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Tip: Market App Issue in Froyo

We’ve already had 2 Team Chaos Froyo themes posted this week and it looks like we’ve got another gem from them.  Bgill55 posted a Froyo market fix the other day that should allow your Droid to see all apps available.  It is my understanding that this fix simply tweaks the build.prop to trick the market a little.  This is an easy one…

Download: market_fix_bgill55.zip


1.  Download the market_fix_bgill55.zip file to your SD card.
2.  Open ROM Manager and choose “Install ROM from SD Card.”
3.  Navigate to the location of the file you just downloaded and tap on it.
4.  No need to backup/wipe data and cache, so press “OK.”
5.  Phone will boot into recovery and flash the market fix file.
6.  Done!

Source: DroidForums (Thanks bgill55 and Team Chaos!)

Cheers Jon!

  • Tenebrusocrew

    Just got the Droid 2 Global and hardly have any apps installed (but a few) and for some reason my phone will shut off for no apparent reason. Anyone else have this problem? Can you advise?

  • Georgeav

    There's a virus in that download according to AVG.

  • Georgeav

    There’s a virus in that download according to AVG.

  • erebus

    I just updated to froyo and the droid market app I had said I no longer have it. I found the market icon in the google search bar but no results show up when I type a search…

  • Lovleshe

    I can't download this link. I have a droid x upgraded to 2.2. help.

    • Lovleshe

      droid market app is missing after I upgraded my phone.

  • rachmichelle916

    my droid is stuck on the red eye then goes to the droid logo then it goes back to the red eye then thats it what do I do to fix this?!?!!?!?! HELP ME!

  • Info


  • Info


  • Mikejones3

    this was a godsend, thanks!

  • Rbotelho76

    Great Fix only prob i had was google maps won't update but no other problems… Great Job

  • What is the best way to do this so it wont get hung up


    PLEASE HELP I did this I updated this thing but I still don't see the missing apps such as “aonlineradio” and the nytimes app someone mentioned so please help me someone 🙂

    • didnt work for me so what i did was flash back to a old rom use titanium to back up everything plus donate flash back to new rom and install all my apps even secured ones and with my phonebook i imported them to my sd card on old rom then imported them on my new. rom blam problem fixed boston style!!!

  • my phone wont go into recovery to install zip what am i doing wrong

  • Unreadhyperion

    Ok.. this is getting annoying. Absolutely nothing will update in the Market now. They show as there being an update.. they begin to download.. but just sit there. Some are waiting to download, some are validating purchase… what gives? I've cleared the market cache, force stopped it from running.. rebooted. Re-flashed the ROM.. running 2.2.

  • Quint_15

    anyone having trouble reinstalling the droidespn radio app? mine isnt coming up anymore.

  • TJ110158

    How do you uninstall this without having backup. After the install, can't seem to update apps from the app store anymore. Goes through the motion but never completes the update. Now, my updates are beginning to pile up.


  • Logger1981

    I'm having serious issues. I installed the second Froyo version Kellex had here, (not bugless, or any other ROM, just the one that was on here last week). It has worked fine for me for about 4 or 5 days. Last night, I didnt plug my phone in to charge, and when I woke up this morning it was off. I plugged it in, turned it on, and now I can't get past the Red Eye boot. Battery pull, it doesnt get past the red eye. I can't even boot into recovery or safe mode (holding the x down with power). Please, does anyone know what I can do here to get back up and running? I don't know what happened, it worked fine when I went to bed, I just didnt plug it in to charge. Any help?

    • Chris Nimon

      did you let it charge for an hour or so before trying to turn on? someone correct me if im wrong but I think you have to have a certain amount of charge for it to start. (doesnt use the power cord while booting)

      • Logger1981

        I'll try that right now, I think it must have done that, but I'll try it overnight and hope for the best. Thanks!

        • root4life

          had the same problem and i saw someone had said to do a wipe and factory reset 3 times and it worked for me.hope that helps

          • Logger1981

            root, any idea how I do that? I cant do anything with my phone it just sits at the red eye logo. Holding x doesnt do anything.

          • Chris Nimon

            if your completely locked up you might have to use Rsd lite. Kellex has a video on it in the How to Root your Droid section.

        • Chris Nimon

          you said you were running the droidlife froyo stock so worst case scenario is you do the hold X on boot up and restore the droidlife froyo rom.

          • Logger1981

            Yea I am Chris, and when I hold the x on boot it will not go into restore. I've done that already when installing different ROMs and whatnot and it will not work now.

