Google’s Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 Now Available For Purchase in Google Play

The time has finally come. For those interested, you can now go straight into Google Play and purchase the new Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 devices. We did a fun live un-boxing of both devices right here, and you can also see a beautiful gallery of both devices here.

As for pricing, nothing has changed since they were first announced: $299 for the 8GB Nexus 4 and $349 for the 16GB version. The Nexus 10 16GB will cost you $399 and the 32GB variant will run you $499. As a quick reminder, you can also pick up the HSPA+ supported Nexus 7 as well for $299.

If you are deciding to pick one of these Nexus devices up, let us know which one down below!

Update:  Nexus 4 in both 8GB and 16GB versions has sold out.

Buy: Nexus 4 | Nexus 10 | Nexus 7 w/ HSPA+

Gingerbread Headed to Nexus One in a “Few Weeks”

There were a bunch of reports when the Android 2.3 SDK dropped this morning that it was already rolling out to Nexus One devices.  Yeah, that was a lie.  Reto Mieier, an Android Developer Advocate at Google, tweeted the message you are seeing above and we’d like to think with a title like that, that he has a pretty good idea when it might be on the way.

So Nexus One owners, expect it in the next few weeks, but not today.  Maybe when the Nexus S hits stores on December 16th?

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Samsung Announcing the Nexus Two on November 8th?

Update:  Most people are pretty sure that it’s still going to be the Continuum which we thought back when this date was announced.  Oh well, was worth some good chatter.

News sort of blew up last night over a couple of subjects.  First was about the Droid 2 update which looks to set the device a slight step ahead of the Droid X in software versions and will include some neat little features like the ability to set a contact picture from your gallery.  The second bit of news might have been even bigger and was announced on the air during Radio Android’s weekly show, having to do with the Nexus Two.  An anonymous tipster sent info to their hosts claiming that Samsung would be announcing the follow-up to the Nexus One in their press event which is happening on November 8th in NYC.   (more…)

Google Readies Nexus One Follow-up, Launching by Christmas?

Has Google already created the follow-up device to its Nexus One?  According to reports today from the UK, the Nexus Two (we’ll call it) is built, loaded with Gingerbread, and will be sold exclusively through Carphone Warehouse by X-mas.  (Who?)  A company based out of the UK, meaning if this rumor is true, Google must already have some plans to hook up with a U.S. retailer to distribute this puppy stateside, right?   (more…)

HTC Dumps AMOLED for SLCD in More Devices

Apparently we are seeing a commodity so hot it is literally selling itself into extinction.  Samsung’s AMOLED screens are quite beautiful and apparently quite rare.  Production has been slowed enough that they simply cannot meet the demand for these pixelated beauties.  We have seen over the past month and a half or so, the waiting line for Droid Incredible growing longer and longer as Verizon has had to wait on them to actually be manufactured.

The time table looked so grim that we were informed that HTC was going to use Sony’s Super TFT LCD as a replacement.  Now it seems that HTC is dropping Samsung in another way by announcing they will use Super LCD displays in their Desire, and Nexus One phones as well.

Being that I have had some time with a Galaxy S phone (the Captivate), I can attest to the beauty that is AMOLED technology in general.  The colors pop, the images are sharp and the screen is bright.  By the way, did I mention how sexy that name is?  AMOLED.  How about SUPER AMOLED.  It just kind of rolls off the tongue… like a buzz word.  People hear AMOLED and automatically assume it is better than anything else out there.  People hear it, they want it, and they will wait a month for it, but that doesn’t mean the LCD is inferior to it.

So what is so good about LCD as compared to AMOLED?  Longer battery life, more natural colors, and perhaps most importantly, availability.  LCD screens are available and ready to go with a huge backing to support their production.  I can say with confidence that the Droid X has one of the best screens I have seen in real world use and it is simply a regular TFT LCD like in the first Droid.  All in all, I think the customer is going to win in the end by this switch and the Droid Incredible (as well as the Nexus One and Desire) will still look fabulous.

What are your thoughts?

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Android 3.0 Spotted on Nexus One?

The guys at Phandroid have received a picture of a Nexus One displaying a test version of Android 3.0 (Gingerbread) that is guaranteed to bring out the “Photoshopped!”, “So fake! Look at that notification bar!”, and “Build.prop hacked!” guys.  While we should all be skeptical about the reality of 3.0 in the wild this early, why not just accept it as a rumor and have some fun with it?

We should also point out that Droid Dog has found some Linpack test results showing a few different versions of Gingerbread including 3.0, 3.1 and 3.2.  Interesting enough.

And this news obviously prompted us to head to our own analytics which have in the past brought out some fun gems and were hoping to find Android 3.0, but instead found an Android 5.0?  Huh?

We also found a unicorn tucked deep inside our “visitor loyalty” section.


Source:  Phandroid

Nexus One Sold Out, Gone Forever

Google and their online phone store experiment has come to a close…for now.  While most people consider the Nexus One to be a bust, Google has continued to look at their flagship device as a complete success.  They feel they have accomplished their goal of moving the smartphone market forward, and I can’t say I disagree.  The N1 to this day is still one of the better devices on the planet spec-wise and will be the #1 developer phone for quite some time.

Do I think Google is done though?  Not a chance.  They claim to be done, but that just doesn’t make sense.  With Android growing like crazy and a lack of stock Android phones in the wild, they need something to develop on don’t they?

Google Says “No” to Nexus Two?

Back when the Nexus One was released through Google’s phone store in January, there were immediate rumors of a Nexus TwoDroid 2 combo device in the works.  Well we now know that Droid 2 is only a month away and definitely has nothing to do with a new Nexus device, but we still haven’t heard a peep from Google on a possible follow-up to their initial developer release.  Until now anyway.

In an interview with the Telegraph, Google CEO Eric Schmidt touched on the N2…

“The idea a year and a half ago was to do the Nexus One to try to move the phone platform hardware business forward. It clearly did. It was so successful, we didn’t have to do a second one. We would view that as positive but people criticised us heavily for that. I called up the board and said: ‘Ok, it worked. Congratulations – we’re stopping’. We like that flexibility, we think that flexibility is characteristic of nimbleness at our scale.”

So no Nexus Two?  For some reason I’m having a hard time completely buying into that.  With 4G networks on the rise, why would Google not want to make an unlocked 4G version to act as the next ultimate Android developer device?  Plus, it just feels like they might want to take another stab at the phone sales business and redeem themselves after that first lukewarm try.

*Side note* – If you are wondering why we cover Nexus One chatter, it’s simply because it is the one Android device that leads the way when we start talking OS updates.  When the N1 sees some OTA fun, it’s a pretty good indication that our beloved Droid 1 is next.


Source: Telegraph