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UPDATED! Breaking: Droid 2 and Droid X will NOT Have 1.0GHz Snapdragon Processors


Sometimes a correction is needed on your initial words.  Just a minor adjustment…the Droid X and Droid 2 will NOT be running 1.0GHz Snapdragon processors.

Let me just confirm that they are definitely running OMAP 1.0GHz processors.  (3630 or 3640?  I’m not calling that one.  I’ve got 3630, but apparently only the 3640 runs easily at 1.0GHz.)

Yikes.  At least our sources were about as quick as @DroidLanding to correct themselves.

Don’t hate me too much.  At least laugh along with me on this one.

Everyone resume the OMAP party train again.

(Is it April 1st?)

  • Cumdrinker


  • Cumdrinker


  • Tjdem327

    The moral of the story (if anything can be learned from the news that the Incredible would be under-clocked right up to the launch practically) is that until we all see official docs from the vendor, we don't “know” anything.

  • xelandroid

    Like on the OMAP, does the spudometer line up with the spline on the discombobulator? This really increases the speed of the duesaldorf on the back side of XTS regulator. Or, we can simply wait for the release and know for sure…..

  • darkseider

    T.I. OMAP 36xx FTW!

  • Norman

    This site seems to put out rumors before facts.

  • Guest


  • Br_d

    I heard that they will have dual core processors where one of the cores is Snapdragon and the other core is OMAP!!! And you can take that to the bank! haha

  • Kingdugar

    I know this off topic but my droid is now going through an unwanted shutdown and reboot phase. Hpw can i fix this. It's hard to sweet talk my ladies when my phone cuts off and back on mid-conversation.

    • brandonmee

      Rooted? overclocked? Try a different kernel..

  • Ragib

    I was always hearing 700 + Mhz OMAP, since when did we get it confirmed it was 1GHZ. Imagine what kind of overclocking THAT beast will take. People managed to take original droid to double its clock within 7 months, and this ones 45nm so less heat. Maybe we'll be seeing a 2ghz droid even sooner than Motorola expected.

  • Anon

    Sometimes it pays to check your sources prior to blogging.

  • junkyarddan

    Its all the same to me.

  • Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah OMAP for the WIN WIN WIN! I really was afraid and shocked when I was reading that.

  • Rogue5

    This sucks for my friend who was hoping it will have the snap in it like the Incredible. Oh well, tough luck for him.

  • unbr8kablebond

    Kellex called it, the 3630. Solid sources…
    “The big improvement seems to have been under the hood with a new 1GHz TI OMAP3630 processor and 512MB of RAM….”


  • dylan84

    *resumes OMAP Droid-Life party train*

  • Off subject …. just downloaded flash 10 for wife's eris running 2.1 and it works …
    http://www.getandroidstuff.com/2010/06/adobe-flhttp://www.mediafire.com/?enkwmnrdmkj#1 got the link from here

  • Orches

    I really don't think it's worth upgrading yet…

  • djspikezz


  • Iammebane

    its official…..they both have fwd facing cameras!! lol

    • DroidCLH


  • Winterfresh

    I saw a youtube video saying that the new omap processors have a new gpu and everything, so the slight difference in model numbers has no correlation with how much they improved the processor

  • They would not get that wrong, trust me! Droid Landing is an awful name & phrase, Moto & Verizon simply would not use such a thing. Get over it – Droid Landing is fake!

    • They would have linked this to the official Droid X page – Someone is amassing a large amount of followers and simply have you hook, line, and sinker –

  • Sorry folks that DroidLanding Twitter account is FAKE – Moto & Verizon would not do such a thing as to send folks out on a imaginary phone hunt. The way folks are these days, they would kill each other over a mass produced device. Droid Landing is an awful name & phrase, Moto & Verizon simply would not use such a thing. Get over it –

    • Marballe

      I personally cannot tell if DroidLanding is real or fake; but I wouldn't mind it being true and have a chance to get the Droid X (highly doubt that I would).
      If you believe it is fake and want people to believe in that, then you probably should unfollow DroidLanding on your own first.

    • Henry 42

      Maybe you should do some research before you bump your gums too much….check out VZW USA page on twitter and tell me who the #1 slot is?? ( http://twitter.com/VZWOffers )……But I am glad you are an expert at locating a fake!!

