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Download: LauncherPro Plus

By now almost all of you have tried or at least heard of LauncherPro.  And when I say “all” I’m talking about the over 250,000 of you who downloaded it.  This is the home replacement app that essentially took the Android world by storm when the developer behind it created something similar to the Launcher 2 which at one time was only available and workable on the Nexus One.  LauncherPro, most would argue, is faster and more efficient than any other launcher on the planet.

Today, the developer (Fede Carnales) has released a paid version which now includes a contact widget similar to the one from HTC’s SenseUI.  In the future, he plans on adding more…

  • Bookmarks Widget – Quick access to your browser’s bookmarks
  • Friends Widget – Lists your friend’s status updates from Facebook and Twitter, and lets you update your own status too.
  • Calendar/Agenda Widget – Shows you a calendar you can scroll through to switch months, and also lets you see your agenda for any particular day right within the widget.
  • Messaging – Scroll through a list of your SMS messages or one by one. Quick links to delete messages, reply, etc.

So where can you get this app?  It is currently not in the market since Fede lives in a country that will not allow for paid apps to be sold.  You can however, buy it straight from his site.  The opening price is $2.99, but once he adds the rest of the widgets listed above, the price will start going up, so get in now and support one of the top devs in Android!

Check out the LauncherPro site to purchase via Paypal now.

  • Txtaz35

    is there any where I can buy this app besides pay pal

  • Txtaz35

    is there any way to get this with out using pay pal??????

  • JulipsyDreams

    is LauncherProPlus significantly better/smoother/faster etc than Home++? because I've been using that one which is free with they're new power strip and together i cant find many problems, but i am tempted to get this just to support the cause 🙂

  • Txtaz35

    is there any way to purchase this without using pay pal

  • Txtaz35

    is there any other way to purchase this without using paypal

  • Benjr06

    If you're having problems with seeing your contacts pictures from FB, try the free app syncmypix. After using it, majority of my icons using launcherpro have pictures attached.

    • Benjr06

      Edit — What I'm trying to say is if you have contact pictures from FB but can't see them using people widget, then try using syncmypix to fix it.

  • mtkregs

    $2.99 is nothing, especially to contribute to a Dev who has done a great job with one of the premier launchers available.

    Please make an option available on the people widget to hide the names of the contacts. The way it is now, 1/3 of their faces are cut off due to the names being displayed (I'll post this on his support forum as well).

    Either way, LauncherPro has been my launcher of choice for a while now, so a few bucks is a small contribution for his efforts.

  • I am still new at this but downloading and installing this LPP was easy as could be and soooo worth the price!
    Love it!

  • Annoynimous

    Milestone and DroidX users need this, because there is no longer a freedom to install custom updates and ROMs, there won't be Froyo launcher anytime soon and this is the next best thing!

    (stock launcher sucks no matter what, remember that!! and Motorola sucks with updates, free the bootloader!!)

  • I wish that this would have stayed free, now is going to open the flood gates for premium launchers to come out at a cost and the fantastic free launchers that we all know an love will become the lite versions of the launchers that we have now

  • skeezicks

    Couldn't get this to work until I downloaded it with Skyfire. That's all well and good, but cheez, it's certainly not ready for prime time if you've got to take two steps (with research in between) to simply install the program. Pretty amateur.

    Having installed Launcher Pro, I've gotta say, ADW.Launcher is still faster and smoother. No doubt, these guys will trade top spot as they continue to refine their programs, but if I were marooned on a desert isle, I'd take ADW over Launcher Pro.

