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Exclusive: First Photos of the Motorola Droid 2

Well, hello there Motorola Droid 2.  We would like to officially introduce you to the readers of Droid Life.  We saw your activation screen just the other day, but we’ll admit that it’s nice to finally see the rest of you.

What do you think everyone?  Should we just sit back and gaze at it for a bit?  Moment of silence for Droid 1?  Throw a party?  Be confused?  Start saving?

As you can see, externally, it looks almost identical to the Droid 1.  The keyboard is really the only thing to have undergone a complete overhaul and now lacks that giant gold D-pad (which no one used) and includes some puffier looking keys. There are also some minor tweaks to the lip which is covered, giving off a slightly smoother appearance.  The battery cover no longer has that fingernail insert.  And that’s basically it for the outside.  The Droid 2 is all about the internal specs and a new version of Motoblur which doesn’t appear to be quite as intrusive as the versions we’ve seen on the Devour and Backflip.

Some of the juicy details we were given:

-Android 2.1 (unless Verizon pumps out a last minute 2.2 update to it)
-3.7″ screen
-750MHz OMAP processor
-Wi-Fi tethering
-8GB internal
-8GB SD card preinstalled
-Updated keyboard
-5MP camera
-New version of Motoblur
-No HDMI port
-No front facing camera


I wish I had a release date for you, but at this time, nothing has been completely confirmed to us.  The Q3 rumors for which peg both the Droid Xtreme and the Droid 2 to be launched on the same day still seem pretty likely to tell you the truth.  One of our sources also informed us of a 3 hour long training session taking place on June 22nd for all retail employees which could mean training for these 2 new devices and Froyo.  Yay!

Oh, and one last gem for you…

Droid 2 Boot Animation:

Thoughts?  No HDMI port or front facing camera, but the internals should make it worth it right?  You all loved the Droid 1 styling so much and this is almost identical.  Does that make it a must-have?

  • KWall87

    I lov the new look to it but i dont think i can jump ship to it, plus Verison makes it impossible to bcuz of the lack of no upgrading early lol…. But i am upset there is no HDMI port. Again im i lov wit my droid n i havent even rooted it yet lol…. yea im scared no shame lol

    • DaveIsAwesome

      Verizon does allow for an early upgrade after one year. You just have to be paying 39.99 or more (not including features such as data) so basically no secondaries on a family plan.

  • Ignitros

    I'm not impressed with it. Maybe with a 4.1″ or 4.3″ screen, 1GHZ processor I would make the jump but with the same size screen, 700MHZ processor and a “new” version of Moto Blur? I think I'll wait for the end of the year to see what new comes along.

  • Adamania

    Meh. I think the softkeys at the bottom would drive me crazy. I'm so used to my setup now that I would habitually hit the menu key thinking it was the back key. Idk, I don't think it's worth the early upgrade imo. Nothing my rooted droid won't do.

  • EC8CH

    Hey Moto… if you're thinking of putting MotoBlur on that 2 GHz phone of yours…. STOP IT.

  • Youngcity25

    This is just a late updated version of the original Droid that i'm sure Verizon will put on shelves to replace the current Droid to sell. Definitely not the “next generation” Droid.

    • bothee

      Yeah I agree. In a way I'm happy this is the “next” Droid… simply because I couldn't afford a new smartphone right now and now I won't feel bad 🙂 But c'mon, motoblur? Even if it's less intrusive, it's still motoblur. If they wanted all the original Droid owners to upgrade they would need to do a lot better than this.

      • Youngcity25

        yea, i've only had my Droid for 2-3months now. And wouldn't mind if the next big Motorola Phon doesnt come out in another year or so! Considering that i'm stuck with the Droid 1 for another 18 months lol

      • TotesMcGoats

        I dont think this is for original Droid owners to upgrade. They said they were selling these like hotcakes so Im sure they are still getting tons of new users. Dangit, and they will have 750Mhz and not my measly 550. Lucky. And no I dont want to root. ;P

  • cduce2411

    I love my Droid 1, so I am going to pass on this one. Hopefully the Extreme is good.