      • Marballe

        nice job 🙂

  • BeeJay

    haha i'm not hating on Kellex. We all trip up sometimes- i'll remain a lifer. (Whats the difference? They're both 1.0 ghz anyways, right?)

    • DroidCLH

      theres a pretty massive difference. clock speed means almost nothing.

  • ericsorensen

    I can't stand this EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER any longer!

    Don't make me get an Ifone… I'll do it, too. Watch me, if you don't think I won't.

  • That Guy

    Didn't AndroidSPIN call this out first?

  • Scea0512

    This is GREAT NEWS !!!!

  • scottholstein

    Who could be mad? All I want to know is if you can overclock it and how far it could go past the DROID?

  • john

    p.s. Dolphin HD browser on Moto Droid and this site do NOT play nice!

  • john

    Can I claim “First” since the post title changed? Does that count?

  • Drummer62

    Whatever happened to 2.2 for our beloved Droids? It seems to have gotten all quiet on the upgrade issue hasn't it? I thought Motorola said they would get that out to us quickly?

  • Michael

    Stop worshiping every Android phone that comes out people!

    • DroidCLH

      We're not. just the good ones like the Droid X

  • Michael

    Exactly! which is why this is all just a marketing gimmick! Droid 2 and X is a waste of money if you already have Droid.

    • Timoh

      But it's awesome news if you don't have one! Points to self.

  • Who cares….the real good stuff is coming out at the end of the year!!

  • jbfickler

    OK as many people (probably) want to know….

    I have had the droid for 9 months…. ready to get the droid X when it comes out…. whats the deal to updrade? I understand its a 2 year contract, but what does early cancellation fee cost after a year? Any other way to get out of it?!?!?!

    Damn, love the droid, but REALLY want the DROID X

    Im sure a lot of peeps here are in the same boat

    • Timoh

      If you're at your 1 year mark you can sign up again for another 2 years. No cancellation fee, they just reset your contract to 2 years.

  • Timbo1

    Thank goodness, none of that Snapdragon crap…..

  • GO Kellex!!! You the man with the Information! Thanks for your hard work!

  • Sourpuss

    I think we'll be taking pictures of fireworks with the Droid X. 🙂

  • jedijesus95

    I'm sure within a few months of launch they will be running at 1.5 -2ghz with root.

  • Brendan

    thank GOD!

  • It doesn't matter what processor they have, I'm still not getting either phone. They're not a good enough upgrade from the Droid to justify buying, especially if I have to pay full price. I need to see something truly amazing to get me off my Droid.

    • Thats how most people should feel…our phones can already run this fast by over clocking it…so pay $600 for a slighty better keyboard???

      • EggoEspada

        I'm getting it because I don't want the keyboard and would like a more advance media device for movies and such with the Droid X. I mean, I love my MotoDroid and I'm not even 100% sure if I'm ready to give it up. Probably the only phone that could keep me with it while all these monster phones come out.

      • Marballe

        Phones are coming out so quickly that the current phones will become obsolete in a few months (i.e. 2Ghz, Verizon 4G, etc.). I don't see a reason to upgrade to every new phones (well, unless you have the money) or wait for a certain phone.

      • Luke

        yes they will be ab;e to run that quick and even quicker if you know how, but if you knew how you wouldn't do it to many hassles, plus you leave it for to long you will have to buy another one

      • rockymtnhigh

        Droid has a keyboard? LOL. I use it so infrequently, I forgot. 😉

        I agree — no reason to abandon the Droid mothership. I am waiting to see what is out in November, when my one year upgrade comes up. And hopefully by then they will dump the stoopid motoblur, or as a friend called it, ninja-blur.

    • I agree why drop a load of cash when possibly by the end of this year we will see something twice as amazing

  • I JUST got my Droid. I'm rooted, overclocking and such. Did I buy at the wrong time? Will my Droid be good enough to withstand a year before updating? What do you guys think?

    • EggoEspada

      The original Droid wont be dying for a long time…

    • DroidCLH

      Yeah with a mod community like this and the fact that this phone will most likely have a signed bootloader it won't be gone for a long time

  • palomosan

    No I didn't think so, the OMAP is better and consumes less juice.

