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Rumor: Verizon Will Carry iPhone in January?

Just 2 days after Verizon Wireless closed stores across the country to announce a major marketing shift plus the “Summer of Droid,” news has leaked that they will likely be carrying the i*hone starting January of 2011.  Bloomberg is reporting that 2 sources close to the situation have confirmed, but of course, declined to be named…

The device will be available to customers in January, according to the people, who declined to be named because the information isn’t public. Brenda Raney, a spokeswoman for Verizon Wireless, didn’t immediately return a call seeking comment. Natalie Kerris, an Apple spokeswoman, and Peter Thonis, a Verizon Communications Inc. spokesman, declined to comment.

This really is not surprising at all since we had reported 2 weeks ago that T-Mobile had been axed from negotiations and Verizon had stepped up with a chunk of change to finally complete a deal which had been eluding them for years.

What is surprising is the fact that Verizon poked fun at the i*hone and its issues throughout their company-wide meeting on Sunday.  It’s just an interesting move for a company this large to close down nation-wide, profess love to Android, all while knowing they would be releasing its biggest competitor 7 months later.

We’re on the trail for more details…

Source: Bloomberg
Via: BGR

  • techg

    Good information of the android products.Thanks

  • techg

    Good information of the android products.Thanks

  • lexImusprime

    It is and was my opinion since the rumors started that Big Red will release an iPhone 4g…they need something to differentiate their iPhone from Att's flagship. That release is scheduled for the end of this year. It's a great and sustainable plan that will absolutely torpedo Att base. VZW can afford to wait because the rabid devotees are there, almost invariably, only for the iPhone. It's a genius ad campaign…point out the competitive advantages to the COMPANY, poke holes in the iclans obsession, create a NEW base of fanatics on a dominant OS. Then at the peak of launching the first 4G LTE network, pull all said torpedoed companies fanboys over in one fell swoop. Curious fanatics from the droid community are buying the data either way, VZW is happy to cater to both camps.

    Each has a set of advantages over the other, but ultimately it comes down to what the individual prefers. And you know what? Most early adopters get bored easily so you will have defectors from both sides. Excited for the year as we will see revolutions unfolding before us…

  • BA_Carroll
  • Michael
  • Black743

    If this happens, it would position Verizon as the smartphone king. They would have Android, iPhone, Blackberry and the rest….while AT&T hasn't really made many attempts to grab onto many other smartphones besides iPhone. I think, in the end, it will hurt AT&T since they've put most of their eggs in the exclusivity basket.

  • caelius99

    This same story was just on CNN. Ugh! I hope it's not true….the iPhone Taliban will grow exponentially now.

  • Verizon can bring the iphone and some may actually buy it…..but android will still rule the roost. and android will still be rooted and we android users will still have more privledges with our phones than iphone users. iphone 4 is a piece of S***. Im always going to buy android and im getting a brand new Droid X for free!!

  • Rogue5

    It looks like verizon will get the best of both worlds, Android and iOS. But of course this will put alot of people in a predicament…which one should i choose?

  • Towelie420

    Verizon closed stores? What does that mean? Can someone elaborate? Sorry, I must have missed this.

    • EC8CH

      They were closed I believe last Sunday for a company meeting. The “Rule the Air” ad campaign was discusses as well as the supposed fact that there would be no iPhone on Verizon. Now this new comes out… pick your rumor I guess.

  • MicroNix

    While this may slow the adoption of Android, by the time any iPhone is released on Verizon, the Android market share will have grown big enough that it will become as much of a household name as the iPhone. Apple made a detrimental mistake with their exclusive contract (and their greed which Verizon didn't give in to) and allowed Android a huge jump. Let's not forgot how many companies are behind Android. While the iPhone gets 1 hurrah a year, Android devices are coming out from everywhere and everyone. Heck, even AT&T was said to have launched a sub-site dedicated to Android devices this week. I think the majority of inital iPhones will be disgruntled AT&T iPhone users (the same that pay $200 all the time to upgrade on AT&T).

    If there is one silver lining…an iPhone on Verizon will surely be the death of AT&T… a company I have a personal hate of to the bottom of my bowels.