  • EC8CH

    This makes me a sad panda 🙁

  • Jt

    I can upgrade my phone next week so should I even wait to get the droid two? Or just get the first droid

    • Droid 1 for sure…
      This phone is looking pretty disappointing…
      Thats only my opinion though 🙂

    • I would wait and see in all honesty.

    • Jen

      I would wait. No harm in testing out the new equipment. Plus it does have some slight upgrades. The keyboard will hopefully be a HUGE difference since that is my only complaint about my Droid (1).

  • They must have decided to make this a budget phone so they can sell a buttload of them. Capitalize on the brand strength and what not.

  • Mike

    And this is why I voted for the Droid Shadow/Extreme/X in the poll; though this constitutes an upgrade technically, it entices me none whatsoever in putting my Droid1 in the drawer for this.

  • Javikid

    I'm glad I got the Incredible

  • Patrick

    I'm still a little unsure about the whole running Motoblur part, but I like the rest of it. Can't wait for this phone to finally be released so I can get it!

  • Uhhh noo thanks

  • Rachel

    I honestly dont think this will be what we will be seeing as the Droid 2…Motorola will really put everything they have into the Droid 2 because of how well the Droid did.I see the Droid 2 having a ton of bells and whistles that will make the Droid 1 unable to keep up…Least thats what Im hoping…If not Im sticking with my baby!
    Also Im wondering the same Im sure alot of you are…Will us Droid users be able to swap out our Droids for the Droid 2 with maybe a very very small fee….

    • Jamerson90

      it looks too much like the droid1 to not be the droid2. remember the Razr days? Moto's redesigns were almost identical

  • Frederick

    This is only a 1 year refresh people. I'm pretty sure Motorola didn't design this phone with the intention of Droid 1 owners trading in. They simply retweaked the phone to help keep it fresh until the next major update.

    In the automotive industry this would be called a mid cycle enhancement. MCEs aren't intended to get existing buyers back in the showrooms. They're intended to help keep the product attractive and competitive against newer models. It's the complete redesigns that are meant to attract even the existing owners.

    • Scho_74

      but cars are redesigned every 4-5 years…that's suicide in the cell phone industry

      • Jamerson90

        and this phone was redesigned in 7 months, and will be released before the 12 month mark. I'm guessing the next Moto droid will be the one to try and get us to trade in

      • Jenn

        Ha! Yeah, tell that to Palm….or should I say HP now? 🙂

    • xyzlene

      mid cycle replacement. i smell apple copycat. remember 3g to 3gs…………. history repeats itself. sticking to the original.


      • kgb

        Yeah. Apple was the first to do that. Ever. [/s]

    • Kaz

      I was on the fence about getting my wife a Droid because of the keyboard. this new keyboard would probably be enough to make me pull the trigger (I have the Eris, which I like, but she needs a physical keyboard).

      • zMaestr0

        I agree. D1 has an awful, smooth keyboard which I rely on over virtual. I'm much faster with my Env3 keyboard. Looks like I'll finally pull the trigger on D2.

    • It's funny that when we thought the Droid 2 was coming so early, many flipped out, myself included. Why are Verizon and Motorola rushing to replace the first Droid? The earliest adopters haven't had it for more than a few months, and people are still buying this phone. It's still being advertised. It still has nice specs, a gorgeous screen, and the 2.2. update is coming, which will make it faster. Wtf, Motorola!

      Now that it's just a refresh to keep people interested in buying and not a replacement or the next step up, we're disappointed.

      They can't win.

      Androiders are too excited for hardware. We need to calm down.

    • david

      bt the droid is still a nice phone device

  • BeeJay

    A little disappointed. I was hoping for at least a 1gz. Guess i'll wait for 'scorpion?'

  • dannyyang524

    Droid 1 > Droid 2 Why? Droid 2 has Motorblur….

