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DROID X Officially Launching July 15th for $199

Verizon announced today that July 15th would be the official launch day of the new Droid X.  We knew there was a range for the release which could have been anywhere from the 15th through the 19th and it appears as if Verizon jumped it up to the front end.

So with this announcement, we get some amazing news.  Verizon will allow anyone who has an upgrade option during 2010 to upgrade immediately.  That’s right, if your contract is up in December, you can sneak into a Verizon Wireless store and grab one of these beasts on July 15th.

Pricing is pretty standard and comes it at $199 after a $100 mail-in rebate.

Oh, and as you’ll see from the pic above, their site has been updated again to include some fantastic new details.

Check it here.

  • Yeah, I don't get it. The site says absolutely nothing about a rebate. It clearly says $199. I'll be very upset if I go to get the phone and it is $299 with a $100 rebate. It may force me to go back to AT&T even though I hate them with a passion.


    What do I have to do to get a new phone with Annual Upgrade?

    You must be registered for My Verizon, be on a calling plan of $49.99 or higher and have completed at least 1 year of a 2-year contract and agree to renew for an additional 2 years in order to get a new phone at a promotional price. It’s as easy as that.

    I copy/paste the above from Verizon for those who are on 2yr contract, but are eligible for an annual and don't realize they can upgrade. My annual is up in Nov. I am just hoping that Verizon lets me upgrade with my annual early like people who are on a 2yr contract ending later this year.

    • sheldawg

      oops I should have said for people who's 2yr contracts end in 2011

  • Acutally you do not have to be eligible in '10 only. You just have to upgrade to a smartphone before August 31, 2010. But the eligible line has to keep the phone. You can not change it to another line…according to the VZW eligiblity requirements. There may be ways around that..wink wink

  • dylan84

    Damn…the early upgrade news is awesome…but unfortunately I'm not eligible. My new-every-two isnt until September 2011. Guess I wont be getting a Droid X. By then there will already be something else better.


      If your data/calling plan is over 39 dollars a month, something like that, you probably should have an annual update in November (Like myself). I'm not sure if Verizon is going to let people on a two year contract who are also eligible for an annual update, due to their calling plan, also upgrade early with their annual update. Do you understand what i'm saying…lol.

      • dylan84

        Unfortunately…my calling plan is the 39.99/month one.


    Has anyone seen or heard of what the one year pricing is on the Droid X? I won't do a 2 year contract anymore, the technology changes too quick.

    • 1 year pricing is typically $70 more than 2 year on every phone. If you get corporate pricing through a work discount it may only be $40ish more.

      • FSRBIKER

        I can't remember if it was $60 or $70 when i bought my Droid, but I will only buy 1 year contracts from now on.

  • Jason

    What is the full retail price of this phone?

  • Rjoudrey
  • Bhain3s

    Any idea on corporate accts will there be seperate rules/guidelines for the droid x.that they don't really release.

  • palomosan

    Did you guys noticed that Verizon said that anybody that's due in 2010 can upgrade early meaning as soon as the X comes out.


    video call?


    My 2yr contract ends September 2011, but I have an annual upgrade in November because my calling plan is over 39 dollars. I'm wondering if Verizon will push up the annual upgrades also if not im buying at retail

  • Any Idea on what the Hot spot plan is? I notice the “*requires 3g mobile hotspot plan” on http://phones.verizonwireless.com/droid/x/

  • BeeJay

    I don't know when my contract expires!! Can anyone tell me how to find that out??!!

  • Ehh, I like my incredible better 😀 its prettier, does that cool snapdragon, and sense UI really is amazing 😀

  • misscarmen

    awww yayy!!

  • DroidFan

    anyone call verizon on this yet?…. I did and they said they had no idea of this kind of promotion going on. I am so tired of the representatives not knowing what they are talking about. can some1 else call and ask them about this early upgrade promotion and let me know what they tell you?

    • Lt1Demon

      I talked to a Verizon yesterday and they just kept telling I was eligible for an early upgrade (actual upgrade date is 08-08-2010). I started asking hypothetically if any one was allowed to upgrade would I get my every two discount and they kept going back to early upgrade fee. I should probably show them this post and say its straight from the Meeting on the 23rd!!

      • DroidFan

        thats what I was told…..it seems they dont know what the left hand is doing. I really hope I can get this offer. mine is up in september.

  • Berny26

    Alright guys I have a two-part question that I hope somebody can answer:

    Currently I have the main line on a plan that has three total lines. This past Christmas I upgraded my phone to a LG ENV Touch (because I couldn't afford the 30 dollar a month charge at the time). The other two lines are both eligible for new every two upgrades. Currently on Verizon they have the deal that if you buy one Droid you get one free. Is it possible that I could use my new every two for both those lines to have two droids, but then switch the phones for those lines back to the phones they currently have, and change my main line to a Droid and sell the other one on Ebay to cover my costs? Also, I plan on buying the Droid X when its available and since it would be within the 30 day period, could I then exchange the Droid for a Droid X (and pay the 50 dollar price difference and 35 dollar stocking fee)?

    • Chris Nimon

      thats pretty much exactly what we did, (5 kids)

      • mlbernardo

        so it worked? I've read that if you do the buy one get one free deal, both phones have to be activated within 30 days or else verizon charges you full price for the phone…Im considering just forgetting about the free phone, and just using one of the extra lines to just get a Droid now, and then when July 15th rolls around exchange that for a Droid X. My concern with that is I dont want Verizon to charge that extra line for the 30 dollars…do they start adding that data charge when the finally send you the phone or when the phone is bought online?