  • Hate to say it but most likely I will be jumping ship to the iphone 4 when it comes out

    • yeah, this isn't everyones cup of tea…
      enjoy the company of ur lemming-i*hone companions


    • nkhex19


  • digitalicecream

    Interesting move yes, uncommon no.What they've done is cemented our opinion that we should go out and get a Droid now (and switch from ATT while we're at it) and then down the road they will open the doors for those who wouldnt leave the Iphone to come to Verizon also… Anyone willing to ETF out of ATT with an iphone 4, or anyone who's contract is up who even thought about leaving ATT can now really consider Verizon seriously. Although I read somewhere that ATT has an exclusivity contract for X amount of time (see how I got you thinking about the new droid?) so I'm certain its a very early pre-emptive strike on ATT.

    Will Verizon get the iphone? who knows, but keeping your options open is just plain smart.

  • John

    VZW's new “Rule the Air” campaign is about you and me, the customers, being empowered to do as we choose…to rule the air. Verizon will carry any and all devices they believe their customers want…simple buisness. With voice calls on the decline and data use skyrocketing, we will see a varied array of devices. I would not be surprised one bit if Verizon eventually gets the iPhone. Simple fact of the matter is millions of people are willing to pay a premium for it. And lets face it, the iPhone makes it easy for non techie folks to act/look techie. Not everyone has the knowledge/ability to get the most out of their Android device. The iPhone is less intimidating. For those of us willing/able to unleash what Android has to offer, going backwards with the iPhone simply won't happen in the vast majority of cases.

  • Derongarrett

    i was about to pre-order my droid X until i saw this i think an iphone is worth waiting for…and in a month or 2 there will be a better phone but with the iphone a new one comes out every year and no one can beat the iphone.

  • geekabilly

    It's Ford vs. Chevy, BMW vs. MB… Android vs. iOS is where it's at — Android will prevail. Verizon & AT&T are just the gas station & highways…

  • Niteperson

    I'm really confused. I though AT&T signed an exclusive deal through 2012?

    • Tom

      If this is true, some highly paid, soon to be very rich, Verizon or Apple lawyer probably found a loophole in the contract allowing Verizon to get it a year sooner….

  • dannydarko

    I'm sorry is this droid-life?C'mon on Kellex.

  • Ruel24

    First, I think neither of the two are perfect. Each OS/platform has an advantage and disadvantage. I think Apple's hardware is, in fact, better than Samsung, Motorola, or HTC overall. I really don't like how they make way too many different versions of Android phones from the same manufacturer. Can't they simplify that mess? It's no wonder that the accessories market has run wild for the iPhone. Most iPhone accessories work across the board on all models. The quality of the materials is first rate on the iPhone, too. The 5MP camera seems lower on paper, but comparison test have revealed it to be at least on par with 8MP cameras on Android phones. However, competition between HTC, Samsung, Motorola, and soon LG will create better specs and cheaper prices in the end.

    The OS, itself, comes up short in a few areas, yet iTunes integration comes out ahead. I honestly think it's mostly a toss between the two.

    I'm considering a Droid because I'm a Linux user, but I have to give it to Apple.

    • Tom

      Wait… a Linux user who uses iTunes?! BLASPHEMY! There is no such thing. AMAROK FTW! Seriously man… You cannot be a Linux user spouting all of that nonsense… Hardware is better? So an antenna on the outside that you can't touch is better than an internal antenna? Or glass that can scratch is better than metal? Or the greatly improved 8MP cameras that take pics that are just as good if not better than Apple? (Tests have been done and there is no doubt that there is no discernible difference in quality in many of the pictures taken from either). And it is better to have one phone at one price point that several phones at several price points? Really? So if I have a $100 budget for a smartphone I should be out of luck?

      Come now… I'm not bashing Apple (though I do hate Apple except for their computers), but really… Look at the facts again and come back to us.