      • Logger1981

        Actually, now that I think of it, I've already had my phone down to zero on the battery, and when I've plugged it in, the phone has automatically booted up and charged fine. I just pulled the battery, put it back in, and just plugged the phone in, I did press the power button. The phone turned on, I saw the M, then the “Droid”, and now its stuck on the Red Eye again. Any other ideas from anyone out there? Please, I'm getting a little nervous here!

  • On a side note, I finally rooted my HTC Incredible. It only took about 700 times.

    • Chris Nimon

      I havent been paying much attention to the Inc. line, are there any roms or themes for it? My wife would like to OC hers.

  • Okay. So i wanna root but i cant get RSD lite on my comp. It keeps wanting to open as explorer and doesn't recognize it. So is there a way to root without RSD?

    • Chris Nimon

      I just downloaded it from internet explorer and opened it. then when winrar opened I clicked on it. then it asked me if it was ok to open it. I just clicked yes. then it asked me if I wanted my firewall to allow, I clicked yes. then Icon appeared on my desktop and had to click finish in the loading box. hope this helps.

  • robplatt

    Someone should post the changes to the build.prop file. Thats why your version changed. Your rom didnt change. Try changing the build name in your build.prop, and it'll show up under About.

    Many of us could easily tweak the build.prop file rather than going through this …. What lines need changing?

  • timmy

    I stiil cannot get the market to even open. HELP!

  • Jdurham1981

    For anyone still having problems with Google Maps not updating or installing on Froyo I just went to this site http://www.mydroidworld.com/forums/motorola-droid/2537... and followed the directions and I was able to get it to install from the market. It's running no problems.

    • root4life

      worked for me. thanx for the link

  • Early215

    I used the lastest version of rom manager to download ultimate droid foyer. when rebooting its stuck on the droid and red eye. is there anything i can do?


    SKIP TO 4:00
    looks like apple thinks they're better than us!

    • Chris Nimon

      I have to admit the iphone is an outstanding phone. BUT, a critical look at phones today shows that the iphone is absolutely not the best phone. With phones already out and the droid x, droid 2, and droid pro coming out i dont think it will make the top 5.

  • Stimpson

    I ran this last night and I am still missing some apps. Most importantly to me is the BueAnt q1 text to speach app.

  • Chris Nimon

    pulled this screnie from NEOCORE, it tests frames per second. stock droid – 24fps, evo 4g – 24.7fps, N1 w/ froyo – 28.6fps, DROID X W/ 2.1 – 44.6fps. Looks like our Droid still holds its own and the Droid X is kicking some a$$.

  • Rangu68606

    Has anybody been having trouble with the setcpu??…I'm using the Froyo that Team Choas has on the rom manager and their theme as well. I have it set to 800max and 500min, every now and then when I check setcpu the min is at 250min. I'm also noticing that my phone will shut off and reboot by itself….Hey TIM-O-TAT can you help me out….my e-mail is [email protected]..I e-mailed Kellex but i know he's busy hooking us up with stuff

    • Test

      Ensure your profiles are set the way you want them, one likely has 250 min and you are in that profile.

      • Rangu68606

        Thanks TEST that worked over the weekend……but I'm still having trouble though! My Phone will just due random reboots. If you have any suggestion please write back or E-Mail me Thanks

  • Chris Nimon

    does anyone know if the google apps download from Onix and Cyanogen in ROM Manager would work on froyo? If it did wouldn't that fix the market and maps/navigator issue people have been having?

  • Chris Nimon

    was wondering if anyone has tried the JsinLegacy Iron froyo theme yet.

    • Dracul

      I've tried the Iron Froyo today. it looked good, but couldn't get the rom manager 2 open the rom list.

  • Digbob

    slightly off-topic, but am I the only one who has had a problem with folders with 2.2? If I make a folder and place shortcuts in it, the next time I use the phone after a lock screen, the folder is empty. It's a minor problem, but I really do like making a tools folder and a games folder for my apps, rather than hunting them down in the launcher, or wasting space with shortcuts… anyone? Just a guess, but I think it's a glitch in the launcher app. If I run LauncherPro, I don't seem to have this issue, but I like the 2.2 launcher better…

    • Chris Nimon

      I do the same thing. I also had the same problem. dont remember how it got fixed. did you try a reboot? Mine might have gotton fixed when i downloaded the ADW Launcher. It also gave me 7 screens. It looks like the regular froyo launcher but you can really customize your app drawer and your home screen

      • Digbob

        yea, I played with ADW too, and the app drawer is nice, but I like just using the stock launcher. May sound dumb, but I like the rolodex look to the 2.2 launcher. If you go back to the stock launcher though, do you still have the problem with folders? It seems to only exist with the stock launcher, not third party.

