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Motorola Droid Receiving Android 2.2 in July?

DroidForums just received this shot from an internal Verizon system showing that the Motorola Droid is scheduled to receive Android 2.2 by the end of July.  Our sources have been in our ear claiming that the Droid 1 would actually receive Froyo some time before the Droid X launch, but we’ll take end of July.

And I hate to say this, but while that says “currently planned” we should also brace ourselves for possible letdowns.  Not that I need to remind anyone, but you all remember the 2.1 fun.

Source: DroidForums.net

  • Cody

    Yes i Agree but on the other hand i heard it will be coming out on august 12th and i also heard that there flash keeps messing up that is why they keep pushing it back more and it would be this year

  • Cody

    Yes i Agree but on the other hand i heard it will be coming out on august 12th and i also heard that there flash keeps messing up that is why they keep pushing it back more and it would be this year

  • Chris

    o sweet. July? so we should have the update by december? I'm getting excited

  • Svsocalbro

    But the 2.2 hasn't come out yet and for the people that have it are using an ilegal version of it and it prolly has bugs! im still waiting for the official update!!

  • Ghaney60

    How do you get the fully customizable themes?

  • Manviln

    Pretty sure its common sense if they dont specify a different year…they mean this one…. Just putting it out there

  • JP

    at http://www.droiddoes.com, if you scroll over the Moto Droid, it says: “Flash 10.1 – Late Summer”

  • 2.1 was a total let down.. I'm not holding my breathe this time and I'm really enjoying being rooted. I don't know if I can turn back now…

  • El El Kool J

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  • palomosan

    Yep I saw that yesterday in the Droid does web, if you point your mouse over the Droid, it says flash 10.1 late summer.

  • bsteen

    July, August, September — who cares if you're rooted? When we were going through all the 2.1 crap I (like a lot of other people) unrooted so I could get the “official” OTA update, then wondered what the heck I had bothered for, as the custom ROMs I had been running for weeks were in fact better than the official one because of all the stuff that the wonderful Droid hackers add in.

    Now that the official 2.2 source code is out I'm eagerly awaiting the first custom ROMs built off that, but really couldn't care less when OTA Froyo is released to everyone.

    Plus, is there a chance it's going to take a while to root the official 2.2 like there was with 2.1?

    • I was thinking the same thing… I highly doubt i will unroot to be dissapointed again

  • skltr21

    all i know is that if this thing says it's “planned” for july……. god know how long it freaking took motorola and verizon to get their stuff together to get the 2.1 update out. im guessing from what happened last time…… since they're saying july……. maybe by christmas???

  • Beachbum4ever

    Some great Froyo news! It now supports Animated GIF's in the browser! Always missed my favorite weather sites on the Droid. Finally they work now!!

  • EC8CH

    Funny that the X is already seeing the update slowing effects of Blur… vanilla D1 gets froyo first!


    I stood in line for the droid 1 the day it came out and didnt even know what it was. Now i want the extreme for the screen size and the droid 2 for the keyboard AND the new phone their talking about thats suppose to be the nicest phone to ever come out. I AM GETTING two of them but just dont know which two ! ANYONE HAVE ANY SUGESTIONS ? WHAT WOULD YALL DO ?

    • Ummm, first I would start off by buying me one of each too 🙂
      Then, it's up to you lol

  • why don't they just say ” if ninjablur works perfect with android 2.2 than we will release it”
    i doubt that they are goin to release by august. don't buy what they sell you, untill you look at the quailty.

  • Michael_NM

    (Currently planned for late July.) That's VZW speak for “Planned for July, but sure to be late.”

  • I don't know how much I'd trust this since just today at the Droid X event the said that both the Droid X and the Droid are getting Froyo “later this summer.” I wouldn't count late July as “later this summer,” only two weeks after the Droid X gets released.

    It's about as reliable as the July 19th release date, the July 2nd release date, and the Snapdragon processor the the Droid X was going to have. 😀


  • Nightfox981

    Don't get too excited. Unfortunately, there seems to ALWAYS be a delay, especially on Verizon

  • root4life

    i dont know if anyone else has seen this but i thought the exact same thing would happen when apple announced the iphone4. http://gizmodo.com/5571171/iphone-4-loses-recep

    • EC8CH

      Hillarious. Back in the day of external antennas they always said to not touch the antenna to avoid decreasing the signal, Steve must have forgot about that.

    • Zander_206

      hahaha the horrible service at&t has along with the troubles the new iphone4 has .. wow i couldn't imagine

      Android > useless rock > Apple

  • EC8CH


  • Chris Nimon

    the only reason I care about the official OTA froyo is so that the dev's can play with them and make some killer roms

    • kellex

      Amen to that.