  • Jai Taigas

    My issue is with the Motoblur. I don't want it. I have no desire to use it. It's why i love my Motorola Droid. There's no blur, there's no add on's tacked on from manufacturing. It's just the Android O/S that's all I want on my droid. If there's anything else I want on it, I'll find the app or Rom for it. That's the point of an open source O/S. It's one of the big reasons I refuse to get the incredibles and the others. dislike those “social network” ports they slap on there. I only use facebook and that's rare nowadays. Bah!

  • TotesMcGoats

    Hey Kellex how are you scoring these exclusives and youve not been up that long like the other major blogs? This is pretty effing awesome! DROIDLIFE, 4 LIFE, baby!

  • Droid 2 looks gay and sucks. Droid 1 for life.

  • Speckit1994

    it almost looks like they tried to fix some stuff from the droid one, i don't think its going to be able to compete with some of the new smartphones coming out, its kinda a disappointment if i say so myself

  • josh121779

    this is supposed to be THE droid….. shouldn't this still be the phone to beat (at least for a month or two)? the specs aren't impressive. the competition will be at dual cores and this phone will have a single @ 750mhz. also, 2.1… really?? this is kinda sad, actually!!

  • rdunseith

    This is wrong. Droid 2 only has 3 soft buttons. I update with a link in a few.

  • Don't like that the hot keys were switched around. I like my back key on the far left. I'm not terribly impreressed by the specs either. Guess I'm waiting for droid 3

  • Qwkartist2000

    can u get the boot for us kellex?

  • somethings wrong here arent the stats for the Droid Xtreme better than the Droid 2? I like the look but the camera? processor? so confused at the moment. The Xtreme has an 8 mp camera and 4.3 inch screen yet the successor to the original Droid doesnt have either. im not sure about the processor for the Xtreme but if someone has the rest of the info please inform me.

  • Youngcity25

    I will not be buying. Droid 2 is living up to what I thought it would be if this is the case. Hopefully one of the other Android phones with HDMI port, front camera, and fast processor will have a slide out keyboard (that'll be what i'll call the Droid 2).

  • Fawzi94

    This is awful….750 mhz??? WTF????? I can imagine how fast it will be once rooted and overclocked, but I expected the Droid 2 to be a beast with a 1.5 ghz processor, vanilla android, and 512 ram with a front facing camera. This is a big let down, and the chin is even uglier than the original's.

  • Marty Mar

    Wow that sucks, i think ill pass

  • Step Lewis

    What's the purpose of this release? I mean really and as far as the DPAD i use mine DAILY… i love THE KEYBOARD.. i never understood what the pissing and moaning was about… well they can keep this one and unless they release one with a bigger screen or a directional cursor I see no reason to even look at this again… this is really much ado about nothing.. color me underwelmed.. that keyboard is a joke… take away the dpad to give me a bigger shift and alt key really? I'm having a bad week.. this didn't help at all.. looks like me and Droid 1 will have a very long relationship.

  • Honestly I can't imagine myself getting this. I really can't even understanding why any one hfere would. The reason I say it is because its not faster than the extremely and supposedly has motoblur. Eff that. I will just stick with my Droid and wait for the 2ghz Motorola phone if that's indeed coming to Verizon.

  • BA_Carroll

    Actually I am kind of disappointed. Motoblur, only 750mhz on the OMAP processor, same 5MP camera, 3.7″ screen. Wifi doesn't matter I'm rooted and neither does HDMI. But with all the competition bringing their “A” game motorola feels like it brought there “B” game. Very disappointed!

  • I am SO SORRY to say that I don't think this phone adds up to what I was hoping for. Only 750MHz processor and NO front facing camera??? All big smartphones should have a front-facing camera now. You CANNOT come out with something that has less specs than the new iphone that's coming out and expect to do well in the market. I absolutely LOVE my Droid 1. Looks like I'm sticking with it since motorola isn't coming out with anything worth leaving it for. Let's hope that the Xtreme is going to live up to it's name. If there is no > or = 1GHz processor or front-facing camera, then it will definitely not. P.S. Motorola REALLY just needs to give up on the MotoBlur. Whenever I hear that, I automatically write the phone off as something I would NEVER buy. Please come up with something better or just stick to plain vanilla Android UI.