  • trend

    Man kellex never replies to my emails

    • DroidCLH

      lol that sounded stalkerish haha

  • dominguez619

    Nice. Good news

  • Fsdf

    Yes! No crappy Snapdragon! OMAP FTW!!

  • andrew8806

    It has to be an OMAP 3640 if its 1 GHz

    OMAP3640 – 1 GHz ARM Cortex A8 + PowerVR SGX530 GPU + 430 MHz C64x+ DSP + ISP (Image Signal Processor)
    OMAP3630 – 720 MHz ARM Cortex A8 + PowerVR SGX530 GPU + 430 MHz C64x+ DSP + ISP (Image Signal Processor)

  • Coaster36

    Why dont we all just quit jumping to conculsions and wait for an OFFICIAL annocment? I know I know crazy but come on.

  • thescreensavers

    Droid-Life just pulled a Verizon! 😀

  • Stephen

    YEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS! This won't damage your rep with me Kellex.

  • thescreensavers

    How can it be the 3630, its not 1ghz!

    • DroidCLH

      thats what im saying!

    • You are here everywhere. XD I saw u on engadget.

      I think we both like MOTO phones

      • thescreensavers

        lol, JAG?

        Yea I love moto's quality and their robust phones, I am just really ready to dump my storm 🙂

  • KKND

    whew… back to omap.. balllllin

  • Dennis


    I don't really know the difference I just know I want something new, and snapdragon isn't new

  • Evltwn

    WTF? will it, won't it? hmmm…sounds like some Fanboys are F'ing with you Kellex. LOL I'm waiting for the next post to read UPDATE:UPDATED:BREAKING…..IT WILL BE POWERED VERY SMALL HAMPSTER ON A VERY TINY WHEEL. LOL. all fun.

    • you mean it will be a hampster on redbull…. it is going to be fast.

      • Evltwn

        hampster on redbull = 2ghz processor. =)

    • kellex

      Hah it's definltey OMAP 3630. I can guarantee that now.

      • DroidCLH

        like you guaranteed the snapdragon?lol

      • skltr21

        hey kellex….. do you know if theres a way to metamorph kangerade???

      • evltwn

        Have you seen the new Droid Milestone coming to Germany? Also called the MotoRoi in S.Korea. Wish our new Droid looked and had specs like this. 🙁


  • DroidCLH

    are you sure its not a 3640 rather than a 3630?

  • Are we sure this time? 😉

  • dpu328

    GEEZ! make up your mind. LOL

  • So my droid x will have the omap?

  • Marballe

    that's a quick turn around. lol

  • WHEW!!!!!!!!!

  • DroidCLH

    are you sure its not a 3640?


  • fault

    Very glad I got the original droid. Got it two days ago and was worried it would b horribly obsolete

  • http://briefmobile.com/droid-x-release-set-for-

    July 2nd release date for this?

    Maybe they pulled it because it was a mistake. Just some ignorant marketing guy controlling the Twitter who thinks ALL 1GHz mobile processors are Snapdragons

    • Sourpuss

      That does kinda hint at a July 2nd release

  • jay

    Who cares? If u wanna play games go buy a xbox/ps3 and a 40 inch flatscreen. A snap dragon doesn't stop these phones from being sexy…snap dragon isn't slow either I don't see what the issue is if both phones are still going to have a separate gpu..this probably isn't true because the new milestone is coming out with the omap processor and I believe it has hdmi..I guess were gonna find out in a few days.

    • DroidCLH

      we all seem to care. we like to play games on the go and android offers some pretty good ones

  • I'm one seriously pissed off Texan.

    • DroidCLH

      Im one seriously pissed off canadian

      • Brendan

        ewe canada!!

        • DroidCLH

          The rough riders are coming to your house to kill you right now

          • Brendan

            The rough riders???? that sounds pretty gay, no thank you

          • Curtishockey889

            You basically just insulted all of Saskatchewan

          • Brendan

            oh no how will i ever live with myself, oh wait its canada we are talking about

          • Curtishockey888

            typical ignorant american. you know nothing at all about other countries but you act as if your better. Canada's the kind of place were you can spill coffee on your self and not be able to sue McDonalds over it. its the kind of place were people actually have RESPECT. Learn about it red neck.