        • Chris Nimon

          been trying to find launcher on my phone. can only find launcher 2 and adw. my adw looks exacly like stock froyo. in fact i didnt know i had it til i opened settings.

  • Almighty1

    There seems to be a few apps that won't show up even with the fix:
    Android lightsaber
    Aru Ringtone
    Mabilo Ring Tones
    Five One One Droid

  • PJA

    Just installed the patch, and it worked painlessly on my Moto Droid.
    Have all my old apps back, including Skype mobile, and Weatherbug Elite…and, they run just fine on Froyo.

  • keith

    Is anybody elsewhere having issues with rom manager

    • evltwn

      I was, I sent an email to Koush, and he said to flash an older recovery found at the bottom of the screen in ROM manager. to be exact. I flashed it and was able to get into recovery and flash a new Theme for Froyo. Are you using Froyo Keith? I think these issues might be because we haven't had a real source code released to make everything run smoothly. Once the source code is released, I bet the Dev's will put out some kick-ass ROMs.

  • timarnette

    Why can't I install Google Maps? I am using bugless beast v0.1. Any ideas. I have tried a few times. I love bugless beast v0.1. Thanks

    • Chris Nimon

      Tim-o-tato installed chaos. black theme over BB and it sounded like everything worked. When i installed it i got back my navi. and all

  • Locsta

    I am froyo'd with the latest bugless beast. When I install this market fix my market app no longer works. So I just backed up to my latest ROM. Everything works fine the way it is..

  • jahpickney

    I'm having problems downloading Google voice from the market place. When I go to it, it says cancel download but nothing is downloading. When I hit cancel, it force closes the market. Any suggestions?

    • jahpickney

      Solved: Just go to applications in settings, then market, then press clear data and cache.

    • DiGz76

      I've had this happen with a few apps too. Just hit cancel download. Then hit download again and it should work.

  • skfridls

    so i was using bugless beast v0.1 but after doing this, it's no longer bb? when i go to “About phone” it doesn't say it's bugless beast anymore nor does it say it in ROM Manager. in fact, in the about “About phone” section, under “Build number” it lists FRFxx instead of FRF57…anyone else having this problem? and it's obviously not bb anymore, the first sign was the fact that the battery percentage in the icon was gone…

    • Coaster

      yeah i get the same thing. that sucks. i really only did this to get weatherbug elite back. wonder if i recover my old rom ill keep weatherbug?

      • Coaster36

        I flashed back to stock 2.2 rom and lost weatherbug elite, What does this fix actually do? Its interesting.

    • Guest

      Yeah, I noticed the same thing. Does this flash a different ROM?

  • Trug

    Any chance this works in SP Recovery? thanks

  • JDub429

    After I download on the SD card and then install these zip files (this one, the froyo one, the update.zip, the kernel, or a new boot animation) can i delete them from my card or do they need to stay there?

  • Boricua2786


  • SFC Airborne 51

    I am still missing apps, most notably malbio ringtones but the worst part is if I use any them besides the Chaos Black theme the market does not work at all. I really want the black ice theme but I can't use it if the market does not work. I have tried the cache/data clear and it still doesn't work. I was hoping this would work but it still would not let me download any apps from the marketplace. Any ideas?

  • Theblessin7

    I just flashed to an older version of clockwork recovery and now radiotime shows up.Thanks Evltwranchoe!

  • Theblessin7

    Didnt work, i still cant see radiotime.

    • nkhex19

      Maybe it didn't install right for you. I installed it and I can see radiotime. Price is $2.99 right? Try installing again.

  • iammebane

    anyone have any maps problems…mine wont work after doing the black ice them…. my app marked did not work at first but now it does after a wipe data and cashe, but maps… not so much… any suggestions

  • For those who installed this, is the NYTimes app available?

    • nkhex19

      NYTimes is available after you install this fix. Just checked it now to verify.

  • jonj95835

    Glad I could Help

  • I flashed the Team Chaos ROM and now I can't log into Gmail or see my contacts. Any help please? {{-_-}}

  • Bgill55

    You guys are welcome I hope. It helps

    • <3 you! Please keep up the fantastic work! We all support you guys!!! 🙂

      • Okay, I attempted to install but it went to the Motorola logo, then rebooted got past the M logo and now it gets stuck at the Droid eye. I couldn't even get into recovery while holding X. :/ What gives?

        • What ROM are you running?

          • FRF5 – the one Kellex had here before bugless. I was using Clockwork Recovery I believe.

          • And you can't boot your phone up, or even boot into recovery?

          • Nope, when I hold X it just stays on the M logo, takes like a minute or so then reboots into the M logo and loops unless I let go of the X.