  • Mrpicolas

    heres a dock and app drawer icon that i have made for us droid lifers if you guys want this let kellex know

    • Michael_NM

      Nice work sir! You've taken your “mod” status to a new dimension! 🙂

    • Mrpicolas
      • Chris Nimon

        This is definitely not gonna sound right but I like your drawers lol. Is this a modded launcher or your very own? Id like to see the 3d icons from the second version on the first version

        • Mrpicolas

          This is launcher pro with custom dock backgrounds and icons I sent Kellex
          all of this stuff hopefully if enough people want it hell post it

          • Chris Nimon

            I like that. Can you make the purple glass into black glass? Couldnt you put your themes on MegaUploader? Hell, your one of Kellex's golden children lol, get a few themes put together and im sure he'll put them out there for ya. I plan on buying this launcher when I get back from Chicago thursday. Wouldnt mind throwing the launcher and theme on when I get back. Looks pretty sweet.

          • Chris Nimon

            Im definitely liking that new one with the circle edges, has a nice clean look to it

          • Mrpicolas

            The middle is cut out needs a better wallpaper to see it better

          • Chris Nimon

            oh yeah, i see it now. throw it on a solid black or something. your showing your launcher goodies not the wallpaper.

        • Mrpicolas

          its up now

      • DonInTexas

        Okay, I'm sold!

    • Chris Nimon

      Any body interested in MrPicolas themes for Launcher Pro – “LIKE” his post so we can get Kellex to set it up for us.

    • Thom Schwenkler

      How do I get these?

    • Esh

      yess i want it!

  • Chris Nimon

    If this acts like Sense but isnt, I think he should have named it NonSense. 🙂

    • Michael_NM

      Way to throw in your two “sense.” 🙂

      • Chris Nimon

        Lol, i see what you did there 🙂

  • Ok so if I install this, is there a way to copy all of my custom shortcuts from helix launcher over to LP?

  • Alex9483

    I was having trouble having downloading , it would not accept the supplied username and password. I downloaded and tried Skyfire with no luck. For the heck of it I changed the keyboard I was using, from Swiftkey to Touch Input. I typed in the username and password and it WORKED!

  • Looks awesome! My only reservation is speed; normally replacement launchers run slower than the stock one. Anybody have anything to say about that?

    • That's my concern as well. The droid x stock ui isn't bad. Of course i've never used anything else though.

  • Resident_Psycho

    Paid! I don't mind supporting devs for great apps, especially since there are LOADS of free apps out there, I don't mind paying for good ones. Love this launcher, works great with my phone, moto droid..rooted 2.2 froyo bugless beast v04 nextheme chevyNo1 1.1ulv kernal and Launcher Pro PLUS!!!

  • Resident Psycho

    Paid! I don't mind supporting devs, especially since there are LOADS of free apps…a few paid apps here and there you can't complain about! Works great..rooted 2.2 froyo bugless beast nextheme 1.1 ulv kernal and Launcher Pro Plus! Keep up the good work!

  • This is the best app on the market first of all. Secondly, I NEED HELP. I just bought it and put it on my phone off my comp using the usb. It was a zip file, and in ASTRO when i click it, it does not give me the option to install and instead it just goes into the files and i cant do anything with it. CAN SOMEONE HELP?

    THanks guys, ur the best

    • eddieonofre

      zip file?? I guess u should unzip the file frist so you get the apk file. then u install the apk file from astro.

      • Thanks for the quick response, I tried that and it didnt work. This is really weird, anyone have any ideas?

        • In case you haven't already found answer: use skyfire. It handles the login differently and downloads correctly, I think you can use any file explorer like Astro or ES File Explorer after that, I used ES.

      • In ASTRO, instead of it showing up with a green anrdoid shopping bag next to it (which showed up when i got flash) it shows a file. when i click it i browse the file. It should ask me if I wanna open app manager and install it but its not….

        • eddieonofre

          did u try downloading the app again? in case there is ur download is corrupted.
          another thing that u can try is renaming the file. {filename}.zip to {filename}.apk

          • I downloaded it from my phone and the same thing happened. Ill try to rename it..

          • Marc Silvia

            i'm having the same problem….=/

          • Actually after i unzipped it from my comp, then put it on my phone, it was named Launcherproplus-0.7.0.apk and that was it. but there is still the pic of a file next to it. I am very confused

  • Tbissler

    how do u add pictures to the people widget? facebook doesnt seem to sync with the widget.

