • aczm1988

    I just dropped my droid 1 in my pool. Pretty sure its toast. Im pretty upset, especially knowing that my insurance is gonna replace it with a crappy eris. I dont know what to do 🙁

    • Check EBay For A Used One Or Pony Up To Verizon…

    • Josh Lee

      If you stir up enough ruckus, surely they will at least give you the Dinc…
      I talked to a VZW customer service woman this past week when we thought my wife lost her phone, and she said she thought only the X and Inc would be comparable for what it is worth.

      • aczm1988

        Yes agreed. Best believe that i will be complaining. I just checked asurions website and they only offered me a moto devour, or an lg ally. The moto droid is on back order (basically saying ill never get it). Im gonna chew someone a new one if i dont at least get a droid for a droid. I wont accept anything less.

        On a side note my phones in rice im currently praying tomorrow that it actuallys turns on. As of right now all it does is turn the camera flash on when u plug the battery in (not a good sign)

    • EC8CH

      sorry man, I feel for ya.

  • Texas

    I don't care. All I want to know is when are we gonna get the Samsung Fascinate.

  • Anyone else hear about the EVO getting 2.2 next week? I'm pissed. The Droid 1 was supposed to get it second and by the look of things, that's not happening… Verizon and Moto better step it up a notch or else they are going to have some majorly upset customers…


    • Rdcamero

      Blogs were saying how Droid x was going to be the first of the big three to get it.I guess Verizon got caught with their pants down.

    • I'll cut em i swear

    • Comrade

      What are you talking about my droid just got froyo a couple of days ago… >:)

  • Devin

    where's R2??

  • rafael2004usa
    • acquaz10

      It was supposed to be an included app.

  • thom

    I'm going to pick one of these up for my wife

  • Stephen

    why in the world does it come with VZ navigator???

  • DeathofGrim

    I was super excited about a droid 2 but now I feel like I would only get one if it was a free upgrade for my droid ora replacement if I break it. Nothing super sepcial. Its like a droidgs not a droid2. Like i*phone3 and 3gs

  • Sput

    1 Ghz and Froyo is enough for me to recommend to my friend who is not tech savvy. She just wants a phone for calls, texting, social sites, music, and she was turned onto the turn-by-turn navigation and Google maps. She likes the ability to put on skins and change the whole look and feel. I thought Moto did a good job on the accessories and they made a bluetooth headset that can be charged with the car charger. It will run fast and pleasent and she can take on her iPhone family members who think she's making a huge mistake.

  • Jason

    I'm actually quite excited for this phone. There's only a few really good Droid phones with a keyboard out there. Motorola just stuck with what was successful – the first Droid.
    All they did was enhance it and fix it up a bit, thereon ensuring a large number of purchases.

  • 1.) Wish the Droid 1 had that “universal” social network box… same thing I guess the Droid X has? It's nice!

    2.) Think the Droid will eer get the block buster app? Guess maybe it can't handle it spec wise…

  • Anybody know what music app. Has overflow for Droid 1??

  • Rafael2010

    Where can I this picture please ? the “human” eye.


  • What's up with not having the 8mp camera?

    • Tyler

      How often do you take pictures that you need to blow up big enough so that 8 MP are required? I'd rather have a better camera than more Megapixels… Even three would probably be fine.

    • The 5MP Works Fine For Me And I'm Taking Pictures Of The Craziest Weather Connecticut Has Seen In Years. You'd Think I Was Using A High Powered Camera With The Shots I Get.

      • You seem more like a low-powered initial capper to me. WTF, dude?!

  • FrenchToast

    So when I got my Droid, I had just returned my Palm Pre+ because it was doing the “oreo twist”. I loved my Pre+ and if HP is able to come to market with a competitive product, I'm switching back. All these locked bootloaders that Motorola is putting on is just crap. Samsung and HTC are the only ones left who even make good Android phones and I'm not a huge fan of either… Samsung doesn't make a Droid either…. 🙁

    • Samsung has the Galaxy S phones which are some of the best android phones out.

      • FrenchToast

        Yeah, but by the time I'm up for my upgrade this November, maybe that 2ghz Motorola will be out lol! Idk, Android is cool and all, but Web OS is extremely nice to use.

      • FrenchToast

        It will also be interesting to see what Android 3.0 brings

  • Sput

    Still waiting for any confirmation that the D2 will be compatible with D1's car mount and multimedia dock. This is going to be an Android entry phone for many people. I know us enthusiasts aren't wowed by it, but 99 percent of the other users in this world will buy it and love it. Can do without the Blockbuster, NFL, V CAST, and VZ Navigator crap though.

    • ckeegan

      Don't see why it wouldn't. If you look at the dummy review, all the ports are in identical position. Not to mention the size is identical too. Obviously a smart (er, common sense) move by Moto.

      • Sput

        I would have figured the same thing. But the pics of the form factor are a bit different especially in the area where the lip is, which could require a different car mount. The multimedia dock should work as well….just like to see it in writing is all.

  • ckeegan

    Odd, this says 8GB pre-installed microSD, while the manual said “SD memory card (16GB—included with your phone).”. Wonder which it will be?

    • Tyler

      Both will be included like the X?

      • Tyler

        Wait I see what you mean. That's weird. Guess they need to clear that up

  • Is the screen any bigger than the Droid? I've been looking for the answer to this for a while now.

    • Michael_NM

      Unless you've put your Droid through the heavy cycle, no it's the same size. 🙂

      • Mmm. Bummer. So theres almost no reason to buy there is there?

        • Sput

          If you have a D1…I would say no unless you just want some faster speed and a better physical keyboard. With Froyo coming soon, the Droid 1 will be a snappier phone anyway. I'm not eligible for an upgrade until next fall anyway, but I'm perfectly happy with the D1 right now and will be happier when Froyo comes to town. I think I share a common sentiment with hoards of others.