      • Ruel24

        Ha ha! I do have Win 7 installed, mostly for iTunes, Turbotax, games… I am a realistic Linux user…

        Like I said, I've seen comparison tests. The 5MP camera in the iPhone is a quality one that actually has just as good, and in some cases listed better than, the 8MP cameras in some Android phones. I don't put a lot of weight into that claim that the glass on the back of the iPhone scratches easy. As far as the multiple phones, what's the point? Sure, having a phone at a low price point, and a high feature, higher priced one is good, but is it necessary to have an HTC Droid Incredible only for Verizon, HTC Evo for Sprint, and something else for T-Mobile, and at the same time, have multiple phones on each of those networks at times? How about a single form factor that allows a host of accessories to work with the entire line? How about keeping it simple?

        Look, the iPhone is one impressive piece of hardware. I've been telling people for years that despite the claims of how expensive Mac's are, they're actually full of excellent hardware that isn't and apples/oranges (pardon pun) comparison to other PC's. Apple avoids the race to the bottom where margins are thin by putting in premium hardware but charging for it.

        I think Android is poised to blow by the iPhone in time, just as Windows originally did the Mac. However, don't discount the competition. Let's face it: They make good stuff!

        • Tom

          First off… iTunes is the most horrible piece of software ever created as long as it is not on a Mac… Get Amarok and compare. Yup there is no comparison, and when it becomes multiplatform I'll likely ditch the already superior Foobar2000. Secondly… I didn't deny that the iPhone is not impressive, I'm stating that there are equals in Android, and the iPhone has done two things that are just plain stupid… Made something that you cannot remove the battery of, and put the antenna outside where a simple touch could interfere with reception and transmission. Simple is good, but diverse is better. That is what got Apple in trouble in the first place. Actually, for their computers they just started gaining ground. Know why? It is because they now use the Intel Chipset. Yup that is right, because they are using something that is more compatible they started gaining ground because now people can use Bootcamp and install windows for their needs when Apple OS is not good enough. iPhone you have one choice per year, Adroid you have 5 choices per year. And there is almost certainly a phone that will match your needs and budget. Look at what it did for the PC industry… Do you really think Microsoft would have done as well if their OS was on one computer from one manufacturer? Hell no, they beat Apple because their OS was on EVERYTHING. PB, HP, IBM… You name a company that wasn't Apple, and they were using Windows or DOS. Android is doing the same thing. Did all accessories work on every computer in the beginning? No, they didn't, but that didn't stop manufacturers from making accessories for every computer.

          And Apple makes popular stuff. Popular != good. They make stuff for the general consumer. Is it a high quality piece of hardware? Well it would be if they didn't do some stupid things. Namely the two things I stated above.

          • Ruel24

            You do make valid points, and I have no doubt that Android will make iPhone and distant memory at some point. Apple is repeating history… Android will be on every carrier, iPhone may be carrier exclusive to the point that no one outside of crappy AT&T even cares about it anymore. If Android 3.0 gets released before any iPhone availability on Verizon, it may be a moot point to even have iPhone.

            However, as I stated, it's a good piece of hardware. Did they do everything right? No. But, there are aspects of it that are more appealing than the current crop of Droid phones.

            And lastly, I disagree… I use Amarok as my Linux music player, but I have yet to try and put songs on my iPod Touch from it. Yes, Amarok as a music librarian/player is amazing, though a little less so with KDE 4. However, when used with an iPod or iPhone, iTunes is a great app. I have my complaints, but they are few and minor.

  • Lefty

    So hey Um new iPhone 4 is out, Wow this is probably the best right handed phone you can ever use! lol… So apple is there an app for that? lmao My Droid works in both hands sorry New iPhone users

  • Trdracer2121

    its all about making money with iphone on verizon there gonna be #1 period everyone gonna switch

  • Lefty

    So hey Um new iPhone 4 is out, Wow this is probably the best right handed phone you can ever use! lol… So apple is there an app for that? lmao My Droid works in both hands sorry New iPhone users

  • skltr21

    anyone know if i download the new BB froyo if i need to download the new baseband first??? or do i download the new rom first and then the baseband?

  • JT

    Meh, why not? Personally, I can do without the iphone, vzw's done well without it, and android has done very well even with it so I say let Apple learn to offer choices to “their” masses. This could be a good first step in introducing some apple fanboys to some nice alternatives to at&t's current (sad) android lineup.