  • Debrihmi

    My reaction is the same as those in this thread. Can't say I'm all that impressed with the specs now that everything else is running past the 1Ghz barrier – Motoblur?.. Verizon, are you serious? I guess I'll wait for Verizon's equivalent of the Evo..

  • TotesMcGoates

    Wow, VERY underwhelming. Hopefully its just a DROIIID refresh and not the official Droid 2.

  • Yeah, I have to say I'm underwhelmed. I was expecting a stronger internal update to compete with HTC. Not to mention that I would have chosen Motorola over HTC simply because of the presence of software between me and Android… Meh.

    • Jamerson90

      dont forget. Moto uses TI Omap processors. The latest omap is faster than the snapdragons even when clocked at that speed. Its not clock speed, its how powerful the actual processor is

      • As you stated Even if the clock speed is slower its down to efficiency not just speed.

      • I hadn't considered that, I'll have to do some research, maybe Kellex could help with that. But even at that you have to admit it's a let down. Looking at the Uber Droid that was hinted at… lol. Fingers crossed.

        • Jamerson90

          I'm not even worrying about that one bit. If it comes it comes. I've got my droid for a year and half longer now

      • eric

        Ummm what are u talking about. A 1GHZ processor is faster then a 750MHZ no matter who makes it. Thats like saying a 300hp engine from ford is faster then a 500hp from chevy. What a idiot u are

        • Jamerson90

          Actually no. My desktop has an intel single core 3.25Ghz processor, but my laptop has a AMD dual core 1.95Ghz processor. Guess which one is faster? My AMD. It's in the structure of the processor, not the clock speed. Do more research please

          • I think the video i believe is called megahertz myth would be good for eric to watch 🙂 Tis pretty old now but hey!

          • Jamerson90

            You talking about this Steve Jobs keynote? http://bit.ly/dPLw4

          • eric

            the megahertz myth is stupid and way outdated. if everything is the same (cache, pipeline, freq) then the higher number processor is going to win in the end but if you beef everything else up to compensate for the lack of Hz then yeah you can beat the big processor. its like a car again if you put a 500hp engine in a 3 ton car and 300hp in a 1 ton car of course the 300hp car is gonna win. this isn't hard to figure out. So again i win. You people are so stupid!

          • TruthInTrolling

            Earlier you claimed to be a programmer. For one, people who know what they're talking about tend not to type like they're a 13 year old girl sending a text message. Maybe you wrote some crappy flash program once, or took some class in high school… but you aren't a programmer, kid. And you certainly don't know the first thing about hardware, which is actually separate from software, which is what your so-called programming experience would be with.

          • Eric

            LOL i am not kid. please define 13 yr old girl typing. and your such a tuff talker and know it all online lets see how tuff you are in person little man!

          • eric

            Umm are u stupid that cuz its dual core! remove the dual core and the 3.25 would destory the 1.95 get a fing clue. I'm a programmer. What the hell do u think the numbers mean! Overclocking is a completely different situation. The overclocked droid will not be able to maintain its speed for a longer period of time then the N1 cuz your slowly burning up the chip.

          • Jamerson90

            Just watch the video Martin suggested please. I understand that is because of dual core, but understand that it comes down to processor structure before clock speed. Yes, clock speed plays a role, and I understand that. But in that video it lays out exactly why structure is important. Being a programmer is great, but you deal with software side more than hardware.

          • eric

            i have seen it a long time ago and if u read and understand my analogy below you would understand my point. btw its funny how apple made that statement back then and then not to long after they switched over to intel chips. So what else does that tell you.

          • DURRRRR

            You are the stupidest person I have seen in the last 2 hours. Congratulations.

