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DROID X Scavenger Hunt Hits Washington DC

Only 1 Droid X scavenger hunt winner yesterday and we’re now only 4 days away from launch.  They better kick this thing into gear tomorrow and start pumping out 3 a day or they might not finish.  Today the hunt took to the nation’s capital.

The tweet with coordinates…

The winner…

We’re still waiting for that first Droid Life reader to grab one!  If you do, we’ll blast you all over the front page.  Let’s do this people!

  • This article is just great! Well believe its not for the motorola droid just nexus 1 htc magic and some other phone but ur welcome to see if it works for the droid, thanks

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  • E11chick

    they actually had one in texas…good friend of mine won…

  • Corey_M80

    I recently found out that Microsoft is using a fancy online scavenger hunt to advertise Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010. The Allure Bays Corp. microsite (http://www.allurebays.com) celebrates the rich history of easter eggs in Microsoft products from the fun (the flight simulator in Excel 97) to the odd (Hall of Tortured Souls in Excel 95) and has several humorous videos!

    I work for M80 (a social media marketing firm) and we were hired by Microsoft to help with this Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010 advertising campaign.

  • nekbone

    So the phone/certificate isnt in the location until the gps corrds are given?

  • Saturday was a busy Droid X day. Missed San Francisco.. gonna try LA when the clues start to hit again. I was WAY off in San Fran. I was looking around Telegraph Hill…

  • Im4degreesaboveu

    dont know how perfect these locations are and some of the tweets are kinda screwy but from what i gathered heres my list of the remaining x's and the dates that were kinda posted in the tweet

    21 x
    20 x
    18 Minneapolis 7.12 (twin city/mall of america)
    17 worlds largest cement plant (stl?) /can take anything you throw at it (?)
    16 st louis (show me state)
    15 denver (near mtns high alt)
    13 buffalo (2nd largest city in ny almost see canada)
    12ohio (buckeye state)
    11 okc ok
    10 houston tx (city, we have a problem)
    9 nashville 7.13 (grand ole opry)
    8 pittsburg 7. 14 (built on steel)
    7 seattle 7.14 (frasier)
    6 orlando flordia 7.13 (theme parks, keyes)
    5 dallas tx (grassy knoll)
    2 la/ hollywood socal
    1 nevada hoover dam desert

  • [email protected]

    dude iwas one minute behind the person that got it stupid red lights man got like 4 tickets

  • Chris Nimon

    CM 6 IS FOR DROID according to droid forums. http://www.droidforums.net/forum/droid-news/585

  • timarnette

    Nothing in Fort Lauderdale. Mine is coming in the mail. When I order it.

  • javonte

    Off subject but I was thinking of flashing a new base band ppl say u get better reception but I have yet to c any videos on how to do this or if u wanted to go back to your old base band u had prior to installing a new one I had read a post by kellex before saying its not a easy process to go back to your old base band so has any one done this? If so were u able to go back to your previous base band?

    • skltr21

      the new baseband for 2.2 is easy to install. just flash it like any ROM. if you have rommanager just use that to download and install it. as far as going back to the old baseband im not sure…… i would assume it would be the same thing as going to the new one. but not sure. i don't see why it would make any difference though??? seems like it wouldn't matter…… if going to the new baseband is just like flashing any ROM then why couldn't you do that and then just flash the old baseband again to go back??? logically you should be able to switch back and forth all you want. seems like it wouldn't matter, but dont take my word for it……

  • edit the new cm not for droid they will release a version for the droid later on the cm6 is just for magic and dream and nexus phones DONT DOWNLOAD IF U HAVE A DROID!!!

  • just letting u know cyanogen mod has finnally released a froyo rom its in rom manager called cm 6.0.0 rc1 i believe its not for the motorola droid just nexus 1 htc magic and some other phone but ur welcome to see if it works for the droid

  • Chris Nimon

    CyanogenMod 6.0.0 rc1 now in Rom Manager. does this mean the wait is over? Beta? ?

    • yes and its not a beta its official froyo rom but if u have a droid dont download they will make one for droid later on

      • Chris Nimon

        thanks for the tip, I was sitting here wondering if I should go for it. im pretty comfy where im at anyway so ill wait till after the mad rush when everyones discovered how to fix any problems with it.

        • skltr21

          says on their twitter that its for the droid too…….. it's up on rommanager too on the droid.

  • AAHHH IT WAS IN CHICAGO… and it wasnt far from me at all.. and i missed it O.o too busy watching the damn soccer game!

  • I was two blocks from there all day!! I was going to have lunch there. I'm so mad at myself right now.

  • they wont hide one of these in utah so why bother

  • Droid X is being given away fast today what is the count now 4 or 5 for just today…

  • htc_hotTACOcheese

    Where is #8? Pittsburgh???

  • cm 6/gala theme http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?… .. pls read to get right one

  • Chris Nimon

    Too bad we don't have any DL t-shirts yet, then the searchers could have a meet and greet with the others at the DX sites. That could be fun.