    • I couldn't get my favorites to work, but suspect that it builds as they're added, not what's already there. I loaded all contacts just to see it in action. I didn't really buy for the widgets tho, more to show support for my favorite launcher. And to get in on the ground floor 🙂

  • Guest

    does this work on non-rooted phones?

    • rj

      yes it does

  • YankInDaSouth

    I've been running this app almost since it came out. It has always blown me away (sure there were some bumps on the way but, it was (is?) BETA), I would have pad 5 bucks easily! The fact that the paid version is an option (for now) is great!
    Like someone mentioned in this thread, Fede is an update fiend – can't wait to see what he can do with financial support!

  • 1bad69z28

    Launcher Pro is my ATF, so much user choice it's unreal this guy should be working for Google lol

  • Anyone else having a problem getting your favorites to come up?

  • Max4dsc

    Home ++ is what i use because it can remove the top bar.

    does anyone know of any other way to remove that top bar??

    • rj

      if you go in the appearance settings for LauncherPro, it has the option to hide the top bar.

    • Chris Nimon

      I dont know if its ADW or CM6 which lets you do it but just sliding the screen up hides or brings back down the notification bar.(if any body else is running it)

  • baylordroid2

    How can I get pictures on the widget since the widget does not use facebook profile pics? Is there anyway I can have my gmail account use fbook pics?

    • I use a FBook app called androgyny to sync fbook profile pics to matching gmail contacts.

  • Stephen

    I tried to dl it to my phone and it will not install and now I cant get to the page for the dl on my computer without paying again…any suggestions?

    • lakerzz

      Or you can just temporarily download skyfire browser (its free) and then download it from you're phone…worked for me after several trys from the stock browser to no avail…

      (This is on Fede's site)

      • +1 I tried with xscope as well, no go. Skyfire worked well and handled the login differently.

        Also, as someone already mentioned, there is an update to the free version on his forum, but I think Market updates are going again so it should be there soon.

  • Sdff

    I wanna bang jessica in this pictures contact. i can just tell

    • passerby

      I'd take Lucy or Karen over Jessica any day. I'm into the brunettes though 🙂

      • tech42er

        I'd do Karen first (<3 brunettes) but I'd definitely take Jessica over Lucy.

  • Just bought this…OMFG is it awesome. The people widget is so damn slick and intuitive. All Android Phones should be shipping with this. Buy it now. It is worth way more than the $3 he is asking.

  • hermy65

    I just installed this on my droid x and when i click on a contact in the people widget it loads their contact card rather then the little popup in the screenshots. Am i missing something to make this work?

    • Jason

      Same thing here…. And none of my contacts' pictures are showing up either.

  • digitalicecream

    SWEET! Purchased… well worth it

  • Bought it, luv it, envy me. :-p

  • Greg Haney

    Question: If this app cannot be sold on the market, how will we receive updates if we buy it now?

    • Greg Haney

      Meh, it doesn't matter. I bought this just to donate and say thank you for the greatest Droid Launcher we could have.

      Dev is a great guy, everyone should donate.

  • trombone dixie

    Cool beans!

  • I am a big Launcher Pro Beta supporter, but I am a bit scaptical of updates, and installation given all of the comments lately….I have donated to the Launcher Pro Beta cause in the past via Paypal jsut for the effort of the developer alone…but after reading the issues here, I think I will wait till they get CLEARLY ironed out…all I'd be getting new would be the contacts widget at this point anyway, and I can live without that….PLEASE get this all fixed and make it smooth for everyone SOON!! you'll be doing all of us and yourself a BIGGER service!

    • I have yet to see any problems….
      Droid, rooted, JRumm. ChevyNO1 kernal.
      But for a starting price of $3 (ruffly) its a bargin, we know it WILL only improve. 🙂

  • On a related note, apparently the people the dev knows are in general WAY better looking than the ones I know 😛

    • lmao, luv it!

