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Android 3.0 Spotted on Nexus One?

The guys at Phandroid have received a picture of a Nexus One displaying a test version of Android 3.0 (Gingerbread) that is guaranteed to bring out the “Photoshopped!”, “So fake! Look at that notification bar!”, and “Build.prop hacked!” guys.  While we should all be skeptical about the reality of 3.0 in the wild this early, why not just accept it as a rumor and have some fun with it?

We should also point out that Droid Dog has found some Linpack test results showing a few different versions of Gingerbread including 3.0, 3.1 and 3.2.  Interesting enough.

And this news obviously prompted us to head to our own analytics which have in the past brought out some fun gems and were hoping to find Android 3.0, but instead found an Android 5.0?  Huh?

We also found a unicorn tucked deep inside our “visitor loyalty” section.


Source:  Phandroid

  • Larrythecableguysmom

    lmao, right im pretty sure that's a droid hahahaha

  • xmetl

    strange since when does the nexus one suddenly look like a Motorola Droid?

    • Larrythecableguysmom

      lmao, right im pretty sure that's a droid hahahaha

  • Fred

    I heard from a very reliable source that android 5.0 will add a special feature exclusive to android that if you open the app and push a button it will make u a sandwich

  • Where's my unicorn

  • Teabling

    5.0 is legit. Look I have it.

  • Wow 3.0 has a phone replication app. It can make your nexus one look like a totally different phone. Awesome!

  • rmvanroosendaal

    From my understanding, Android 5.0 devices are sold with a harness. The harness has front and back hook ups where you can connect your Android device and it will pick you up and fly you to locations. Works well with google maps and google earth.

  • palomosan

    Fake and gay.

  • I heard that whenever an android phone is in range of an iphone, the iphone self destructs

  • Cruhter

    Can anyone tell where the receipt is from? You can almost make out the words through the paper.

    • Cruhter

      Of course, I'm not sure it matters. 😀

  • Godwellz

    Uhmmm….isn't that a DROID X pictured? Nexus doesn't even remotely look like that or isn't that big

  • xsoldier2000

    Sorry Kellex, that was my unicorn parked in the visitors section…. the VIP was full! :-p

  • Jedi_Gunslinger

    So much for eliminating fragmentation…lol. 😉

  • so… whenever 3.0 comes out… with my DX be able to handle it?

    • EggoEspada

      It defiantly should..

      • good! Christmas would be nice 🙂

      • Rizzidy

        So, it isn't supposed to run it, but it will do so anyway?

        ..or did you mean DEFINITELY?

  • pappy53

    just for fun

  • They gonna call it honeybun I heard

  • Br_d
  • iPhone 4 vs HTC evo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FL7yD-0pqZg

    This is brilliant! Hilarious!

  • RJM

    I love the paper bag it comes with to keep you from holding the phone on a sensitive area. Can we get those for rooted Droids? Where's a dev when you need one!

  • Steve-Oh

    Why would this guy need to cover up his notification bar and the baseband version for this pic if it's legit? This is too funny

  • Now that the Gingerbread rumors are running around rampant, we need the next build code name so we can talk about that, too. Hmmm, sweets starting with “H”…
    — hofud (hot + fudge, similar to frozen + yogurt)
    — hocho (hot chocolate)
    — hachofee (Hazelnut chocolate toffee)
    …. ok, that last one was a stretch… 🙂

    Any ideas? 😀

    I <3 my D1. Can't wait for Pete's 3.0 ROM's.

    • Michael_NM

      If it's a custom rom, how about: Honey Almond Cake or.. Hack.

      • Hah! Nice. BB v3.0, aka, “Pete's HACK”

        Funny thing is, I'd be clamoring to be first in line 🙂

      • Chris Nimon

        yeah, i like Hackers Delight, its good and good for you

    • Chris Nimon

      I kinda like honey nut crunch, That would be funny when someone asked you what OS you were running. (no offense to wives/significant others implied,those views are the sole responsibility of the viewer)

    • Ho-ho, honey, hot chocolate, hershey…and if they drop the sweet theme…hot-dog habanero(jabanero?), hickory…I'm pretty sure I could do this for a while, and I'm a skinny dude.