  • domnisoara

    Does anyone else think the new boot animation is super creepy? I thought Droid 1's was freaky enough…

  • Scho_74

    motoblur???? WTF?!?!

  • I think I'll stick with my droid 1 for now….until next time 😉

  • StephanC

    Why the hell isn't there a 1GHz processor? !?

  • Silksmooth12

    These specs are barely even an upgrade. If I was to even think of upgrading from my Droid I would have to have:

    2.2 or higher preinstalled
    1ghz or faster
    512 RAM or more
    HDMI out
    front facing camera

    Whatever the CEO was talking about with the 2ghz processor, that sparked my interest. This Droid 2 is barely even more powerful than the one in my pocket right now.

    • TotesMcGoats

      Thats why I really dont think it will be the *official Droid 2. I think it will be renamed something or just replace the old Droids. Only thing is that Motoblur. If it doesnt have it I think my assumption is correct.

      • I thought the requirement for the “with google” stamp was “no manufacturer crap allowed on the device.” I think motoblur counts as manufacturer crap, and i'm sure i saw a “with google” logo on the back of that device.

        • twigs45

          Nah. My incredible has HTC Sense and it says “With GOOGLE” on the back. I'm assuming all android phones have the “With GOOGLE” tag on the back because the android os is a google product.

          • Lukas

            Milestone doesn't sport any google logos

        • With Google means it meets all physical Android requirements (unlike random phones in China that slap Android on) *and* has all of Googles apps pre-installed.

          The Milestone doesn't have with Google because they took some stuff off. Sense phones do, depsite running a custom UI.

    • linkinprk411

      sooooo you would want the new htc droid incredible lol minus the front cam.

    • miosis

      I am in total agreement with you. I love my Droid, but if and when I upgrade front-facing camera, 720p video recording rear, HDMI out, 1 ghz (dual-core or 2 ghz a plus), 512 meg / 1 gig RAM is a must.

      • sherylroycer

        at least

      • Face545353535

        Dual Core???? What??? A new OMAP with a newly better written 2.1 (known as 2.2 for you) will make the marketed 1ghz taiwanese junk HTC phones look lie they ride the short bus…to your house.

        • actually the droid x has a better TI omap processor. the droid 2 seems like they put it in the “shadow” of the droid x (like that?). but if it has a later release date than the x, there will be some nipping and tucking by motorola.

    • Face545353535

      You obviously know absolutely NOTHING about processors and have no idea what you are talking about.

    • Bensoncd

      My sentiments exactly. I will not give up my motodroid till the HDMI and front facing camera are available.

  • Ray

    No front facing camera no hdmi and motoblur why exactly would I buy this…how about I wait for the 2gb processor phones that were anounced

    • Jamerson90

      *2Ghz and lets not forget that TI OMAP processors are awesome, and thats exactly what Moto uses. It's not clock speed, its build quality

      • Ray

        You know what I meant I'm @ work damn. All I'm saying is this is no upgrade to me

        • Maybe things will change slightly ? Who knows…Possibly some other internal change in comparison to D1…Maybe…well hopefully blur will gtf!

  • Qwkartist2000

    im down to have that boot animation but on my droid 1

  • Waiting for the phones coming out in fall, unless, we get the new data thing as at&t then I will get the newest phone out before the data plan goes into affect

  • redbar0n11

    Now why do they have to go and move the touch buttons around like that??? And MOTOBLUR? Dubya tee eff? Ruining the whole Droid name there… Motoblur = GTFO! Blah…. Just Blah.

  • dominguez619

    Does not look as pleasing as I thought it would. Thought it was gonna be a beast of a phone but it's still nice

  • necroscopev

    Hmmm not overly impressed so far. Any one heard anything more about the rumors of paying to upgrade from Droid to Droid 2? I have a buddy of mine who works for verizon asking his district director when he comes in town next week about it.

    • I didn't think my overclocked Droid would be able to beat out a stock Droid2…
      I'm sad…. 🙁

      • necroscopev

        I agree, makes me sad inside. Now that 2ghz baby i could handle!

