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Droid X Launching in July? Droid 2 in August?

Rumors just surfaced that the Droid X (Xtreme) will be launching sometime in July (Yay!) and will feature a custom UI which is now being called “ShadowBlur” instead of Motorola’s previously awful MotoBlur.  That pretty much matches up to what our sources have been saying for quite some time now.

The second part of these latest rumors pegs an August release date for the Droid 2 which will surprisingly be upgraded to Android 2.2.  And then this is where varying stories from sources make everything a giant mess.

Our sources are standing by a July release date for both the Droid 2 and the Droid X.  It should also be pointed out that the Droid 2 that we showed you yesterday was still running Android 2.1, so unless there has been some sort of a last minute delay to include 2.2 and a pushed back release date, there is still a good chance we’ll see them both in a matter of weeks.

Either way, we should all be getting “Xtremely” excited for both devices.  (Yes! My Friday cheeseball moment.)

Source: BGR

  • Zacharyballesteros

    which one is better

  • Zacharyballesteros

    which one is better

  • Ericsorensen

    Yes, I think I 'm going to pay my cancellation fee and get the X the day it comes out.

  • Michael_V

    Does not 'jive' with what I have heard. I have heard the Moto2 will have a 1Ghz processor, HD capability more.

  • dan

    I keep seeing people talking about the specs, but can't seem to find them.

    What's the target market for each? Is the Xtreme just a bigger screen version of the Droid or is it superior to the Droid 2 as well?

    • Not to sure as from the sounds of it they have the same stuff bar bigger screen on X and 8mp cam.
      Does not make alot of sense to slap the weaker one with a keyboard and lower res cam and smaller screen. Possibly Droid 2 is just to be the underdog, kind of odd though.

  • Dhollings
  • PDX Rainmaker

    Sorry to post off subject, Is anyone having troubles downloading/updating apps from the market?
    I can't get past “starting download” any ideas? thanks.

  • TeckyDues

    I was looking at some of the first posts on this site and dug this up, take a look!! http://www.droid-life.com/page/130/ Man have we come a long way..

  • Ruddy

    man im going for the droid 2..i like the fact that it has a keyboard..
    but then again the droid x looks mighty sweet..
    damnn man too many to choose from!

    • cduce2411

      Yeah , they are both sweet. But I am going with the Droid X. I have the Droid, and I really have no use for the keyboard.

  • Brealmore

    How hard will it be to turn off moto/shadow blur and root the X back to stock?

  • You figure what, another 3-6 months for the GSM/HSPA versions to roll out for Europe and Canada? And called what? Milestone 2, MilestoneX?

  • im still maintaining the idea (naive hope?) that the blur implementation won't be as major as what we're expecting. plus, if you look at the quadrant scores floating around, this this is BLAZING fast, with or without blur.

  • Michael_NM

    It occurs to me that VZW and Moto could save a ton of cash by closing their PR departments, and simply keeping Dr. Droid (Kellex) in the loop. I can't remember the last time I looked at the VZW or Moto website, or any other Android/phone related site for that matter.

    Thanks for keeping us informed and excited about our Droid lives!

    • leniamonio

      Well, I say this is a nice looking phone although I'm not a fan of BLUR. Hopefully they will give choices for buyers. Droid II Detailed Reactions

  • Vidmar

    Won't buy an andoid phone nless it's 2.2

  • Some comments are missing too. I put one up talking about Droid Life at PC World and the breaking news of the Droid 2. O’well…here it is again.


  • What the hell happened to the comments? No way to login and every comment is HUGE.

  • First

  • EC8CH

    Either way Verizon should change their name to Droids R Us.

    BTW it is next to impossible to log onto your disqus account on this site on your Droid. I had to go to the Disqus homepage to get logged on.

    • Chris Nimon

      thats what I had to do also. At least it worked though.

    • DiGz76

      I was able to do it no prblem. I used the facebook connect.

      • me too for FB login. Took a FEW trys, persistance payed off. (Now we just need spell chekur…. 😉

    • Austin

      it is impossible to post on the mobile formatted site and the droid life app doesnt even have the ability to view comments let alone post

      • Thom56

        Posting from my phone as we speak.

