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Official Verizon Blog Offers Up DROID 2 Details, August 12th Release Date Confirmed?

According to shots from an official Verizon company blog (Yes, even Big Red blogs!) we have some confirmation on a few additional details for the Droid 2, plus a new rumored release date.  These shots reassure us that Android 2.2 will come pre-loaded with full Flash support, the physical keyboard has been “enhanced,” and a bundle of bloatware to boot.  Oh you don’t care?  You just want the release date info?

From 2 separate sources, we’ve heard as of today, the tentative release date for the Droid 2 remains August 12th.  Does this make sense?  It seems to.  The 12th is a Thursday and we all know that Verizon loves Thursdays plus the following week is a pretty major Adobe/Android summit which would be an ideal time to officially announce Flash.  That’s 2 weeks from today!

Oh and some additional details from the VZW blog…


  • Ihabyahia
  • Ihabyahia
  • Jjvg4211

    Will the Bluetooth Issues be resolved with the Droid 2?????

  • Final+Confirmed+Verified Specs, Please?

    Also, when are reviews due?

  • indiana85

    wait so its gonna have vz nav i loved that app on my blackberry storm it was better then google maps to me can't wait im a droid 1 owner right now so hopefully they give me some kind of special early upgrade

  • skywalker45

    You know I've always followed the happenings here at DL and am a happy D1 owner with a custom JRummy 2.2 ROM. As an engineer I can say with some certainty (I also have a LOT of experience with Linux) that these locked bootloaders and encrypted files will be hacked if not completely destroyed. There is no doubt that it can and will be done. I wouldn't expect any phone manufacturers to remove stuff on their devices they consider “proprietary” but owners of these devices have rights too and one of those is to change their device at will to meet their needs because they bought and paid for the device including the OPEN SOURCE software powering it. If they had meant for it to be any other way then they shouldn't build Android phones. They should migrate to Windows where all the source code is proprietary. Motorola is blameless if you do anything to brick your phone and yes there will be A LOT of bricked phones until some devs figure out a way around these locked loaders and bloatware but it WILL happen my friends I can promise you that. In my industry I've seen it happen more than I can even tell you.

  • rockymtnhigh

    So is it confirmed that D2 has a locked bootloader?

  • Ravindra

    Droid 2 is gsm or cdma? thanks for replys..