    • Eseyfried79

      He is from Uruguay… did you see their soccer fans at the world cup… me likely larissa riquelme

  • Jasonrellis24

    I keep trying to download it on my Droid X and It keeps saying “Download Unsuccesful”

    • Jason

      The same thing happened to me. I had to download it to my computer and then from there sent it to my gmail account and downloaded using Astro.

      • Chris Nimon

        anybody try using DropBox or Chrome to Phone yet?

        • JP

          dropbox works great, I use it to install most apps that I download from the internet. It stores the files incase you need them later, and makes install very easy.

  • Firelight

    OK. I've been a heavy Helix user. Didn't like Launcher as much. But I really like it now that I'm running Sapphire on the Droid1. Much smoother. So not a Sense fan but I wanted to support the development so I've put down my $2.99. But watchout. Paypal added a $1 to my credit card, too! Glad I ONLY use pre-paid credit cards for my app purchases (any app) just for those kind of things.

  • otter34

    The developer might put out a decent product but customer support is completely and totally non existent!!!!! I emailed him 5x with issues or questions over the past 3 months and not once did he reply. I'm annoyed that even though I clear my text messages it shows that I have unread messages on my home screen. There were other questions I had, but he ignores every single email.

    I have no problem paying for titanium backup, setcpu, as well as other apps and have contributed to bb in the past, but if he can't even answer a simple question there is no way I will ever give him a penny and I'm glad he lives in a country that doesn't allow for paid apps to be sold.

    • Did you try his site? I get real fast reply's…

      • otter34

        I did not. That's good to know. Thanks. I'll check it out

    • Jordan

      I sent him an email using his Gmail account and he replied within the hour. On the day of his “plus release” I think that kind of response time is damn impressive.

  • Thrilled the LauncherPro Plus is being brought to the fore front. would love to maybe see some comparison screenshots with ADW. These are the only two I really know of but if there are any others to include that'd be great too. You always have superb info on this site! keep up the great work!

    • there are others. just not really worth the mention… ie. Home++ …

  • Benjr06

    In for one

  • teejaytm

    Ok paid for it and everything and it says download unsuccessful! Help? I want this and I paid for it

    • tmoney

      I'm not sure what the deal is… I couldn't get it to download directly to my device either. Download the apk to a computer and it works fine.

      • teejaytm

        Ha! good call! I dont know why i didnt think to do that lol

      • Yep, same here. All you have to do is download it to your pc and move it to your phone and you should be good to go.

  • acquaz10

    How are updates going to work I wonder…

  • SecurityNick

    After installing the latest CyanogenMod, I'm kind of digging ADW. I tried ADW a long time ago (prior to rooting) and wasn't too happy with it. Switched to LauncherPro before rooting, and stuck with it after rooting and using a couple different JRummy ROMs. Was really happy with it, but decided to give ADW another chance over the past day or 2 and am liking it more and more.

    • Chris Nimon

      I agree, i really like how i can change the colors in notifications

  • Chris Nimon

    I always liked the contacts widget on the wifes DI but could never find anything close in the market. Any suggestions? (besides download this you smart @ss's lol)

  • ericsorensen

    How does this one compare to Helix launcher? I like the 3D app drawer.

    • nkhex19

      3D app drawer works like a charm. You can even select 4 or 5 icons per row. Check out the free version first to see if you like it.

      • ericsorensen

        I bought it. How do you adjust the 4 or 5 rows? And it's not quite 3D like Helix launcher. Also, I had to use Skyfire to download it on the X – the stock browser wouldn't install it.

        • nkhex19

          At your home screen hit you soft menu button at the bottom of your phone, select preferences, go into Advanced settings, select Use 3D drawer, (this will give you the 3D launcher effect) also go into Drawer Columns Portrait and you can select 4 or 5 icons per row.

          • ericsorensen

            Thanks. Interesting that some of the Droid X widgets are available, but they can't be re-sized.