        • Chris Nimon

          we got them in the 2 for 1 deal. she used hers for like a month and the incredible came out. she sold hers on craigslist for $250, ordered the incredible and bought dinner. I dont remember when they start charging but i think it was when we activated the phone. It was kind of a hassle switching the accounts around but we had good people who set us up in about a half hour.

          • mlbernardo

            alright..thanks a lot for your help..

            i think ill just be patient for now and just use that upgrade for the Droid X and hope the people in my local store don't give me too much trouble…I could buy it online, but I don't wanna wait more than I have to

  • Aaron klaker

    Pre-Order or what? This Eris has to go.

  • Wustehase

    NOOOOOOOO!!!!! My upgrade isn't till 2011 🙁 Jerks…

  • Winterfresh

    there is a discrepency between those specs on the site and the ones in the promotional video you posted earlier. the website says up to 24GB of memory (8 onboard, 16 SD card), and the video says up to 40GB of storage.

    Nobody knows whats truely in this phone apparently =P

    • EC8CH

      24 (8+16) in the box. Maximum of 40 (8+32) if you upgrade the SD card yourself.

  • Smr561

    I am worried about upgrading to this phone and finding out 3 months later its going on the discontinued list and a better phone is coming out. I'm thinking I should just wait until my real upgrade date is up. Anyone else worried about that?

    • Michael_NM

      I wonder about this as well. Remember, Sanjay Jha said that a 2 GHz Android device is coming this year? http://www.droid-life.com/2010/06/10/motorola-l

      As much as I want a Droid X, I think I'll wait for the 2 GHz and my early upgrade in November.

      An additional consideration for me is the cost of accessories…

      • Smr561

        I never saw that post. I'm waiting for that, super fast. I hope it is coming in the fall.

    • Actually, as original Motorola Droid owners have now learned, it's about 8 months before you get screwed with by a better/more powerful phone coming out. Of course if you consider how those same people got shafted by the N1 only 2 months after purchase, the timeframe for the Droid X is downright generous. To add insult to injury, do you _really_ think you're going to get 2.2 in August? Kinda like the Droid owners got 2.1 in January? My bet is you see 2.2 in October or November.

  • Dpu328

    So when can we order online?

  • so, $299 in store plus tax before mail in rebate? Ouch.. Thats a lot. Not sure if i can come up with that by the 15th.

    I remember Verizon telling my dad, that cause he has the main master account he would automatically get 100 dollars off. Wonder if that still apply's here?

    • Yeah, I don't get it. The site says absolutely nothing about a rebate. It clearly says $199. I'll be very upset if I go to get the phone and it is $299 with a $100 rebate. It may force me to go back to AT&T even though I hate them with a passion.

  • Best phone now

  • now THAT price I can totally afford! 🙂

  • Greendayfan93

    Will there be pr orders on this, or do you think on the 15 th if I go to the store verizon will have them
    in stock

  • Chris Nimon

    Hmmm, My wife and I have 5 kids, 4 with phones, so I get 6 upgrades spread out so I can pretty much upgrade when I want to. I knew these kids were good for something 🙂

    • +1 for creative ideas to use kids to your advantage…

      • Chris Nimon

        now if I could just get them to mow the lawn and do dishes I would be King.

        • Tell em if they like those phones they better put in some work!! lol

  • Chris Nimon

    Was I hearing right? When our favorite team gets in the red zone we will be able to have the phone turn to the live action automatically? That would freakin rock.

  • Mlaska176

    theres a little typo in the capacity section. I would hope there is more that 8 B on the internal memory.

    • kellex

      Hah nice catch.

  • Damn! I got my Droid in November, I believe, putting me at a 2011 upgrade, if I'm not mistaken. Droid X makes me salivate 🙁

    • KillaPenguin

      I'm really hoping Kellex's line, “Verizon will allow anyone who has an upgrade option during 2010 to upgrade immediately” means that my primary line new every one is eligible. Plus, would they really punish the people who bought Droids right away?

      • Tom

        The Droid is not worth $550, but is probably worth more than the $200 paid, so VZW needs to have a long period during which they can make up for the subsidy. If you can do an early upgrade, they lose money on the first phone.

        • KillaPenguin

          This may be true, but they don't ever plan on making money on the phones. They want my $100/month/line. To them, the $100 they lose on the phone means nothing. It's just a drop in the bucket. If they can have a way to lock a customer up for 2 more years and keep them off AT&T and away from the iPhone, it's a sound financial decision. I am betting they will say yes when I call tomorrow. Just a hunch.

          • WhereIsTony

            Why they gave you the phone you asked for. I dont get why people feel that a new phone somehow devalues their current phone or makes Verizon owe them something.

          • KillaPenguin

            I don't think that Verizon owes me anything but the service I signed up for. But to expect someone to use a phone for 20 months in this age of technological innovation and change is crazy. Are you telling me that your phone will still be usable after 20 months? I've owned 3 smartphones before my Droid, and all three for 20-24 months. They were all COMPLETELY UNUSABLE when I upgraded. Phones just aren't made to last that long. Even now, I had to root and overclock my Droid to make it usable once some better (and decidedly more demanding) apps started to appear in the market. I tried calling Verizon, and all they would say is as long is it “works,” they can't help me. All I ask is Verizon make an economical way to for it's customers to stay up-to-date with new tech and new phones that work.I don't think thats too much to ask, nor do I think that's an entitlement mentality.

  • Ruddy

    second!! lol ive been trying to get 1st!

  • Finally 1st!!! 😛