  • Will

    This back and forth is getting old. It's all rumor and wishful thinking. Verizon is throwing their weight behind Android. Seriously getting tired of hearing about this and really don't care at this point.

  • Brealmore

    will these new users kill the verizon network? how much new bandwidth demand can it take?

  • WhereIsTony

    This rumor comes up alot. As a left handed Android Enthusiast it does not make much of a difference to me either way. I mean it might lower the prices on some new phones a bit, but that’s about it.

    • +1

      Apparently we are among the few that follow all phone news equally. 🙂

  • rals

    God I dont want iphone newbs eating up my bandwidth

  • Tom

    I've said this before and I'll say it again…. I harbor no ill will against Verizon for doing this… Verizon will remain loyal to the Droid line (I mean… they got Lucas Films to sign off on it, and I'm sure Verizon wants to rule the smartphone market) So here will be the rundown of what will happen…. We already got the Palm fanbois and girls on Verizon (who have the money to not be on Sprint), we also have all the RIM fans (of which there are many), we have the nicest and best selection of Android devices for the anti-Apple or pro-Google people, now if Verizon gets the iPhone, legions of iPhone fanbois and girls will flock to Verizon making Verizon the TOP smartphone carrier, which will probably destroy one of their major competitors… AT&T. This is about Verizon's bottom line, which will increase exponentially with the iPhone. Will this hurt Android's market share? Probably, but this isn't about Android since you know… Google doesn't give a rats ass about market share… they already rule the internet. Even iPhone users use Google… But Verizon will become an ever more powerful company. And with LTE on the way I'm sure they'll strive to make the best LTE network in the US as well…

    In fact… there are 2 ways this could BENEFIT Android…

    1) More money for Verizon from a 3G phone means greater ability to get LTE towers primed and ready for 4G, which means that there will be a few 4G Android phones out quicker…

    2) HTC, Moto, Samsung… and whoever else makes Android devices will want to step up their game more to oust iPhone users onto their devices resulting in devices that will DESTROY (never mind competing with) the iPhone.

  • Ajfdkal

    I been knew this

  • Chris Nimon

    If steve jobs jumped off a cliff, would his lemmings follow? 😀

    • Winterfresh


      But first they would call it innovative

      • Chris Nimon

        Haha , Hed just tell them they were jumping wrong

  • Chris Nimon

    I feel like iphone is the “others” and we are the “survivors”. remember what happened when they combined on Lost? This should be interesting. I hope the Droid throws Locke, err, I mean the iphone off the cliff.

  • Droidzilla

    I actually tried out an iphone 4 the other day while perusing things I won't buy at the mall (well, I did end up getting a burger and fries). It was the first iphone I've ever used.

    My impressions? Nice screen, but not any tangibly nicer than my Droid's. The hardware itself looks nice enough; sleek, compact, and all that. But the real meat and taters was the UI. I have to say, it was, well . . . crap. Sure, it scrolls and such nicely, but it's just a bunch of screens with apps! I asked my buddy who was with me (a devout Apple acolyte) how I could access the apps, and he was like, “you just scroll through the screens and they're all there.”

    For serious? This is the vaunted UI that all the Apple fanbois go ga-ga over? It's a freakin' app drawer! Here's how to make your Android device an iphone: open the app drawer whenever you start up. Don't use widgets, live wallpaper, shortcuts, etc. Do everything from your app drawer. Done. You'll be all like, “OMG it's so teh fastar! Scrolling is sooo smooth! Bestest UI EVAR!!!!1”

    Sorry for the rant; I'm just a bit less than whelmed after hearing so much about how iphone's UI is sooo much better than Android's. Believe it or not, I entered into the demo with an open mind and the expectation to be truly impressed. All that was really impressed upon me, though, is that the blinders on Apple fanbois are more like eyepatches with pinholes.

    • EC8CH

      “It's screen a grid of block like in Keno…”

    • rals

      Well said sir +1 for you!!

    • As I've said here before… I used to pray for the day when Verizon would carry the iPhone. I love my iPod Touch and use it all the time. I primarily use it to play songs over my AV system at work (I'm a tech director) and I use it to read the news via the news apps. But you are right… after looking at droids more closely in the last month, I see your point about widgets and shortcuts and having everything right on the screen where you have easy access to it. Your description of an “app drawer” is completely on target.