            How do you switch back to the stock launcher? Do you have to uninstall launcher pro? Just curious.

          • nkhex19

            I use home switcher (free app) to switch my launchers but I have a Moto Droid and heard that app didn't work on the X but it may be worth a try.

    • works great.

  • MikeCRock

    Can someone explain, to a pretty savvy user, why sense or blur widgets are unavailable when a new launcher is used? I'm torn between a sweet launcher and some of the slick widgets I'd give up. I'm on an X now.

    • Drathos

      The Sense UI launcher has a lot of internal changes that the Sense widgets require for operation. A similar thing for Blur. Some launchers and widgets are working together to bring some of those features into the market, like Launcher Pro and ADW.Launcher supporting scrolling for Pure widgets (calendar and messenger).

  • Aaarrrgh! Not Paypal!

  • Cbrown0723

    Since I downloaded this through a site that is not in the market how will i know when to update?

  • stynkfysh

    Bought it!

  • I just purchased and installed it on my new Droid X. This launcher is simply amazing!!! I would have paid $5 easily for an app like this.

  • Bought. I use this every day, would have paid for it 3 months ago if he would have asked.

  • am I the only one that doesnt feel entirely comfortable paying for apps outside the market environment?

    • As long as it's through PayPal, I'm good with it.

      • my main concern is more in the area of being able to download the app again should I need to, also how would updates work? I don't know maybe i am just paranoid.

        • tmoney

          You get an email with a link to the page with the file on it and a username and password. You'll be able to get to it if you have to reinstall.

          • Brealmore

            guys, it's three dollars. risk it and maybe good things will happen. i just installed it, it works good, will most likely get better. this is the dawn of android, the more support you can give developers the better long term for everyone.

        • MuddyB00ts

          Or I'm pretty sure if you get the .apk after paying it should work more than once… Not speaking from experience with this particular one so not sure…

    • I would buy it on the market, I love Fede and his app but I will not buy outside the market. Plain and simple security issue.I also do not have or want a PayPal account. Tell Federal to get a mailing address and I will send him $5 and my email address so he can send the APK. I would have paid for this a long time ago.I've also been considering going way back to one of the original LP apk's that made my Droid smoke! Less features, but more speed!

  • zero

    Funny thing is I had my Droid since January and never paid for an app (barely even downloaded much of anything) till I rooted… Spent $7 in a matter of minutes. LoL.

    • otter34

      same here and then some!

    • amen, lol, what gives, same here…. :-p

    • Yep… I've been able to get any app free that I've wanted, but have always felt like buying an app if I like it.

  • If I purchase this am I going to have to reload everything on my homescreens?

    • tbaybe

      YEP, PBLY

      • zero

        Yes you do. But once you have everything set there is an option to backup your settings and your icons so if you ever do anything to your phone you can reinstall LP and then just restore everything back to normal. Wonderful option when switching roms.

        • tmoney

          It installed over Launcher Pro, so if you are currently using Launcher Pro, you shouldn't have to redo your homescreens.

    • Ruddy

      no you dont..
      i just did it and it left everything the same

    • not if ur useing launcher pro, u just do the upgrade option an bam, in like flint

  • xmetl

    i love launcherpro on my droid and i would gladly pay for this

  • I am for sure buying this tomorrow, because I can legally use paypal tomorrow :). My question is though, how are we going to get the updates for it. I am assuming he will have a list of people who already bought the app and send them an updated apk, but I would really like to know this for sure before I buy.

    • Happy 18th?!!? lol
      Have a good one! Go to the titty clubs 😛

      • Thanks Tim 🙂 and I will.

    • Chris Nimon

      legally? ah man that sounds like a good story to share with the class lol

    • tmoney

      Looks like you are going to have to sideload the apk… but its no big deal. The DL site is text only so it isn't too much trouble to get to it.

      Another important thing to mention is that this installs as an update over launcher pro, so you won't have to redo all of your widgets and icons if you install this.