  • I just have to say that this is the worst scavenger hunt I've ever seen pu together. Surely someone at verizon has watched BULL RUN. Lol

  • How much is a droid x without contract

    • I believe its gonna be close to $600.00

      • timarnette

        Just add a 2nd phone.

      • ok thanks, I just asked cause in ca we have to pay tax off the retail price without the contract, n not the 199 so it prolly gonna cost me close to 260. Idk if that's just ca. Can't wait 3 more days

  • Ragekills

    When is one coming to LA???? wish they would hurry up, they already got one out in SF.

  • 1bad69z28

    Looks like Chicago just found thier Droid X. Come on Droid #3 come to PAPA 🙂

  • Gunghult

    I was so close. I knew it was Ben's Chili Bowl from the clue. I took Metro (two stops away) and I got to Ben's and the guy pulled the card from underneath the dog bowl. It was found before coordinates were ever released. I was so close like seconds away. I did get a $20 gift card for Verizon. So if you are close, still check it out. It's a nice phone. It is big. Good Luck to the rest. And I didn't have help from a smartphone.

    • Estrouse7

      YEAH! based upon the time it was found and the time I received coordinates I was positive it was found before the coordinates were given. It's like.. really? Any bystander can technically win if they just watch it and pull the card, so those actually following it the way it should be done will NEVER win. I was in capitol hill waiting for the clue to designate where in the city it'd be. “A center of power”… then Ben's Chili Bowl? C'mon now. The “It's not a state” was enough to clue in on DC. Still fun…

  • Delanocathirell

    Looks like Chicago just found their Droid X too. Let's Go San Francisco Droid #3 ha ha “Come to PAPA” 🙂

  • Bonez

    Now that I have rooted I can't open my app market or sync my phone with Gmail

  • Djspikezz


    But this is BULLSHIT so far. It's all on the EAST Coast and NO LOVE for the Midwest/West Coasts/Southern States. /hate Droidlanding

    • Konyeezay

      Since when is Chicago, Minneapolis, and St. Louis not considered the midwest? There are at least two in Texas, one in Vegas, Cali has two… they just haven't released the coordinates yet. Calm down.

      • skltr21

        by the way……. someone please tell me why it's considered the “midwest”??? it's not the midwest AT ALL!!!! ive never understood this…….. it's more like the mideast……. look at a map and tell me where all the so-called “midwest” states are located. =)

        • Allidoiswin607

          did you miss history class? please just think about it…thinkkk

          (west of the east coast was not America was the start kido)

          • skltr21

            it's 2010……. time for a change then! =)

          • Someone develop an app to track all this stuff already! This is cool:


          • skltr21

            that IS a good idea!

        • O oh shutup! You sound like more of hater than the one who called himself a hater!

          • skltr21

            huh??? hater??? what are you talking about? no one said anything about hating anything. it was meant as a fun comment. relax man. smile. =) it'll make you feel better.

        • RLJSlick

          “It is called the Midwest because it formerly was the West, or Northwest. As the population and U.S. expanded westward, it no longer made sense to refer to it as the West or Northwest, so it became the Midwest.”

          Yahoo! Answers

    • E11chick

      they actually had one in texas…good friend of mine won…

  • Trong

    That wasn't even fair! He won it before they even announced the coordinates! 😛

  • villian1998

    I think twitter or my droid are hating on me, for some reason I'm not getting my text notifications now. I had it all worked out, I guess I need to figure out a new way to make sure I get that seattle phone.

    • WAldenIV

      Your Droid doesn't want to be replaced with the X. Of course it's hating on you.

  • DCdroid

    Smh, as if a more cliche' location could have been chosen, who from the city doesn't know where ben's chili bowl is? Now, if the location was at anacostia metro station(a challenge and a good laugh) or georgetown, or essentially anywhere less traveled i would have credited moto/verizon for creativity.

  • find_waldo34

    i almost snagged #20 in boston, tht girl was legit right infront of me when she found it……..who thinks i shoulda tackled her???? lol

    • If I wasn't out of town I would have been right behind you. Actually I likely wouldn't have been positioned very close to that area. How close were you when you went for the coordinates?

      • find_waldo34

        wen the tweet about lobsters went out i ran from the aquarium to jakes lobster n wen i got there the girl jus found the fone, odds r she was waiting there like the dude from dc who found the fone 15mins before the coordinates went out

  • dominguez619

    If I found it I would probably just donate it to Kellex because I leave to boot camp in a week. Does anyone think there is one in vegas?

    • dave

      from the clues, it sounds like #1 is in vegas.

      • dominguez619

        Cool thanks

        • dave

          no problem. the way their dropping coordinates, should be any day now for you.

  • As soon as I saw the tweet I knew it was Ben's Chilli Bowl but i was too far away to make it.

  • Please let one be in Denver. 🙂 Can we get another post with all the cities that were figured out thus far

  • Im hoping to snag #6, if its where i think it is, then its within an hour and a half drive from here

  • Andrew Hewitt

    Scavenger hunt? Barely.

  • NBAJWill55

    Still waiting for #14 Chicago!

    • find_waldo34

      its in chicago now…GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Get it!!!

  • First! Good Luck The Guy Or Girl Finding It!