      I cannot wait to dump my BB Curve 8330 for the Droid X!

      • MicroNix

        Glad to see someone from the Apple side who sees Android for how much more it is than iOS. I have a friend who just doesn't understand how cool it is to have everything there with widgets and such when you turn your phone on. No launching an app for this, an app for that. And its all current and location aware because we can really multitask. Steve really has a lot of wool to pull over peoples' eyes and it unfortunately is working well.

        • I'm still an Apple fanboy… love my MacBook Pro and my iMac at work. But as far as mobile devices go… I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be a Droid fanatic. 🙂

  • Banditball

    No Verizon….NO!!!! Please don't do it!!!!!! :'( :'(

  • Nölff, esq.

    I've seen talk about that from various blogs. Wall Street Journal has published a few articles along the same lines.

    I can see why Verizon is denying it and pushing the Droid. If people find out they ARE getting the iphone, people are going to hold out for the iphone. They'd loose money till January.

    • GNO

      You make it sound as if the iphone is better than the Droids. But we all know better…..

    • Tom

      No they won't…. It is called “Preorders” You honestly think people wouldn't preorder a Verizon iPhone? I mean look at the Incredible… They couldn't even keep up with the preorders for that, can you imagine the iPhone?

      In fact, if they announced it now… They would only increase their revenue… Think of it… All the holdouts on AT&T who are weary of the iPhone 4 because of various issues would be then left with a choice… AT&T or Verizon next year… They would likely stay until Verizon gets it and then jump ship… Verizon doesn't want to do it until the fall because of the Summer of Droid….

  • Nölff, esq.

    I've seen talk about that from various blogs. Wall Street Journal has published a few articles along the same lines.

    I can see why Verizon is denying it and pushing the Droid. If people find out they ARE getting the iphone, people are going to hold out for the iphone. They'd loose money till January.

    • Nölff, esq.

      Sorry about the echo. That's weird.

  • ScallopShoes


  • ericsorensen

    So much for the Iphone talking and surfing the web at the same time…

    My 75yr old Dad will get one for sure. AT+T was the only thing stopping the old apple fanboy from getting the Iphone.

    But verizon better not let go of it's Android love…

    • ericsorensen

      And I'd like to add: So T-mobile didn't have the bribe cash Apple asked for, and Verison does. All I'm going to say is my Verizon rates better not go up so Apple can line there pockets with Andoid user's hard earned money.

  • EC8CH

    If your Iphone is letting you down
    Dropped calls are making you frown
    Then give Android a try
    Get a deal at Wirefly
    Their prices will truely astound

  • EC8CH

    There once was a man named Steve
    “Magical” status his phone did achieve
    Then a Droid set us free
    Apps approved no Third Degree
    On a network that's NOT AT&T's

    • Please turn this into a song.

      It will go viral.

      • EC8CH

        I'm hoping one of these rhythmical gems scores me a free Droid on Wirefly's “Why Android can beat up your iPhone” contest. Only problem is I already have a Droid and Incredible, so I hope if I win they'll let me hold out for the X.

  • EC8CH

    There was an old man named Jobs
    His shiny phones were perfect for snobs
    Then a Droid came along
    Mulitasking all day long
    With a glowing eye that pulses and throbs

    • lexImusprime

      IPhone started touch
      Revolution, ingenious
      Droid perfected much

  • EC8CH

    There once was a phone from Cupertino
    It's screen a grid of blocks like in Keno
    But then Android arrived
    Running Widgets in stride
    Now the Iphone looks dated as Devo

    • Michael_NM

      You're on fire today! +1

    • +4!

  • GNO

    Oh No! Say it ain't so! Keep the iPunks off our network. They'll only sap the bandwidth.

    • StephanC

      With what? Their inability to tether?

  • Michael_NM

    If VZ's goal is to “Rule the Air,” I certainly understand iPhon't being part of that strategy. However, my concern is that VZ will demote the Droid brand to second-class status. It seems like the next twelve months are a critical coming of age time for Droid. If VZ distracts it's attention, can Google and Moto take up the slack? Will they feel “slighted” by VZ and move the powerhouse phones to other carriers?

