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New DROID X Commercial: DROID X is Here

Verizon has put a lot of money into the production of its latest Droid X campaign and we’re not about to start complaining.  They created a teaser (leaked by us) that was made to play for just a few hours pre-launch and now have an updated version which might blow your mind even more.

The Droid X might just turn you into a machine…

Via:  AndroidGuys

  • I think commercial was just one installment in an ongoing campaign to promote the phone.

  • The commercial is good,this will surely going to increase Droid-X sell.

  • nice video i think it annoys them sometimes XD even better was one of my friends used to get annoyed by it too but then she got a droid incredible and now she wants me to root it for her XD soon she shall be droidified as well XD anyways.thanks for sharing it

  • a very innovative idea for droid i like it

  • yeah I want to see this “movie”.

  • What a lovely video,its very impressing n interesting,person who creates this Idea is really deserves heads off for idea……

  • the phone is obviously in the rock at the end.. thats the whole point of the commercial.. really?

  • CJ

    This is one of the hottest commerial I seen!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • CJ

    This is one of the hottest commerial I seen!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • got the new droid x love it havent put id down yet

  • PattyOMalley

    Man I so wish I had my Droid X right now! It should have arrived today but no one was home to give FedEx a signature so they didn't deliver it. Now I have to wait until Monday for it. Darn you FedEx!!

  • Kosmoskid

    Is that Luke Perry at :27?

  • Mrhug3

    A new tweet from the Droid X site just popped up asking if we've seen the commercial… all of it. Mentions a code. At the 1 minute mark you can see JXYDA QWQYD. Anyone have any ideas?

    • Reeb99

      I just saw that tweet as well. Maybe someone should try using that when they order a DX online?

  • KaZx

    The Video is FORKED but Verizon has reupped another one here it is


  • Jdstell

    ROFL my mom thought this was a movie trailer for a DROID movie.

  • Talking about the 'might turn you into a machine' bit, that's the theme for the new DROID X and DROID 2 ads. First, the eye, now this…also Verizon said this:
    “Verizon Wireless spokeswoman Brenda Raney said the latest commercial was just one installment in an ongoing campaign to promote the phone. She said future ads will “look different but stay with the same theme of how customers are transformed by the Droid X.”
    TRANSFORMED by the Droid X – it's the leaked office ads.

  • Wraithix

    Video has been removed. Where else can I check it?

  • thebourbonnflip

    when you listen closely with speakers on high, when you see the Droid eye…you can hear a faint “DROID” sound..it's pretty amazing…btw. verizon just posted a better in sync version of the clip.

  • L_P
  • Racketier

    Video has been removed by the user.

  • John L.
  • Video has been removed.

  • Chris Nimon

    HEY, it now says VIDEO REMOVED BY USER. WTF?

  • El El Kool J

    Looking forward to the friday Theme.. 🙂 what you got for us Kellex?

  • 1bad69z28

    Hey can anyone tell me was that a busted helmut laying on the ground in the hallway when the crew stopped and looked at it?? And, on the floor once they enterd the chamber, is that bits of pieces of Iphones 4's scattered all over?? LMAO 😀

  • 1bad69z28

    Cool commercal I was waiting for the Droooooirrrrrrrd at the end but it left me hanging in suspense lol, THGIF everybody I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!!

  • El El Kool J

    See I knew it was a continued commercial.. hence my post on the teaser you posted kellex…

    “Exclusive: DROID X “See You Tomorrow” Teaser

    maybe the commercial is edited like that.. it could be longer after tomorrow.. just a thought.. would be cool though..”

  • OK PEOPLE…A locked bootlader doesnt classify the phone as bad immediately. I have rooted my D1 and custom rommed it many times. It had a bootlader too and with time im sure the droid x will be rooted and probably made ready for custom roms. Im tired of hearing all the bad remarks over motorola because they did this or they did that. Give them a chance. Ya'll PULL your heads out of you know where…

    Droid-life.com is the best android site period and kellex is the Man!!!

    • EC8CH

      If Moto doesn't what to hear complaints from the modding community they should quit trying to lock users out of their own phones. The bootloader doesn't make the phone entirely bad, just bad for users who want to mod their phone. Most people don't care, but those that do have the right to complain.