        • honestly, I don't even know what the desktop version of this site looks like.

    • I have a hell of a time logging in from my phone (through twitter), but once I'm in I have no trouble posting.

  • Steve

    Anyone confirm the X has Gorilla Glass?

  • I'm a manager and if don't get that price. Let me know what he does. Damn.

  • How come sometimes the comment section totally bugs out and the comments are huge, there is no way to login, and some people's profiles have a different picture than they usually do?

    • Octotron

      I only really ever notice an issue when logging in from my Droid, of all things. Is this an issue with your computer or just the phone? Disqus seems to not like the Droid 🙁

  • root4life

    just went to apples site to see some video on the new iphone4 and it was talking about its new glass that is supposed to be all strong and what not then i read this. then i read this http://www.boygeniusreport.com/2010/06/10/iphon… and had a good laugh about some of the new features of it

    • EC8CH

      And best of all if the front doesn't shatter, the back prabably will!

  • hmm, i just connected this to my twitter account cause i have a pic for my profile and it just shows the bird…..how do i fix this cause the pic is fine on my twitter acct

  • Droid = <3 🙂

  • http://www.pcworld.com/article/198577/is_this_t

    Talks about Droid Life and the breaking news of the Droid 2 from last night.

    Thought you would like this Kellex…..

  • My friend works for verizon and i will be getting a Droid X for free when its released!!

    • how the HELL do you pull that one off? i work FOR Verizon, and i dont get a free one. care to hook a brother up?

      • Nick

        Doubt hes getting one for free unless hes at something like Google I/O which is past. Even Verizon employees don't get them for free, maybe cheaper but not free.

        • …i know this. We have the same pricing as the 2 year contracts-but VZW employee's only have 1 year contracts, but get the 2 year pricing.

          either way..ill be willing to pay the 1 year pricing (which would roughly be 270$ pre tax if its inline with the current 299-100$ MIR pricing structure) for the Droid X

          • Nick

            Oops, LOL, didn't see that you worked for them hahaha, nice pricing though. I wanna work for them now 🙂

          • lols. its aight. yeah…i will gladly be willing to pay the 1 year pricing for the Droid X though.

            the one year pricing is usually 70$ higher than the 2 year (although, online it was only 30$ more…weird) so either way..i have a buyer for my rooted 2.2 running Droid, willing to pay me 250$ for it…so yes, that Droid X will be MINE! Death to keyboards!

  • StephanC

    This excited onlooker will wait for the Droid X.

  • I dont get why droid 2 would be pushed back to august when it has lower specs cam no hdmi etc.

  • Nick

    Yeah Kellex, if you have complete info on Droid X and Droid 2 can you do a comparison? I still have my original Droid for another year and a half since i signed a new contract but its nice to look at whats to come. Plus can i get more of an in depth comment on Motoblur? Some of the comments ive received already dont tell me much about it.

    • kellex

      Yeah I'll try to put one together this weekend from the info that can pretty much confirm.

      • Nick

        Thanks bro. Oh and by the way, im addicted to this site. I go on here about a minimum of 50 times a day hahahaha

        • Michael_NM

          Only 50 times a day? Slacker! 😛

  • Second!! xD

  • Nick

    Two quick questions…one is probably a noob one. What is Motoblur? and why is it hated by some people? And two, specs wise which is better DroidX or Droid 2?

    • Motoblurr is that crap that clogs up the home screen from your social networks, Specs wise the Droid X is better.

    • Yeah, can we get a side by side comparison on all the specs please, I keep getting confused with what device is which

    • caphoagie

      its basically a feed for your social stuff most people that are here love vanilla android i think that why people here hate it.

    • jonj95835

      Motoblurr Has been on a few of there cells like Motorola CLIQ/DEXT, Motorola Backflip and Motorola Devour.

  • First!first!

  • kellex


    • squirt8500

      dang it… i was gonna do that

    • Aleksmilosevic9y

      Second, damn

    • yes first

    • Doesn't count Kellex….lol

    • Chris Nimon

      We dont have the # 1 Droid site to run 😉