          • I was erally hoping it would have a bigger or maybe even better screen. Oh well. Hey, wasn't there a limited edition white one coming?

          • Sput

            Yeah, I hear ya. Maybe look for the Samsung Galaxy S phone for Verizon or of course the Droid X then for a bigger/better screen. I think Android 3.0 will require a 1 Ghz processor on a phone, so the 2 GHz phone Moto is talking about at the end of the year sounds way more appealing to anything that is/has coming out this summer.

            Didn't hear anything about a white Droid. Maybe confusing iPhone?

          • Zoom

            I was under the impression that because the cpu uses the smaller process, it uses less heat. I guess it is running faster too, though if you are overclocking, I assume that the D2 with the newer cpu will have better battery life.

  • EC8CH

    Froyo… check
    1 Ghz clock speed… check
    Wifi Tether… check
    Swype… check
    16 GB's… check

    Sorry Droid 2… we've been there, done that already.

    • RoninX

      Usable keyboard… nope

      Droid 2 does.

      • EC8CH

        The maginally improved keyboard is tempting, but I'll keep my open
        bootloader… Thanks.

  • UGH why are they pre-loading apps that some will never open or use and they just take up space. NFL Mobile, Skype, V cast?? WTH if you want them them download them from the market. I hate that they are pre installed, and basically are in concrete. 🙁 Why does Verizon do this?

  • El El Kool J

    Sadly to say, Yes This phone will run alot of apps, flash, games etc.. alot smoother than a D1 rooted overclocked.. Seeing how smooth froyo, and flash runs on my girls Dinc compared to my D1 rooted froyo is a big difference. But still not enough to make me give up my D1 😛

    • Comrade

      Not sure what a “Dinc” is, but you can OC the Droid 1 to 1Ghz and froyo runs like lightning on it.

  • EC8CH

    The 2 stands for second place, cause the OD still pwns this.

    • StephanC

      The overdose?

      • EC8CH

        Origonal Droid as in Original Gangsta.

        • Lame.

          • EC8CH

            Well stated. What the Droid2 offers in terms of upgrades is rather lame.

    • trumpet444

      that was awesome. that lines being used anytime I run into a Droid2 user

  • Ken P

    8th! hahaha…by the time i hit “post as” i'll probably 50th!

  • Droidzilla

    Two weeks from today? Why, that's tomorrow! I'd better get ready!

  • It's Good To Know The Release Date For People Eligible For Upgrades, But God There's No MAJOR Change To Make Me Wanna Go From My Droid 1 To Either The X Or 2…Maybe The This Fall Or Winter The Next BIG Thing Will Come Out…One Can Only Hope… =)

    • I smell jealousy

    • Must you initial-cap? WHY? Stop!

      • Must You Question What I Do?

      • Chris Nimon

        Ive seen about 5 of your posts on here and all of them were about peoples spelling. What are you, a spelling nazi? take the horse d-(k out of your arse and go back to your bridge.

        • Man I Couldn't Agree More With You, So What If I Capitalize My Words, My Thoughts Are Precise And Thorough, Yet This Person Hasn't Put A Thought Or Question Just Ranking On People, I Think Kellex Should Do Sutten, She's A Spammer!!!

  • EC8CH

    WTF VZ Navigator?

    • it's so pointless.. Google maps is better and free and offers way more…

    • Michael_NM

      Amen! VZ is preying on the new/uniformed users with this $10/month slap in the face. For the new/uniformed, Google Nav > VZ Navigator and it's free. If you're looking for gas prices and movies, try Where which is also free.

      Shame on VZ!

  • JosueD

    DROID1 4 LIFE! Lol, Sorry I felt the need to say that…

    • kellex

      Just say “DROID FAM 4 LIFE!” instead.

      • Michael_NM

        Why not just “DROID LIFE?”

        • Droid por vida!

        • Because They Are Family Its All Android OS So The Different Phones Would Be Brother Sister Cousins Whatever Lol In The End Its Family

          • Michael_NM

            I got the family reference. Droid the daddy. Eris the mommy. Their descendants poised for world domination. My comment was meant in jest. 🙂

            Now, and I ask this with complete respect, why do you capitalize every word that you type? You make numerous good points here, but they're harder to read with all of the capitalization.

          • I Honestly Started Doing The “Capitalism” About Eight Years Ago, I Apologize If Its Harder To Read…And I'm Sure Your Not The Only One Who Feels This Way. I Guess If I Make Good Points Everyone Could Overlook The Capitalization =)

          • Michael_NM

            Thanks Mike! Since I Wholeheartedly Support Capitalism, I'll Now Chuckle Each Time I See Your Posts. Cheers! 🙂

    • Tyler

      So you're telling me when you're eligible to upgrade to a 2 GHz phone with a gigabyte of RAM you won't? I mean I love my Droid 1, but I'm upgrading as soon as I'm eligible in late 2011.

  • Not impressed. I originally was gonna wait it out for the droid 2, but im glad i didn't. Im very happy with my X! 🙂

  • Xintensex

    Same 5 MP camera Blah !

  • Zeadaplaya


    • kellex

      NO! It's the second Droid!

      • MuddyB00ts

        zing! lol

    • Johnny G

      how about HDMI… or front facing camera… sadly droid doesn't do those yet… 🙁

      • Tyler

        Who says you need a front facing camera? Oh yeah, Steve Jobs, the same man who said Flash will never work on a mobile device and that no one needs multi-tasking which slows down the phone and sucks battery life. Have you ever seen an i*hone (pardon my french) (l)user actually using the front facing camera anyway?

        • rocitdog

          a front facing camera would allow skype users to communicate face to face