    • What happened to 'G'?

    • Droid904

      Honey Bun

  • nkhex19

    5.0??? So if Android 2.2 is Froyo and 3.0 is Gingerbread then 5.0 would be like Android Ice Cream? Or Android Jello? Anyone have any treat names for i and J? lol

    • Chris Nimon

      lovin the Jello, lol. huckleberry pie must be next.

      • lol, wow, scary how droid-life readers are starting to think alike… Kellex is taking over not only our recreational reading time, but also our recreational thinking time… Or wait, did he just make me type this? hmmm..

  • Nalonge

    Looks like someone is trying to death-grip the thing. Are you sure this isn't another Apple video?

  • Chris Nimon

    Is it possible that they are trying to get this rumored 3.0 out on the rumored 2Ghz device by Christmas? 🙂

    • RJM

      That's the rumor.

      • Chris Nimon

        cool, do we get to take credit for that rumor lol

  • Pog-Mo-Thoin

    Kellex, I find this completely plausible. As for myself, I am running a Twinkie/Chocodile hybrid combo Android 4.26 on my Sony Droid PSP Super Awesome. By the way, a little about myself, I ride with a centaur named Bill to work (we carpool), and I am a leprechaun.

  • Nate

    sorry guys, I ment build.prop 😉

  • To the commenter wanting performance to double again… Not going to happen JIT is responsible for the majority of the enhancements to speed and responsiveness and nothing short of a complete rewrite (and I doubt even that) could double performance again

  • Michael_NM

    It looks like there's an L written on the guy's thumb. Is that so he can remember is left (don't hold iPhon't here) from right? Or does that mean he's “L”ying?

    • Timoh

      It's a tatoo to help determine his left hand from his right.

  • Dan

    I hear Android 3.0 is so fast that if placed in your pocket, your pants will disintegrate. This is only a rumor, of course, but I can think of some creative uses of such technology.

    • StephanC

      I heard that there's a hidden feature on the Droid X that makes iPhones lose signal.

    • geleenjavelina

      The Android 3.0

  • Nate

    I think it´s not real.

    you can easily write 3.0 into the build.prob 😉

    and if this is real tho I hope that Google changes the black color of the settings menu

  • New Roms For Everybody?? And If That's Photoshopped They Did A Damn Good Job Of It!

    • domnisoara

      Except for the conveniently covered up baseband version 🙂

      • Yea This Whole Picture Really Throws Me Off A Bit

  • Wow… 1 device in the wild with the official 2.2 version and phones still shipping with 1.5 and here we are looking at the possibility of 3.0? really didn't google say something about slowing down at I/O (I know they said after Gingerbread)


  • 5.0? Hrmmm

    • kellex

      My response to seeing that as well. 🙂

      • ME TOO

      • I agree, google wouldn't let that outta the bag yet would they…unless its for ehhh maybe a tablet?!?!?!

    • EC8CH

      That is easily explained by Gingerbreads time travel function.

      • New features included in 5.0:
        •Flux capacitor
        •Dual-side airbags
        •1 TB SD card
        •Destroy all iPhoney's app

  • First:D and I hope 3.0 doubles the performance of the phone, like the nexus one with froyo showed in benchmark tests where the nexus one with Froyo vs. other android smartphones with 2.1

    • It won't. JIT is the reason for the massive speed boost from 2.1 to 2.2. Nothing short of a rebuild from the ground up, and probably not even that, will double speed again.

  • I want froyo and gingerbread before xmas

  • slinky317

    What does the home screen look like?

  • Jutleyut


  • bendroid


  • Hells bells!!!!

    • Mrpicolas

      ovens on now just gotta find the leak LOL… (see what i did there)_