    Do I have some irrational emotional connection to my Droid? Hell yeah I do! I suppose it's no different than iPhans with their phones. I enjoy the love Droid is getting from VZ as it's flagship, and I really hope (but doubt) that won't change.

    Keeping my fingers crossed that this rumor is false, and the holiday season will see a 2-GHz, 4G Droid aimed directly at dominating the iPhon't…

    • StephanC

      All it's gonna take is a smart-ass remark from Steve Jobs about Verizon and he can kiss them good bye.

  • ajavgeek

    Now true competition!!!

  • Mrpicolas

    Its still an ifail on the nations best network lol…

  • EC8CH

    In a black turtleneck & blue jeans
    He says “check out the res of my screens”
    But we are Droids & of course
    We prefer opensource
    And avoid his walled garden by all means

  • brando56894

    Umm verizon just said a few days ago that they were ditching their plans for iPhone and fully backing Android, what happened to that?

    • kellex

      They poked fun and backed away from it. Makes sense for them to pump DROID right now until the iPhone time actually arrives.

  • friedricho

    This seems likely considering the moves ATT has pulled lately like the early upgrades to iPhone 4. Now that millions are locked into a new 2 year contract they are a little more protected from people moving to verizon when the phone inevitably comes out.

  • I actually hope they do bring it to Verizon. The only reason I told my folks to get a droidX instead of an iphone 4 is because AT&T is terrible. I wouldn't mind them having a Verizon iPhone. Should also force/encourage even more innovation from android, since it won't be able to just be the “non-AT&T iphone equivalent”.

    • StephanC

      You mean the “Non at&t iPhone superior!”

  • Stephen

    If and when this does come out on VZ, I will still proudly own an android device. And when it does come out, all those “fanboys” cant say oh you just like android because you cant have apple…

  • dmzxls

    iDont want an iPhone

  • slinky317

    Did Verizon not JUST announce internally that they will not be carrying the iPhone? Aren't these rumors just a bunch of bullocks?

    • kellex

      They backed away from it because of this new DROID lineup. But yeah, this is another rumor. People are attempting to believe it because it came from Bloomberg.

  • supermover15

    When they have at least a 160+ gigabyte iphone i will be interested, i have a full 120 gigabyte ipod for music, and my droid for everything else, and it will stay that way as long as apple keeps their cash cow so over regulated that it kills ingenuity and the creative process for developers.

  • djenks24

    I thought there was an issue with CDMA the they couldn't get around?

  • Mymoosey521

    its all hype,we have been saying this for years “the iphone coming to verizon in '09 then it was '10 now its '11

  • EC8CH

    “Can you hear me know?”

    “No, You're still holding it wrong.”

    • Congrats, you just won the interwebz!!! lol

    • dmzxls

      I now you can't here me know.


      • EC8CH

        Thank God for edit buttons! +1

    • nkhex19

      Definitely comment of the day. +1

      • kellex


      • jeninalovie


    • Michael

      oh was it the Nexus One you were holding? cause it has the same issue.

      • EC8CH

        No Troll… the N1 doesn't run on Verizon… pull you're head out!

        • Michael

          Troll? puhahaha..wow thanks for showing me your level of maturity and I know N1 doesn't run on VZW, but we're still talking about an Android phone aren't we?

          It's so funny how you're so defensive about this post! I mean, come on, you act as if your loyalty will bring food to your table. Get a life dude, I'm just simply going off on what you posted.

          • EC8CH

            No, actually we're all talking about (making fun) of the Iphone. Then you came along and TRIED to make fun of an Android phone… that's what makes you a troll.

          • Michael

            Like i've said “get a life” in reality, and not in here trying to boost your self esteem and earn some attention by being a jack ass!

          • JT

            Welcome to Droid-Life, Michael. Happy you made it over from where-ever and I'm sure we can all get along here. EC8CH was just harping on the iphone signal issue and no doubt meant it in good spirit. In all fairness I heard the N1 had some signal issues from my friend but they suspected T-Mo was the culprit, rather than how it was held. Happy posting!

