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Root and Unroot Your DROID X with 1 Click

Found yourself a little frightened by the original rooting method posted last week for the Droid X?  As of today, you no longer have to live in fear!  A user over at Alldroid has created a one click root/unroot method for the DX and early reviews appear to be very favorable.

I’ll admit that I have yet to try this and it is a brand new concept, so approach with caution, but the dev has mentioned adding bloatware removal, app installation, backup, etc. in the near future and appears to be readily available for support.  This is a windows-only root tool.

Download:  DroidXRoot.zip

Full support at the source link below.

And let me know if you get this to work, plus fill us in on any issues you may have run into.

Source:  Alldroid

Cheers K!

  • Im1cardr

    it doesn’t work goes through entire process and says rooting failed

  • Gun Slinger

    Has anyone rooted their phone with this applocation?
    Did it work, please post.

  • P Sinny

    Yea, my phone seems fine but as you say my norton found a problem so i didn’t go with it…

  • P Sinny

    Yea, my phone seems fine but as you say my norton found a problem so i didn’t go with it…

  • Shawnoferrell2002

    Don’t down load has a Trojan horse hidden my ant virus found it I was wondering the dam thing didn’t work

  • P Sinny

    Didn’t work for me, i get to the Continue part when it ask for me to go to Settings/Wireless & networks/ and toggle Bluetooth then it fails out….

  • IndyCarTim

    It does nothing when I download. Is it supposed to install somehow? All the files just disappear…

  • Yawnz_kontageous

    does this work for DX version 2.2?

  • Does NOT work!!

  • Joeym1022

    this doent work??

  • Root and Unroot Your Motorola Droid X With One Click – I think this is just great facility.But this process is limited to Windows only.Thanks

  • Root and Unroot Your Motorola Droid X With One Click – I think this is just great facility.But this process is limited to Windows only.Thanks

  • Jdo56

    its not unrooting my droid with one click … please help

  • Benny

    Please Help !… I tried it so many times Unrooting my Droid X 2.2 with these steps above and it's still not working, I don't know if it's because im rooted that it won't let me do the new update there is available right now for my phone, any extra steps that are missing or anything ???

  • Jeremy

    Yea after the new update to 2.2.1 this doesn't work.. it worked great before is there a chance your going to create an updated version that will work with the new update?

  • Laine Chilton
  • S Kennelly

    Could someone help me please. The unroot is not working for me. It gets 98% complete, reboots my X and then gets stuck at UnRoot Complete…Rebooting ADB… I am not sure how long that should take. I need to unroot because I think I have a hardware issue(camera only shows a black screen and will not take pics or video).

  • Jlam

    im stuck where it says rebooting dba..its almost to the end but doesn't finish the unroot process… any suggestions

    • S Kennelly

      Did you have any luck yet? The same thing is happening to me today.

  • i think a new Droid in town and will run on the Verizon Wireless network and is just about ready to take up the Droid crown in the Android world….

  • JIN

    try it and it didnt' work

  • RMFA

    Absolute BS doesnt work. CRAP!

  • Ahnelson10

    anychance we will have this soon for the 2.2 update?

  • JBirm21

    Does this back up the data on your computer before it roots?

  • JBirm21

    Does this back up the data on your computer before it roots?

  • Ryan23

    has anybody actually tried this for the droid x?? and did it work?

  • DroidFan

    Is there something like this for the Droid…I need to unroot mine so that the superuser app disappears so I can get a warranty replacement.

  • Steeleshark2

    It worked great for me. You can read the ALLdroid forum at http://alldroid.org/Default.aspx?tabid=40&g=pos… for list of possible issues and fixes. This is for the DROID X only.

  • Crmay1215

    Strange question, I rooted my Droid X about a week ago using unstable apps “easy root.” Since I have no option to unroot my phone easy root, is it possible to unroot my phone using this app? Would i have problems if I rooted with one app and unrooted with another?

  • Dr Tom Foolery

    I have tried all the tips for this & toggled everything but each time it says “Root Failed”. So frustrating! Am I doing it wrong?
    Extracted Zip file to SD card
    Ran program from SD Card
    Hit the Root me Button
    Toggled at the “continue” button
    Root Failed

    • Steeleshark2

      Make sure USB debugging is enabled. Also the alldroid forum has some troubleshooting tips and instructions on what you maybe doing wrong.

  • mikedubya

    the downloaded zip file from the site megaupload keeps telling me that the zip folder is empty. any suggestions?

    • mikedubya

      the other direct link under the thread at alldroid says it will take like 15 hours for 13 mg file. (checked internet, seems to be running fine for everything else)

  • Nathan

    need one like this for the incredible being able to un root with one click would be nice

  • Theowb4

    This worked absolutely perfect for me!

  • Kellogg

    I dont how you did this but im successfully rooted my DX with your brilliant idea…..(new to this) how does getting the custom roms an stuff go?

  • not a guest

    hmm i am stuck at the part where it says “installing moto drivers for droidx”
    the progress bar isnt moving. anyone else with this problem?
    what do my phone settings need to be? ( charge only, mass storage, usb debugging enabled, etc>.?)
    thanks in advance!!

  • I kno this is kinda ltae but i used this method to root my phone and it worked… No problems so far!!!!!

  • So im running VmWare 4 on my macbook and i loaded a windows virtaul machine and ran the one click root on it and it worked perfectly

  • Cavz903

    Hey guys, used this method on my DX and worked flawlessly. However i did need to put my phone into charge only mode instead of mas storage for it to complete correctly. Last night, i tried to use it for my buddy's DX and when i hit “root me” it says “installing Motorola drivers” then says “root failed”. running win7 on both his and my pc's and both automatically installed the moto drivers the first time they were plugged in. An i missing something here? how can i get around this? thanks…

  • Joegrant46

    i cant get the “one click” program to work, it says i'm rooted but when i try setcpu it says for rooted devices only;
    can some one Help Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tony

    on my droid x when I try to download this file I get a (unknown not supported on this phone) Can you help?