        • Until we will learn it has Motoblur 😛 lol

  • Adam

    As shallow as this may sound (and maybe its inclusion on the iPhone 4 has conjured up grand dreams of how I would use it), but no front-facing camera = no buy 🙁

    Still, GREAT keyboard update.

  • dylan84

    Motoblur automatically turns me off to it, I hate to say it. Other than that…looks great.

  • FIRST!!!!!!!!

    • StephanC

      Can we put an end to this?

      • Hey, I contributed to the article…
        I think the Droid2 sucks. That's my comment.
        I am also just stating that I am the first to comment on this
        massively “epic” post.

        I can see your frustration in seeing a lot of people doing this,
        and I'm not trying to turn this place into Youtube…
        But dude, I sit at a desk all day at a lousy job.
        I have nothing else to do. So I'm trying to enjoy the little things
        in life. Is that ok? If not, just let me know and I will stop…maybe 😛


        • Much better 🙂

        • timarnette

          You are Great. I like all of your posts. My phone is fixed. Thank you for your time last night.


          • Thanks man! Sorry we couldnt get you up and running faster. Your phone was being difficult 😛
            Glad you got it though!

          • timarnette

            All it was I had to unistall and reinstall ROM Manager. Now I have the NEW BB I Love BB

          • That makes sense….weird. Sometimes phones do the darndest things…
            Enjoy 😛
            Definitely keep your eye out for when Pete starts throwing on the themes for it 🙂
            I can't wait for the Nextheme!

          • timarnette

            Same here can't wait for Nextheme. What is your Baseband Version? Mine is c01.3EP

          • Mine is also the same…I havent updated…and dont think i will either…

      • kellex

        Its all in good fun Mr. Stephan. It better not be you that's flagging this either. 😛

        • Wow…real mature guys. I comment on this site more then I comment on my fiancées looks.
          You guys need to get a life 😛 A Droid-Life!!! haha

          • WOW…I think someone is just mad that HE wasn't first and sat there refreashing the page tryin to get it

          • And here's the thing…If they think it's “spam” then why are they commenting it and making it the biggest thread in the entire comment section?? If you ask me, that is just adding more “spam” to the post….
            Makes no sense……

          • StephanC

            Tim, I'm not the one flagging you. I'm even regretting posting my original comment. Sorry to hear about your boring job.

          • It's fine. Plus I can't complain too much.
            I get to hang on a computer all day and help people
            and chill on Droid Life all day. And pay my rent!!! lol
            Life is good 😛

          • StephanC

            I'm not mad. I've been first before, it's not that big a deal. Comments that are “Liked” get pushed to the top anyway.

        • StephanC

          No, it doesn't irritate me enough to flag it. In fact, I've never used that button since I signed up for Disqus. I wouldn't flag Tim-o-Tato.

          • Thanks man. It really is in good fun. Sorry.
            I'll cut back…I don't mind…

      • TotesMcGoats

        Agreed, this “First” crap is really not cool or allowed in any other blog.

    • Jamerson90

      I second that. please. the first crap is getting annoying

      • Mike


        • Illuminati

          So is that “agreed” crap. Especially when there's a Like button.

    • Think I'll stay with my Bad Azz Droid 1….but I'll take that Boot Animation if ya please.

      • Agreed. I like the creepy eye…
        Reminds me of Lord of the Rings…kinda lol

        • The Dark Lord will find you…lol

        • scrizzo

          One ring, er droid, to rule them all

          • And it sure as hell ain't gonna be the Droid2 LOL!
            I would rather spend my money on a HTC phone 😛

          • Or burn it…lol. I can't believe they went and done this. I was expecting ALOT more from this. I mean, the name DROID 2?? This must be aimed at the ones who didn't get the ORIGINAL Droid.

          • Chris Nimon

            1 droid to bring them all in the darkness and bind them (yeah so i like lotr so what)

          • Meg

            I literally had to LoL at this.