          • Michael

            Exactly JT! Point is both iPhone and Android phones have their pros and cons while each has certain features that makes it unique in its own way. So when its all well said and done, it all comes down to a matter of personal preference.

            Now I am a Droid owner? yes, simply because iPhone is not available on VZW. Do I think both phones are ridiculously impressive? yes! So the difference between EC8CH and I is that I don't post such remarks that cuts down on other devices other than Android and I don't reply with arrogant and childish remark while trying to boost my ego by being an Android owner as well.

            Seriously people, learn to respect each other. It's just a phone. It does not define who we are, nor will Google pay you and put food in your mouth from being such an excessive fan!

            More than anything, be grateful to live in today's world where we can enjoy these devices that makes all our lives convenient. iPhone users and Android users CAN coexist! Grow up!

          • EC8CH

            Thanks for that incredibly thoughtful analysis of why your blog comments make you a better person than me. It appears you are the one taking things a little too seriously. I post comments to ask questions, help people with theirs, or entertain other readers with insightful and witty comments that I hope they enjoy. Next time I post something witty and insightful that you don't understand, just ask me to explain it to you instead of attempting to post a sarcastic reply.

          • Michael

            you're very welcome! i'm glad i have enlightened you. =)

          • tabrad

            Dear Michael,
            Thanks for teaching me a valuable life lesson about respect
            -tabrad/everyone who read your comments

          • Christephor

            really get a life lol here you are sitting argueing over the computer way to go buddy lol

          • Towelie420

            HEY! This is a peaceful site. I love my droid. I can also appreciate the iPhone. It does have a sharp and smooth Interface. Can't deny that. But customization and freedom of Android? Well that's just the American way baby.

    • hahahaha

    • haha. man. youve got the funniest comments ever haha.

  • scuba_koop

    Kellex….totally off topic. That swipebids.com ad on the sidebar caught my attention. They scammed my son out of $995 bucks. I know it is sort of his fault for putting his credit card out there, but they are major league scammers and will not refund his money under any circumstances. They are scum. Sorry about the OT, but I needed to vent.

    • kellex

      Where did you see that? One of our BIG ads or one of those small ones under “sponsors”?

      • It always one of the top banners 🙁

        • kellex

          Wow no idea. They do rotate though, if I see it, I'll do my best to get it removed from rotation, but that's not that easy if it's coming from Google.

          • scuba_koop

            It was a debit card transaction, so money is gone. Can't dispute the charge because he did put his debit card number out there. I didn't really mess with the site much, but he honestly thought he was buying $3 worth of bid packs and next thing he knew there was a “thank you for your purchase” screen that showed he bought a “XXL bidpack” worth $995. Called the bank, some of my family works there, nothing could stop the transaction. Just a stupid mistake on his part, but very predatory and scamming on their part.

          • Rizzidy

            You can still dispute the charges and get the money back. Call the bank and or an attorney familiar with payment systems.

          • scuba_koop

            Thanks for the input. I did talk to the bank. I have family that works there, and nothing could stop the transaction. He willingly put his debit card out there for the purchase. He sort of got “duped”, they don't use a standard type of checkout, I didn't see the transaction, and maybe he was in a hurry bidding, but he apparently “agreed” to the “XXL bid pack” purchase. The total came with the confirmation that you purchased it, not like the usual checkout process where they let you verify that the amount is correct. I wasn't with him, so I didn't see the screens. Just google search “swipebids.com reviews” and you will see the glowing reviews of their “penny auction” site. Bottom line is he made the mistake, but they got the money, and they will not refund it no matter what. Trust me I tried everything. I am not spending the money on a lawyer, just gonna chalk it up as a hard lesson learned.

