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Download: New Fennec Build for Android

While Firefox was in the middle of showing off version 4 of their new web browser which features a fancy little feature called “Tab Candy” our readers were digging into their FTP site and finding new builds of Fennec for Android.  As of July 24th, a new build is available and as you’ll see after installing it, is much more polished than the one we wrote about back in May.

Download:  Fennec.apk

Cheers Allen!

  • This is a random “Try Server” build used by a developer to test a specific patch. For actual official nightly builds and release notes, see: https://wiki.mozilla.org/Mobile/Platforms/Android

  • This is a random “Try Server” build used by a developer to test a specific patch. For actual official nightly builds and release notes, see: https://wiki.mozilla.org/Mobile/Platforms/Android

  • Josh

    installed on my Droid X and it runs fine. Laggy, but that to be expected with an unfinished build

  • Doesn't work. Always FC's.

  • All it does is force closes continually. I never got it to run. De-installed 7-28-10. Motorola Droid 1.

  • ohshaith55

    i downloaded it and went to install and it said i don't have enough space even tho i'm sure i have quite a bit of space. but i deleted a bunch of apps that i just kinda wanted but never used and still didn't have enough space. how much could this take up????

    • Drywaller79

      It takes up ~33 mb of space. Compare that to Google Earth, one of the biggest sized installs on the market, which takes up ~22mb.

      • ohshaith55

        wow that seems a bit absurd for a browser. well i guess i won't be using this until it takes up less space. i assume they will reduce the size, right? i would love to have ff on my DI

        • BAoxymoron

          they say in it that it is a nightly build so it is slow and has numerous major issues… it is not for daily use… just nerd play… as for the memory size:
          “Fennec requires around 30 MB of internal storage. We have plans to reduce this to 20 MB or less. (Like all NDK apps, Firefox must copy its native libraries out of the APK file before reading them, so they end up on the disk twice. We are looking into ways to fix this.) ” – https://wiki.mozilla.org/Mobile/Platforms/Android

  • Jamiet76

    Crashes after launch on Droid X

  • DroidNoir

    I use 3 different browsers. I have found that the stock Android browser, Xscope and Dolphin HD are all worth having. Depending on what I need to do on the net, I use a certain browser. I always default to the Stock Android, though. It may just be me, but I like options.

  • Mward7221

    Fennec force closes on my Droid as well. Why is fennec over 28mb installed compared to 2.1mb for XScope.

  • Installed just now on my X but it force closes every time I launch. Can't wait for the real deal from Mozilla.

  • Shocklat

    Dolphin HD is by far the best man. It is pretty feature rich and the fastest I have used.

    • stranger

      so what?

  • cwilb

    Crashed multiple times on my Droid1…

  • I tried it on my FroYo droid and it wasn't that stable or smooth.

    I do like how you can easily switch tabs.

  • I always wondered why isnt this in the Android Market?

    • Drywaller79

      Not finished yet. Its unstable and takes up WAYY more room than it really needs to. Don't see why it isn't out yet though. There quite a few decent browsers out there in the Market already. Kind of makes you wonder..

  • Dolphin HD is the best. It freaking has Google translate plug in.

  • Downloaded and installed fine. But its very buggy for me. running jrummy kangerade x with chevy 1.1

  • Yeah the previous one didn't really tie into the phone to well.thanks for the update willgive it a shot!

  • AnDroidSepTIX

    ITS not working. Force close eveytime. Nice splash screen. BB V 4

    • Jager07

      FC here, too. Installed via Astro on D1 running stock 2.1 with ADW Launcher.

  • R R

    Does anyone here use Xscope? Started using it this week and it has proven pretty good so far.

    • Maizekid

      I use xscope all the time and i love it.

    • RJM

      XScope for a couple of months now. I really like it. Stable, fast, nice tabs, long press link to open new tab so you don't lose what you're looking at (very handy here at DL), doesn't use a lot of power. BB 0.4, Chevy 1.0LV kernel, Launcher Pro

      • Wow. That's the exact opposite of my experience with xscope. BB0.4, Chevy 1.0LV kernel, LauncherPro. I am running Blue Energy theme tho. FC -all- the time. So I got rid of it. On a Droid.

    • Yes I use xcope and love it

  • jiggaman508

    force closes every time I open it : (

    • bamasteve

      same here

    • I get it to install and open on my DX, but it runs VERY sluggish and I noticed quite a few bugs just going from the start page to google, so I think i'll stick with stock for now.

  • Did anyone venture out and try the gecko-unalligned or gecko-unalligned-unsigned apks? Do we know what those are at all? I'm too scared to be the guinnea pig…lol

    • Ok, so I guess it's the engine behind Firefox, Fennec, etc…anyone know why they would have a direct APK for that? Testing? Build your own browser?

  • Andrew

    I'm sorry for the noob question, but how do I DL this? I clicked the Download link but wasn't sure which to click after that. Thank you!

    • You click the link above, then click the link that says “fennec.apk” on that page and it will prompt you to download it, or if you're on your phone it will just start downloading.

      • Andrew

        OK, thank you for the quick reply, appreciate your help. And thanks for all the great daily info D-L!

  • Kenbarnum

    What could be taking them so long to release this officially?
    Seems like forever just for a browser!

  • off subject but…..KELLEX when are we getting a message board?

  • davesdroid

    I'll try it, but it will take alot to pull me away from Dolphin HD.

    • Me too

    • Puck3511

      Ya dolphin is the shheeeeiiiiittttt!!!!

  • F-f-f-f-f-f-f-fennec….

  • Jdstell

    What's the advantage of this browser over the stock one?

    • WhereIsTony
    • Erhearth

      Just a different experience. People claim that different browsers are faster and more secure. Just try them all out and find one you like.

    • Jdstell

      Just read some information from a previous post about third-party browsers. Stock browser will do just fine, always has. Thanks.

  • El El Kool J

    Good morning DL'ers 🙂
    I just use the stock browser. It's never given me any issues that would make me want to change it.

    • Jedi_Gunslinger

      Yeah same here, only other one I kept for a minute was skyfire (for obvious reasons) but back to stock (based, lol) now… 😉

    • The only trouble I have with the stock browser is it doesn't download.rar files. Other then that I love it

      • Manny83

        I think if you have Astro file manager and check the option that says “allow browser to download any file type” you can fix that. It works for zip files anyway, not sure about rar. It may mess with the gmail attachment openinmg, though.

  • sweet! downloading now!…oh and good morning

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    • jsjsjs

      First part 2!

    • jhankg

      You're gay.

      • I would really really hate to use my ban button today. This is not tolerated here.