            I'm thinking of flashing SP Recovery using RSD Lite. Thoughts?

          • nkhex19

            Go into Rom Manager and flash alternate recovery (this will give you SPRecovery) then reflash clockworkmod recovery. This should work.

          • How do I do that when my phone won't boot up? 🙂

          • Coaster36

            Did you try a battery pull? If that didnt work I guess just do what you said before, start from scratch. I literally just installed this fix. Like just this second, regular froyo rom though.

          • Yeah battery pull was the only way I could try and reboot.

            Good news is I'm back in. I flashed SBRecovery from RSD Lite then I was able to get into recovery. The bad news is I had to wipe data and cache which I hate doing.

            I'm just glad to have my Droid back but I'm 1 for 3 in scenarios like this. All my apps appear to be there though..

          • I'm not seeing too many other choices…lol

          • Brandon

            If it won't Boot up i boot in safe mode by holding the power button and the menu key on your keypad, i was getting the same thing with it being stuck at the moto logo

          • Coaster36

            did you use clockwork to do the install or did you flash to sprecovery first?

          • Clockwork (I think it was the latest, whatever that is). Again, it will hang up on the Droid eye once I let it go, the eye animates but I've had it sitting there for 10+minutes.

        • Early215

          I am having the same problem. what did you do to get pass the red eye?

          • I had to reflash SP Recovery via my computer and RSD Lite, I then reinstalled my ROM. Someone below mentioned holding up while you power on to go into safemode. NOt sure if that works.

  • I had the same problem and I flashed sprecovery and then reflashed clockwork. I haven't had any problems since then.

    On a side note I can't get any other launchers to load, any ideas.

  • B Hirsch

    Install went fine (thought had to flash to spm then back to clock) but it didnt fix the issue with the perpetual rom manager update that wont install. Not that this was an advertised fix for that, but I was hopeful.

    I didnt really notice any other market issues, but maybe that was just a coincidence. Either way, the patch was applied without error.

  • scottholstein

    In regard to the Google Maps app, I have not been able to get it to install from the Market ever since switching to Froyo. I was able to install the apk. file from an earlier discussion thread. The maps and navigation that I have does work, but I am not able to update it from the market. I am looking for a fix to this as well. Any suggestions or fixes would be appreciated.

    • I am having the same problem as well. The update downloads from the market, but fails to install.

  • machinegun68

    Sweet. Had been missing my Touchdown license until this came around so I could see it in the Market. Been running BB Froyo for 4 days and will never go back unless he upgrades this.

  • Lane252

    yea didnt work thanks for the try tho

  • Jdurham1981

    Sorry this is a little off topic, I am running Froyo and since I down loaded it i can't get Google maps to install. What am I missing, Please help

    • scottholstein

      In regard to the Google Maps app, I have not been able to get it to install from the Market ever since switching to Froyo. I was able to install the apk. file from an earlier discussion thread. The maps and navigation that I have does work, but I am not able to update it from the market. I am looking for a fix to this as well. Any suggestions or fixes would be appreciated.

      • DiGz76

        I'm having the same issue. Also, does the market automatic update feature seem to not be working for anyone else?

  • Almighty1

    Just installed this and it didn't really fix anything… While Skype and Fandango returned, the things that are missing are:

    Food Slang 500
    Fast Food
    Bank & ATM locator – forgot the exact name
    Android lightsaber
    Aru Ringtone
    Mabilo Ring Tones
    Five One One Droid

    • Let's be honest….No one needs an android lightsaber…lol

      • Almighty1

        The first three were found in the fix as it seems to all be Michael Quach authored products. Good point, LOL!

  • nkhex19

    Worked as advertised. Thanks BGill55 and Kellex for posting this. I can now see all the apps in the market and even had a couple of my purchased apps reappear that went missing when I flashed Froyo.

  • Cameraman

    Still having a problem installing any of the team chaos themes, it boots into recovery and then aborts the installation saying the file is bad. Yes I have the latest rom manager, and flashed the latest clockwork recovery. Anyone else have this problem/know how to fix it?

    • root4life

      no proplems here

    • Naflsh

      I have the new v1.8.8.6 with the recovery mod and every time I try to upload any ROM (latest Market update) the Motorola logo comes up twice and then boots normal. Any ideas?

      • Cameraman

        I originally had that problem but I just reflashed clockwork and tried again, then I got the installation abort problem

        • Evltwranchoe

          I had the same issues, talked to Koush and he said to flash an older version of clockwork recovery. So I flashed an older version of clockwork recovery to be exact. Scroll to the bottom in ROM Manager you'll find it there. Worked perfectly. Give that a try.