      • Chris Nimon

        its like i have ESPn. (extra sensory perception network) your next post was about this very thing 🙂

  • Release late July?… we've all heard this before…Verizon will have to test it… maybe sometime in September it will actually be released… That's why I'm rooted and running 2.2 now..can't wait for a cyanogen release from source…

  • Hopely they have it ready for this month

  • Mrpicolas

    Man good day source released droid x on the 15th and 2.2 update tentatively released in july woot woot

  • End of July, but what year?

  • briderx

    I love my 2.2.. I think it's funny people wait. I understand their reasons, I just don't agree. It is SO SIMPLE to do! We have these amazing devices.. Almost every single person here bought their Droids for the customary options it offers.. Yet, when something that makes their device FULLY customizable.. They shy away! Ahh.. I'll bask in my froyoy goodness.

    • Angelface50380

      how do i get it?

      • briderx

        Root your phone using one of the lovely guides provided on this site – Then load up a custom Froyo 2.2 rom..

        • I had a rooted droid but I unrooted so I could get the official 2.1 update. Can 2.1 be rooted?!?! I wish I would have never done it, but now I'm itching to have Froyo so bad I can't stand it….

          • briderx

            2.1 cannot officially be “rooted” but there are some guides that allow for installing 2.2..


            Good luck! if you need more help, post on here, and I'll respond as soon as I see it on my Droid!

    • the “x” will be my first full-time Android device. I probably won't root it right away until I fully understand what I'm doing… Your point is valid though. 🙂

      • it took my a while to root my droid, but now that i have there is no looking back. 🙂

    • B, what ROM are u running?

      • briderx

        BB 0.2.1 – 1.0GHz Low Voltage Kernel – Works amazing. Was going to try the
        latest from Cyanogen, but BB works flawlessly for me. Stacked with that, I
        run LauncherPro – Completes the package.

    • Gosh, you make it sound sooo glamorous…maybe I will attempt soon lolzzz 😛

      • briderx

        Oh, you should Timato… It's extremely glamourous. You can do a purple theme if you want..

        • Oooo, no way?!? Yes!

          • briderx

            There's a guy in these forums that did some AMAZING custom wallpapers (droid-life branded) that are just killer..

            And then, the heavens part..

          • That guys wallpaper packs are pretty sweet. I hear he has a ton more ready for release.

          • briderx

            I just heard the same thing 😉

          • I heard he sent a couple packs to Kellex and once those get pushed out he will start sending out additional packs. Matching icon packs will be next.

          • haha That guy is hella sweet lol
            And matching icon packs?? DAMN! lol

          • Sometimes that guy talks about himself in 3rd person… seriously? Who does that?

          • K Racing 456

            hey u seem to know alot about the droin how do i put that 2.2 on my phone i know its on the my droid website i jus dont understand how to get it on my sd card plzzzzz expalin!! as u all may know im a noob to the droid went from a g1 lol

  • Jacksefvg

    Come on Motorola pull your head out and actually finish something on time.

    • That would not be Motorola it would more likely be Verizon. Do you really want an update that goes smoothly on your phone or would you rather get an unpolished update that could possibly brick your phone or kill all your data? I have used all of the flavors of Froyo ROM's and not one is without bugs or issues. So give it time and the official update will roll out soon enough.

      • my thoughts exactly

      • briderx

        BB 0.2.1 is flawless over here.. Been running it since the release date without one force close/random reboot/overheating.. Not a problem.

      • Speedyreedy81

        Jrummys kangerade has been running great for me. Its fast, and stable.

  • Alexhay7

    Ive been counting down the days for a month, and now its another month im crying right now, I hate when I get let down by people im paying over $100 monthly and spent $200 on the phone :.(

    • just be happy it's not december!

      I'm curious when you thought it would be released?

    • scorpion77

      What the hell kind of plan do you have .. i pay 82 a month an that is with everything tax's included an 200 for a phone ? did you buy it from Verizon ?? 🙁

  • I'm so torn over the Droid X. I want to ditch the hardware keyboard of the Droid I have now and I have a December 2010 upgrade. Do I get the Droid X in July or wait for December for something better?

    • try swype. I have the Moto droid, but since i've been using swype there's no going back to the physical keyboard. Try it out and if you like it then take the leap. The Droid X looks awesome.

    • Thegoldendroid

      Im in the same position man.. If they've already promised us another kick ass phone by the end of the year Im going to just wait for my upgrade in November and have a great Christmas! But im not gonna hate on the X like I did the Incredible ( Moto over HTC anyday)

    • Isn't Verizon offering the $199 upgrade for the Droid X to anyone due for an upgrade in 2010?

  • I bet that CM6 is out for the Droid before the OTA lol

  • Unless you're rooted, then you have it now.

    • Angelface50380

      what does that mean? I saw something about this…..but it had ALOT of steps and I didnt want to mess up my phone!

      • Follow the guide here and u'll b just fine…. after u've done it 10 or so times (trying new/diff ROMs) u'll b a pro. :-p