      • Nice! Thanks for the help!

    • Mrpicolas

      he is working on an unlock key system so it can be updated through the market thats the plan anyway

  • Qmartman711

    on the incredible..rooted at least.. adw was glitchy, launcherpro was smooth.

    but the reason i chose launcherpro is because it wasnt bulky like rosie/sense ui..lol now he's changing to be more like sense ui..im gettin scurred!

  • bravoleader2

    So he has recreated the Sense UI widgets for everyone who doesn't have (and constantly bashes) Sense UI? They look really nice, but also look exactly like HTC's offerings.

    • For people who hate Sense UI yet, love their widgets lol

      • i just love what works to my needs.
        idc who makes it, what its called, or any of the non-sense. i just like what i like. this launcher has had my interest for sum time now, and now has sum of my monies.
        Sense UI or not, keep up the good work.

  • tbaybe

    Think it will work better than the free launcherPro on UN-rooted phones??

  • zero

    Love LauncherPro. Really my my phone better over all as soon as I started using it. Even installed it on a few friends phone who noticed the difference almost instantly and are still thanking me to this day. Just wish they would root their phones too =P

    On a side note – I want to thank Kellex and the developers on this site and the community and the mods for providing wonderful information. The root guide was amazing and has really been the only reason I am enjoying my phone as much as I am, and the community that helped me with quick replies when I was a little lost. (Rooted Droid CM6, Black Glass, Black Bar, LauncherPro, JDLFG 1.2Ghz Kernel (running at 1.1Ghz) and I was easily able to pass the Nexus One with a Quadrant score of 1568) So thank you to all. This is why I love my Droid more and more everyday.

  • My heart is torn between adw and launcher pro now. What to choose?

    This is a question an iphone user has never had to think about.

    • Both are free. Try both out and see which one suits your liking.
      Both have great customization features and both are really speedy.
      It's all user preference on this one…

    • kellex

      If $2.99 is not a lot of money to you, buy it to at least support the cause. 🙂

      • slipstream20v

        Agreed… I don't even know how much I'll actually use the widgets, but I bought it just to give the guy some money for the awesomeness that LP has been already.

    • jxcgunrunna

      I have had problems with launcher Pro running Bugless Beast 0.4. I think its memory issues because everything runs slow. I switched to ADW and the problems are gone. I personally like LP better than ADW but unless someone has a fix for this, I am SOL

      • He actually just released which address these issues today! 🙂
        Go try it out…

        • otter34

          I don't see that in the market, or is this just for the paid version only?

          • It's not on the Market yet because they're doing maintenance…
            But check his site and get the APK or just be patient 🙂

          • DeathofGrim

            Where can I get DE theme rom

    • DeNon

      buy it man…I've found Launcher Pro to perform much better..Also this guy Febe is a an updating fiend..He was updating the launcher almost once a week when it was free. I can just imagine what a profit motive is going to do to the homie!

  • For an Android noobie, what's a launcher?

    • kellex

      It's that little button you hit on your main screen which pulls up your app drawer. 🙂

    • It is your home screen, I guess is how you describe it. It is what you go to when you hit your home button, this replaces it.

    • zero

      Replaces the home screen on your droid. LaunchPro (free version) was my first experience with replacing my launcher and I loved it. Give it a try. I'm almost sure you will go to the paid version. Ordering mine tomorrow.

  • And Kellex, freindly fyi, but you crashed his site already i think….
    Unloadable lol 😛

    • kellex

      Oh shiz…sorry Fede!

      • Chris Nimon

        feels good to have that kind of influence dont it 🙂

  • Done and done! 🙂
    Love LP!

  • Drew_VA

    Don't really care about this widget, but the future ones I really like the sound of. So do I get in now and buy something I won't use until it's updated, or wait and pay more…

    • Buy now….is that even a question? lol

  • El El Kool J

    this is a nice launcher.. i personally use ADW