    • thecrazing

      It didn't have the _same_ bootloader, though. That's what you're missing from this. The rancor about the eFuse conjecture wasn't that it meant the Droid X was locked- We already had good reason to believe it would have a locked bootloader like the Milestone. The rancor was that it was assumed there would be little to no way to experiment and figure out a way to get things done on the Droid X, because any misstep would brick a device. HOWEVER. Just because there's now less/no reason to be concerned about a phone itching to brick itself anytime you poke it with a stick, that does NOT mean the DX is definitely going to be rom flashable somewhere down the line. There IS a difference between the Milestone's bootloader and the Droid's, and it's a world of difference. Take a look at the Milestone community, and see the sort of luck they're having. http://community.developer.motorola.com/t5/MOTO… is a good place to start.

      If you know you never want to flash a custom rom, then no, the Droid X isn't immediately a bad phone. If you know you DO, then, well. It sort of is. At least compared to the Droid1, and compared to HTC handsets. Moreover, because the Droid X is coming with some form of Motoblur, that means you're going to have to wait even longer to get Android OS updates than the Droid1. And since there's no way to flash a non-Blur rom to the DX… It does sorta suck. No head, no butt. Just truth.

  • EC8CH

    Maybe if I*phone users had metal terminator hands their reception wouldn't turn to $h!t?

    • Steve Jobs is no AHNALD!!

  • rals

    This commercial seriously is making me want to pay the full retail amount.

  • nick o

    saw this last night when it came out from verizons channel on youtube ! it is weird and yet i love it iron man meets droid does!

  • So sweet. I liked the music from “Tomorrow” better though. Still waiting on my overnight ship. Order tracking shows it as being on the delivery truck! Any hour, minute, second now…

    • Jdstell

      Yea the music for Tomorrow was definitely better. These commercials are awesome, too bad I have no interest in buying this particular model (locked bootloader).

    • isn't the “out for delivery” line on the tracking the biggest cock-tease ever? At least for everything delivered to my house its “out for delivery” at 6am and doesn't get to my door till 6pm

  • First ad was bettah! It goes on first and cleans your hair. NO! Second ad was bettah! It leaves your hair silky and smooth!


  • sholtkamp

    i want a robot hand…. On a side note.. a lady came into my office for tech support… and we were chit chatting about phones and she was telling me that her husband just got her a.. “you know … one of those green robot phones.. it has that eye that pops up”

    Thought that was funny… Then I played with the X instead of her computer.

  • this gives me the urge to play Halo…

  • lolz

    Another idiot wetting his pants over being first. grats.

  • joed5122

    That's awesome.

  • Audio is jacked up.

  • Drew_VA

    Saw this last night. Blew my mind!

    Wait…am I first? East coast love! haha

    • lolz

      Another idiot wetting his pants over being first. grats.

      • did you know dinosaurs once roamed the earth?

        • Mrpicolas

          you mean there not on some silly little island waiting to eat you lol jk 🙂

          • hey. don't mess with my childhood dreams lol

          • Mrpicolas

            I wanna go to the island too lol

          • EC8CH

            You do know that there's is no island, they just cut you up and harvest your organs… you're really just a clone.

      • Bonez

        Your not mad at him are you 11 min seems like u got here pretty quick yourself you weren't refreshing your screen back to back were you this is a friendly helpful site let's try and keep it that way.

      • Relax man. It's friday!!!!!!!!

        • Mrpicolas

          +1 to relaxing end of the week have some fun

      • mkregs

        You have to give Drew credit. At least he commented on the subject…and then claimed first place. So, calling him an idiot is pretty harsh. An idiot would be someone who posts something and not having anything to do with subject matter in his/her post (hint..hint). 🙂

        BTW…great commercial! I showed this to my Son (10 years old) and he was all excited because he likes SciFi stuff. When he found out the commercial was about a Droid, he looked at me and rolled his eyes. Both of my kids are constantly telling me I'm obsessed with my phone….might be true 🙂

        • hint hint??? Why you little ***** lol
          😛 +1

          • mkregs

            Wasn't aimed at you Brother.

          • Oh, I know. Just having fun 😛

        • DeathofGrim

          Lol I know the feeling my girl says the same thing. But it might be true

        • sindeslroyer

          haha thats what my family says and i think it annoys them sometimes XD even better was one of my friends used to get annoyed by it too but then she got a droid incredible and now she wants me to root it for her XD soon she shall be droidified as well XD anyways…I FRICKIN LOVED THIS COMMERCIAL!!!! wish i could get my hands on a a DROIDX or the DROID2 but my 2 year isnt up until november 2011 and i can change that because im still a teen living with my parents XD guess ill just get the DROID that comes out then with a dual core 2ghz processor XD (that is completely unrealistic because itd get too hot but one can hope right? maybe a cooling system besides a metal plate will be made for phones by then?)