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Friday Poll: Droid X or Droid 2?

Last week we brought you some exclusive shots of the Droid Xtreme (Droid X?) and just yesterday gave you the first ever shots of the Motorola Droid 2.  So you know what happens now, right?  We want to know which one you’d buy?  Droid 2 or Droid X?  And remember, the rumor is that they’ll both be released in July, so this could be a real decision for you in just a couple of weeks.

We sort of asked you this same question a few weeks ago…I’m guessing the results may be a little different this time around.


  • thats the compare specs?

  • Raven

    Droid 2 FTW.

    You can pry my hardware keyboard out of my cold droid fingers.

  • bristolcat

    If I HAD to pick between the two, I'd pick Droid X but I'd have a hard time giving up my Droid for it. My new every two is up in July 2011 and by then, God knows what kind of beast will be available. I'd like to hold out if at all possible. The 2ghz machine that's rumored sounds like something that would make me pretty happy. Droid 2 is a disappointment.

    • Same here. My concract runs out at like the same time

  • Octotron

    I am reserving judgement until I see some benchmarks and actual performance data.

  • The Droid 2 processor is just as fast, if not faster, than the Snapdragon… Don't let the GHz/MHz numbers fool you…

  • Napes

    Neither – I want a keyboard, but an increase of 200Mhz isn't enough for me to jump ship.

  • Both are supposed to have “Ninja Blur”… :/

  • kellex

    WTS POLL! HOld on!

  • Jess

    My contract isn't up until god knows when, so I'm sticking with Droid through the end of the year. I'm more curious about what will be out at the end of the year. My plan is to keep the Droid during the next round of new phones and then purchase a new one from the next-next round, regardless of not being eligible for upgrade. Of the two though, I'd go with Droid 2.

  • corydunbar

    Droid X definitely. we all already have the droid 2! and those of us on froyo have something even better than the droid 2.

    The droid 2 should have included:
    * 1GHz Processor (anything less is a joke)
    * a better lens for the camera (lenses make photo quality better, not Megapixels)
    * upgrade to 8MP camera (to match the latest and greatest phones)
    * no motoblur (i have nothing against the functionality of motoblur. it just slows the update process down)
    * Front-Facing camera
    * wifi standards –> b/g/n
    * maybe a larger screen
    * Froyo
    * an actual keyboard upgrade not a rearrangement. (i have no gripes about the droid [original] keyboard)

  • jedijesus95

    Droid X looks cool but I'm waiting until late fall early winter before I decide.

  • I'll probably be getting the Droid 2…
    Droid X seems slightly better, but I really want the hard keyboard.
    Plus just about anything would be a great purchase for me because I'll be upgrading from a freaking Samsung Omnia! (worst. purchase. i. ever. made…) :/

  • Kaufkin

    is either one going to be a google experience phone? heard the Droid2 is going Motoblur… don't remember about X… I wanna google experience on Verizon Dangit! 😉

  • awmobjects

    X, however, might wait for the Moto 2GHZ phone slated for the end of the year.

  • dominguez619

    the Droid 2 is like Obama; all hyped up for nothing. Haha

  • I really don't know, they both sound like their going to kick you-know-what. Hey Kellex, got two questions for you: do you believe that the Android phone are going to be able to blow AT&T's new iPhone 4 out of the water? And second question, is Verizon really going to allow it's customers an early upgrade so we can even get these two new android phones? I mean, the Motorola Droid just dropped – when was it, last November – and i'm sure there are alot of us who visit this forum (if not ALL of us) might not be able to even benefit from these new phones this year because of contact issues.

  • Im going to sell my incredible and get the droid x….the specs are amazing.

  • striketh thee with ban hammer!!!


  • Tkimball00

    Id stick with my motor Droid 1 but if I had to choose Droid 2 or X I'd go X

  • Neither ATM i like Droid X but I want Keyboard. Droid 2 specs are lacking would of thought they would have at least put in a Snapdragon

  • I think they are going to stop making the Droid when it comes out its not an upgrade for us its so that people wanting the Moto Droid are not getting stuck with as dated tech as people that bought it in nov09

  • Cliff

    sorry for the off topicness, but i cant get flash on my froyo. I downloaded it from here, and it full downloaded, and then i tried to install it, but it keeep giving me an error message, what do i do?

  • JAG

    Ill take DROID X, is more promissing

  • Why did my name full name show up? I don't want all these perverts and stalkers knowing who I am.

  • Droid X. The Droid 2 isn't as big of an upgrade as I would have liked. I want something with HDMI out, large screen, and a front VGA camera.

  • DroidFan

    droid 2…….all the way

  • download Vcast videos from the market…there is a 10 dollars subscription

  • Bruscag

    Droid X

  • Droid x!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DroidX but neither meets my req for a new phone I'll wait for 4G compatablity + front facing camera

  • Erica

    This is a non brainer.. Droid X is way better. I dunno what they were thinking with the droid 2, but I'm not having anything to do with it.

  • B.

    Neither….Droid 2 is not a big enough change. And Droid “X” looks to have Moto Blur (FAIL). Neither seems to have a front facing camera…I'll wait for the mystery 2GB “superphone”…

  • ek3

    droid X because 4.3″ display

  • Rgrdoc

    Since my new every 2 is up this fall and I like having a physical keyboard I'll be going with the Droid 2 based on latest comments that it will run 2ghz and I could care less about front facing camera.

  • Ray

    Neither I will wait for the other 2 phones that were announced

  • 33

    Droid X! Where is the poll so I can vote?

  • Droid X – but I am not leaving my Incredible for it!

  • Ray

    Hey kellex how do you have a Friday poll without the poll? That's like having stripers withe no pole.LOl

  • Timmy Lupay

    Droid X!

  • sr_erick

    Droid X

    Don't need the keyboard or it's weight and bulk.

    DO need larger screen.

  • Droid X. But I think I will keep my Droid until something way better comes along.


    Droid X.

    I can't believe how cheap the Droid 2 is looking like it's going to be.It's barely better than the original Droid.

  • Hey Kellex, my sources tell me that you may be getting a droid 2. May I come over and play with it?

  • Mr2droid

    Before I would've said droid 2, but if the specs are correct… I'm gonna have to got for the droid X

  • Nick

    not impressed with the Droid 2

  • Tvldone

    Droid X

  • briderx

    Neither. My original Droid is still running strong.

    I have a feeling that isn't the “Droid 2” that everyone claims it is.. I think it's the “Droid Rev. 2” – Everyone knows the “Droid 2” will be a much faster beast.

  • EC8CH


    Ha! J/K


  • Ghostrigger

    Niether ive got a routed droid now.

  • DXM

    Droid X – I will be the 1st in line at my local VZ store. It can't get here fast enough.