          • SourPuss

            When you bash the USA like that, you're not any better than the person (one person) that made a comment about a certain Canadian team. You should know that most Americans love Canada and Canadians, probably a much higher percentage than Canadians liking Americans. Can't we all just get along? 🙂

          • DroidCLH

            I live in America and im embarrassed to tell people im canadian because 75% of the time they react like that guy and laugh because they assume all canadians are syrup loving retards. im tired of it. I shouldn't have overreacted but im just so done with Canada bashers. There are countries the deserve respect and Canada is one of them.

          • Brendan

            haha you said canada hahahahahahahaha cracks me up everytime

          • DroidCLH

            I'd love it if I was able to write the words “Im one pissed off canadian” without people bashing my country but i dont see that happening anytime soon

          • Curtishockey888

            you lag behind most other modern countries, yet you act as if your the hottest piece of crap to ever appear on the earth. America is failing because of ignorant people like you. i WISH i still lived in canada. im tired of dealing with people like you in my everyday life

          • Brendan

            hahaha canada, USA's national park.

          • DroidCLH

            Are you writing that from a mental hospital????? God your stupid

          • Brendan

            are you tired of syrup and ice yet?

  • Zeebok1337

    New tweet up

    • DroidCLH


  • A1-cars

    Kellex please tell us your joking I am about to commit suicide and I keep refreshing the page to see if you put an update that tells us your joking

    • kellex

      If I were joking I wouldn't have put my reputation on the line with “breaking”. Let's hope my sources were right. 🙂

      • A1-cars

        man kellex looks like this isn't the droid successor we have been waiting for

        looks like I am skipping this one

        Do you think the droid 1 will be pushed to the side with updates and all that or no

      • stan


  • misscarmen

    lol you guys are funny

    • Hey misscarmen, follow me on Twitter @matrix2004

    • thegod

      if this planet had tiny heads, you would be a sexy tiny headed jumpy

  • alovesfood

    ATTN: Droid designate #5 escaped secure location 6 hours and counting. Witnesses noticed it heading in a southern direction.

    Any guesses??? These vague hints are not helping my anxiety.. lol

  • New tweet up @DroidLanding

    • DroidCLH

      yeahh but it doesnt mention anything important

  • DroidCLH

    this could actually be possible as much as it is to my dismay. Im fairly sure that the TI OMAP doesnt have support for HDMI output and i dont know if snapdragon does or not. maybe its a custom TI OMAP? or custom Snapdragon? idk i guess we can ponder till Wednesday

    • kellex

      EVO is running a Snadragon with HDMI output.

      • DroidCLH

        lol i always forget about the evo and i dont know why. hmmmmm i guess it would make sense that its running a snapdragon than lets just hope those benchmark scores are true than.

  • This post on XDA may help let you know the difference between the processers…

  • EC8CH


  • Im not up to speed on all this…what does one processor have over another?…which is better?

    • Stephen

      The OMAP is far superior to the Snapdragon. At stock, the Snapdragon has a higher clock speed, but the OMAP has much better architecture that allows it to out-perform the Snapdragon at similar clock speeds. Plus, the OMAP has a much better GPU(depends on the model), whereas the Snapdragon has an AMD Adreno or something like that, and it performs poorly in games. It can draw more triangles, but otherwise, it is inferior. Kind of like a 3ghz Pentium 4 vs a 2.2ghz Core 2 Duo. The P4 may have higher clock speeds, but the Core 2 Duo has better architecture and will perform better.

  • Stephen

    NOOOO! The OMAP is so much better, especially graphics wise! My Droid runs games better at stock than my friend's Droid Incredible(we've compared), but overclocked, the Droid completely blows it out of the water. Why would they make such a stupid move? Maybe I won't upgrade now.

  • Trong

    This makes me sad. I wanted to be a contrarian cell phone user 🙁

  • Sourpuss

    I'll be disappointed if it has the Snapdragon. Since the twit (tweet) was pulled, I'm thinking it was the marketing interns that screwed up, yet again. Or Verizon is just messing with us.

  • Dennis

    I don't want to believe it but it is plausible.

    I think I remember Bill32 or whoever it is on one of the droid forms originally said that the droid X was getting delayed because of a hardware change, maybe this was the change.

    Why would they switch to a processor that, from what everyone says, is inferior?

    And then why pull the tweet about it?

  • Falcon34

    A bit off topic, but did anybody see the New York Times article about Swype? DroidLife has been on this for a long time and the NYT is just now catching word of it. Go DL!