      • Tkimball00

        Hey i had the same problem, twice actually, but i found all i did was uninstall both rom managers(premium) and reinstall then flash latest clockwork and it works fine

    • Chris Nimon

      blackcatroad posted that he opened rom manager and scrolled down to all clockwork recoveries and installed and was then able to boot into recovery and install from rom manager.

    • necroscopev

      This happened to me too but there is an easy fix, basically it looks like your file got damaged/corrupted during download. Use Astro and go into the Clockworkmod folder, then download, then find the file you downloaded and delete it (long press, edit, delete). Now just redo the download and it should work fine. I think Team Chaos themes are saved in jbthemes folder then the bgill55 folder if i am remembering right. i found i usually got that error when i was backing up with Titanium WHILE downloading the ROM. Hope this helps!

    • Kraymanbauer

      same issue here too! for a couple of days now. wont boot up at all. wont go into recovery. cant go to bb froyo or get the chaos black ice theme. each time i go to install it and reboot it my droid hangs up for like 10 minutes or so. tried battery pulls…… not sure whats going on. when it runs its sweet. i just cant flash another rom or theme….thats when it craps out.ideas?

  • Corenojc

    Im gonna wait to see if this works for people. The only app I haven't been able to find is the skype mobile, but for me that ones pretty important so I would like to try this but i'm lazy lol

    • vonbane

      Installing the zip file didn't make the market any worse, just didn't fix the problem for me.

    • nkhex19

      Installed this and now skype is there. Definitely worth it.

      • Corenojc

        I did it and skype works now! soooo pumped thanx

    • I see Skype now and installed it but it force closes when I try to log in.

  • Coaster36

    I dont get what this does either? What apps are we missing? 2.1 apps? Some apps arent aviable for 2.2 like weatherbug elite.

    on a side note when can we get a chat room for the site? It would beat reading through all the comments that turn into chat when your trying to get help with an app or rom.

    • nkhex19

      There is many apps that weren't being recognized when running Froyo, many people had paid apps and such that were no longer in their downlaods and they wouldn't show up in the market when you searched them. This fixes that so you can see all the apps again in the market and those missing downloaded apps now are back after installing this update.

      • Coaster36

        Are you sure it was the markets fault? I had this problem with weatherbug elite. I emailed weatherbug and they told me that the version for 2.2 wasnt released yet because 2.2 hasnt been released yet. So I think the market is just searching for 2.2 compatable apps.

        If you did this update search for weatherbug elite and see if its there. The free version is there for me but I cant find the paid one.

        • nkhex19

          Weatherbug Elite appeared for me. Price is $1.99 right? Maybe try reinstalling.

          • Coaster36

            You son-of-a!!!! Those whores told me it wasnt avalable. I didnt do this fix. Guess ill do it now. Damn i thought I wouldnt play with the droid today.

          • AKDroid

            It's hard not to play with it everyday

        • Bkriech

          I done the update and there is still one app (the one I need the most) that doesnt show up. mobile banking for android. there are other banking apps but not the one my bank uses. please help.

    • A chat room would be sweet…

    • necroscopev

      Ya a chat room AND the forums!! Yay for never doing work at work again!

      • Coaster36

        Get working kellix, dont act like you dont have a million other things to do. Your not fooling us bub!!! 😉

  • Kevin

    I'm running BB0.1. I can't see that I'm missing any apps. How can I tell?

    I have noticed since going to 2.2 that I'm not seeing very many updates. Normally there is a few per day. Only updates I've seen recently are ROM Manager.

    • vonbane

      I've tried searching for the Fandango app, ShapeWriter app, and the Verizon FiOS app and if they don't show up I know there is still a problem.

      • Jess

        The FIOS app is the only I definitely could no longer see, but I could using appbrain, so I just got it to that way. Odd, I know.

        • vonbane

          I tried scanning the QR code in appbrain, but it just links to the market search that tells me it's not there. What a pain. It would be nice to have a site to download the .apk's directly to your PC.

        • nkhex19

          After installing this Fios is now showing up in the market.

      • nkhex19

        after installing the market fix I searched Fandango and Fios and they are now showing up. I had a couple purchased apps reappear in my downloads as well that weren't there before I installed the fix by BGill55.

    • sundawg

      the only app i noticed missing was fandango… but movies app is better lol

    • Corenojc

      i have noticed also that ROM manager is the only update, we'll see if that changes with the fix

  • see all apps available in the market? or just what u search? not sure if that screen shot means this fix just applies to searches or not

  • vonbane

    I tried this last night, and I'm still missing apps from the market.

  • Phil

    Thanks for update, Kellex!