          • Eric

            Your not making sence you can dispute any charge you don't get the money back right away but the otherside won't get it either. The bank will investgate and decide who gets the money after 30 or 60 days

          • Here's the culprit…

            Those ads are maintained by http://buysellads.com/buy/detail/25378

            🙁 Feel bad for the kid…

          • scuba_koop

            Thanks Tim! Yeah I am his dad and I was mad at him at first, but now I feel bad for him. I am part owner of a pharmacy, and he has worked several summers to save the money for school. I know he screwed up, but you shouldn't be allowed to scam young adults out of their money like that. His account on that website had like 3300 swipes, and I told him to try to use them since he was basically screwed. He couldn't even win an item! I did get a hold of the 800 number customer service, and they just went in circles. I told the girl on the phone that I hope she can sleep at night! They are definitely a total scam. Like I said, it was a a hard lesson, that is a big chunk of cash to lose!

      • scuba_koop

        It was on the top right of this page, not there now, must be a rotation. I swear it is a true story. I was so PO'd at them. He is 18 and just gettting ready for college. He was on their site trying to get a deal on a laptop. Some crap about buying “bid packs” and they hit his debit card for $995. I have called and online chatted, they don't give a crap and won't refund anything.

    • Eric

      just tell him to call his cc company and tell him to dispute the charges and then he will get his money back. Presto problem solved.

  • MockingshoE

    I think it IS going to happen. The rumors have been building at such a rate, and in the end, a deal between the two companies is going to bring in a lot of money for both. Logically, and economically, it makes since. Remember Android and Apple Fanboys…they just want your money and will make whatever deals in order to get in.

    I have to say though, good job on the report the other day that Verizon was passing on the iPhone. When you googled “Verizon iPhone” and clicked news, all the stories that came up put Droid-Life as the source. I'm sure the additional hits were nice to have.

  • they've been making these predictions since there was an iphone. Remember, the WSJ said we were getting it THIS MONTH, citing “reliable sources.”

    With the iphone, unless it's a APPLE press release, nothing is definite and you should treat these rumors just like you would someone talking about the abominable snowman. Interesting, but no reason to believe them

  • cduce2411

    The Verizon manual will explain how to hold it right 😀

  • Cyberdemon

    Back and forth, back and forth lol.

  • EggoEspada

    Isn't gonna happen…
    I don't mind the iPhone actually (course without it means more Android support).
    But it irks me they keep saying theres gonna be a iPhone 4 on Verizon. Didn't they already express their position on this?
    And if it does happen… it'll happen AFTER LTE takes off.

    • EC8CH

      Otherwise those Foxconn employees better be putting in overtime making those CDMA iPhones.

      • StephanC

        Yeah, I'd hate to see someone get depressed over that, especially at Coxcomb.

  • EC8CH

    My Droid says: BRING IT ON!

  • Not so interesting, it's about the money. One of the greatest sales techniques is to scorn what you can't sell, and sell what you have. So VZ will push Android, and push it hard. Then the day the iPhone becomes available, they will push that too, because they will be able to recover sooooo many customers who love the iPhone but miss VZ, and convert people who know VZ is a better network and will follow the iPhone their. VZ will just ignore people who mention their criticisms of the product in the first place.

    • kellex

      Sad but true. You've summed up the unfortunate truth nicely.

      • So does this mean in January you'll be starting iPhone-life? Jk

        • Not funny 😛 lol

        • Michael_NM

          Blasphemous, sacrilegious… I nominate you for one Droid-Life demerit. 😛 (laughing quietly to myself)

        • Michael

          It's inevitable, maybe not by Kelix, but someone will and I'm sure we will see a lot of “bandwagons” from here to iPhone Life as well. You know who you are!

          • I dont see the appeal of the iPhone. My phone looks like his and hers and his and hers and his and hers and his and hers and his and hers.

        • I can see it now.

          Hey everyone welcome to iphone-life.com and today we'll show you how to put apps on your phone…that's pretty much it.

      • BTW, I was the one(of many I'm sure) who e-mailed you a few days ago asking about which ROM I should chose, not really expecting a response. I just wanted to thank you in a public place for being the kind of person to respond to e-mails such as mine. If you are curious, I didn't take my own advice and wait, I'm running BB.3, installing Smoked Glass tonight.

        • kellex

          Nice choice. It's a great ROM. 🙂

  • Fawzi94

    yo no quiero iphonass on big rojasss!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fawzi94


    • Aleksmilosevic96

      Don't steal my thunder

  • just read about it…

    stay off my network!!! damy you apple!!