  • stan

    is this a cruel 2 1/2 month old overdue april fool's day joke?

  • DroidCLH

    I just hope that its got some kind of custom architecture like the hummingbird, hopefully with a really nice GPU

  • ericsorensen

    We kept hearing about the 700+Mhz OMAP, then all of a sudden the 1Ghz. Maybe they thought they had to have the “1Ghz” tag or it wouldn't sell because 1000 is better than 700, right? It's a shame when companies play the numbers game.

  • I am waiting for the 2 Ghz fourth-quarter model.


  • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    THIS IS BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • there goes the neighborhood …. lol
      btw, i finally rooted….

      • brandonmee

        Nice isn't it? Rooted phones are easily ten times better.

  • Timoh

    A little disappointed. Probably time to start searching craigslist for an original Droid.

    • Timoh

      I take it back. In fact, I think the new break that it's NOT Snapdragon just made me even more excited for the phone. Haha.

  • timarnette

    Which is going to be the best. Droid X or Droid 2?

    • Brendan

      well considering they both have the same processors and software it all depends on whether or not you want a keyboard or a big screen

  • DroidCLH

    snapdragon? it better be massively altered and upgraded. if not, than im disappointed in Motorola. Snapdragons are overrated and the technology in the TI OMAP is much better. Once again, this better have some kind of custom improved snapdragon or ill consider waiting for that 2 Ghz phone at the end of this year.

    • Senator

      Yeah I don't see how the same 1ghz processor in the X, is out-running the Dinc by that much in that benchmark test. Who knows??? Guess we find out Wednesday…

  • Racket

    This is sad news, now all the new high end android phones will have the same processor.

  • nukeum

    Will it still have a dedicated graphics processor?

    • Raj


      does the snapdragon support having a separate dedicated GPU?

  • EggoEspada

    Sweet to see those benchmarks coming from a Snapdragon. But its not all about speed of the CPU, theres the GPU. I mean look at the Motorola Droids test with all the high-end Snapdragon phones… it process the graphics way better. Come on Motorola, you should know that.

  • Guess I don't know what to think other then, I will be waiting for reviews for droid x. Don't even get me started on droid 1 1/2.

  • Sparhawk2k

    I was kinda looking forward to the other processor too. It sounds like it would have had less power consumption? But it's nice to know those benchmarks are still valid at least…

  • Senator

    Really? This kinda spoiled my hype a bit. I was looking forward to a OMAP as well…

    • Wait…Spoiled your hype? I thought the article is saying it WILL have OMAP. Am I wrong?

  • StephanC

    Getting really excited! All of this free technology is showing up everywhere! My free H17txt came in today and now there are hidden Droids!

  • NOOOOO!!!!!!

  • I had no idea… I still want the DROID X though… Though I was kinda looking forward to that OMAP!

  • opcenter

    Official word from who exactly?

    • kellex

      Our sources. 🙂

      • Nausea1995

        I think that makes it the unofficial word, IMHO.

        Name a source or Verizon is not “officially stating” anything.

        • opcenter

          Yeah, that sounds pretty unofficial to me. I'll unofficially believe it for now and officially believe it when there's a little more evidence and less mystery. 🙂

        • kellex

          How about “unofficially official”? 😛

          • Nausea1995

            Guess that unofficially official didn't work out too well did it? 🙂

          • I must say you are GREAT. LOL Good answer

      • thescreensavers

        I think its all just some sort of hype? To make the tech community go nuts? Just need to wait till Wed!

      • Mark_in

        Sorry pal, I have worked on this product. You wrong for once. It is definitely OMAP3640. Also the PowerVR is running at a higher clock

        • kellex

          Part of me really hopes you are right. 😛

          For my sources sake, I hope you are sooooo wrong haha.

          • Mark_in

            I can assure you. Anyways, I kind of like your post coz it gets a lot of ppl on your blog charged up. Keeps the buzz 🙂

          • Canyibrahim

            hey mark, could you hint as to whether there will be a gsm version of the droid 2? i'm in england and really want one! thanks!

          • Berzerker

            PLEASE read up on the different OMAP processors. The OMAP3630 is a 720MHz processor with similar specs to the 3430 in the Droid now. Mark_in is correct in saying that if this is a 1GHz processor, it is a 3640, NOT a 3630.

        • Sourpuss

          And the 3640 supports HDMI out, don't think the 3630 does normally. 3640 runs at 1GHz. 3630 can run at 1GHz but doubt Moto would run it that way. So I think it's the 3640.

          • Djrachelamaya08

            Looks like you were right on

    • Br_d

      Probably “Justin” as seen in the screenshot in this post. 🙂


      • kellex

        OMG HAH! No not him though 😛

    • There's a great post about today's comedy of errors at http://androiddelight.com

  • Awesome, I kinda have to get the droid x now!

    • DroidCLH

      why? standard issue snapdragons are battery hogs and their architecture and graphics processing are outmatched by the TI OMAP 3630 which is the processor we originally though it had. AKA the Droid X just got downgraded UNLESS its some sort of custom snapdragon that Motorola had them build

      • But who cares, really? For me it comes down to how the phone performs, not what chip is inside. And what we've seen so far indicates the phone is a great performer. That's like complaining that your car only has 500hp when you thought it might have 600hp. You're still going to smoke the tires.

        I'm under contract on my Droid until next July, so I'm sitting this round out anyway. But I'd be sorely tempted by the Droid X if I weren't. I'm excited about what we'll see by next July when I am in the market.

        With phones coming out with HDMI connectors how long until we have 'cases' with large screens that the phone docks into. Cases with keyboards & touchpads, and a larger battery. You know, a laptop body where the phone provides the brains. Snap in the phone and use the larger display and keyboard for serious work. Snap it out to on-the-go. Ditto for a 'tablet case'. Snap the phone into the back and presto, large screen tablet with longer run-time.

        No more syncing devices. Everything is in the cloud or on the phone. Everything has WiFi & 3G/4G – because the phone does and it powers everything.

        This is what I want to see.

        • DroidCLH

          But i like to play games on my phones and the TI OMAP is the chip that can run the best games. when it comes down to it I need the TI OMAP or an equivalent to do wait i want its hardly a 500hp 600hp difference

          • kapazizzle

            That's why I'll wait for the ATT Captivate with the Hummer processor and the six axis movement.
            Not to mention better AMOLED screen.

          • Eric

            and what exactly do you want it to do that a snapdragon can't?

          • DroidCLH

            run a game like rolling thunder 2 at 30 fps or over

          • DroidCLH

            lol i mean raging not rolling

          • eric

            what does it matter it looks jsut as good on a snapdragon.

          • DroidCLH

            no it really doesn't believe me ive seen it on the incredible and the evo and the fps is nothing compared to the Droid

          • eric

            ur eyes can't see the difference between a 10 fps rate difference. i would understand if the droid was running 60 but its not.

          • Bigjaydogg3

            Um yeah they can. 30 FPS is the lower limit of acceptable frame rates.

          • eric

            plus if you want serious graphics for game you should be looking elsewhere not on ur phone.

      • honestly, im so saddened by this, my droid 1 is awesome, and the whole idea that attracted me too the X was the same guts smaller chip die and larger screen, so unless someone wants to point out the upside to snapdragon vs OMAP, maybe i wont be getting it.

  • Brendan

    and first

    • humungus

      Why do you people always feel the need to post that you're the first comment? You realize it accomplishes nothing, right? Well, I take that back, it does mark you as a tool to all subsequent readers.

      • Sad….lol

        • Jedi_Gunslinger

          Why do people feel the need to comment on other people commenting about having the first comment…? This accomplishes nothing except to add infinite luster to the already highly revered and most coveted of all achievements: the first “first” comment. Yell loud

          • Your name here

            Why do people feel the need to comment on other people commenting on other people commenting about having the first comment…? This accomplishes nothing except to add infinite luster to the already highly revered and most coveted of all achievements: the first “first” comment. …. blah blah blah haha

      • Ludacrosse05

        And what did your comment accomplish? That you take the internet too seriously?

      • Brendan


      • Mrpicolas

        Hey its just a friendly comp between people let them have their fun is it hurting you? No I think not {(°_°)}

      • friedricho

        Agreed. Just a waste of space on what should be relevant remarks about the post.

      • And when it's coming from someone who calls themselves “humungus” you know it's serious.

        • noles


  • Jess

    Hmm. Still waiting for pro.