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Firefox Mobile Releasing Nightly Builds

It has been a couple of weeks since the first pre-alpha Firefox Mobile (Fennec) was released and only about 10 days since we were promised nightly builds to start rolling out.  Well folks, nightly builds have arrived!

Download: Fennec.apk

This latest version might be 1000x more polished than the previous pre-alpha.  While it still has miles to cover before it becomes official, you can really start to see this thing shaping up into quite the browser.

It should be noted that these nightly builds will not auto-update or prompt you to update; you will need to just continue to check back and download the newest version.

Source: Pavlov.net

  • Mozilla must have lost some good people. I have not been impressed with much of their stuff lately. I experience bugs that were reported on for a year or more but still not fixed. Even on the next generation??

  • Yeah unfortunately the internet will always be filled with n00bs.

  • aczm1988

    Before anyone says anything i realize this is pre-alpa. However its like 24Mb in size and i only have 56Mb of free space left lol. Not worth downloading, at least from my standpoint at this time. I really want to to switch to cyanogen or something else that has apps2sd so i can download more apps but im so happy with bugless beast 1.0 right now i dont know if its worth the switch 🙁

  • I wish they would make an Android version of Chrome. Firefox is just overrated to me. 🙁

  • Here's a link to a QR code for the latest nightly fennec build:


  • Roney

    I tried to installed this on my droid and it does not open.

  • kellex

    People this is PRE-ALPHA. No one is telling you to ditch another browser. This is simply for testing purposes.

    • Tom

      Kellex, I think you need to modify your post to explain the concept of pre-Alpha, Alpha, Beta, RC, and Official release to the masses. People don't seem to understand that a Pre-Alpha means it is usually developer only testing, that is no where near completion and has 3 more stages before it has an official release. People are calling something that is not complete terrible for no reason. In fact, I'd go as far as to say this is pretty fantastic advancement considering how much better it is from the last and how much work they probably had to go through before it got to this point.

      • Yeah unfortunately the internet will always be filled with n00bs.

  • rafael


  • khunter86

    Anyone else install and when attempting to launch app, the screen goes black and then returns to home screen? No FC or anything.

  • rafael

    It does not work.

    • schmaltzy

      YUP, happened to me….uninstalled!

  • iPhan

    I'll check it out. Still, Opera Mini and Xscope are my deadly combination.

  • I'm a fan of the desktop version of Firefox, but the beta releases for Android are terrible!!! They're killing the enthusiasm surrounding such a good browser. Until a polished release is available, I'll stick with Dolphin H.D.

    • braydenn

      Dolphin HD is where its at! … for now

      • NewDroidOrder

        No, xscope is where its at! Dolphin HD has nothing on xscope, and never will.

    • Tom

      Remember, this ISN'T IN BETA YET! This is a PRE-Alpha release. This is the tester of the tester's tester. Beta is a public release testing, Alpha is pre-Beta, that is usually NOT released to the public because it tends to be EXTREMELY buggy, and no where near completion. Don't bash something that isn't even near ready yet. To call a pre-Alpha beta is ludicrous. If it was in beta, chances are it would be in the Market Place. Please, learn the developer terminology before making uneducated statements, or calling something bad when it is meant for those brave people who are willing to go give active feedback to the developers on bugs, problems or possible features that were left off (for instance, last pre-Alpha didn't activate onscreen keyboard when you selected the url field).

      You should actually THANK the Mozilla corporation for GIVING you the OPPORTUNITY to see the work in progress that is usually ONLY available to Mozilla/Firefox DEVELOPERS.

  • picaso86

    I dont think so… 🙂

  • zach471

    Is this worth ditching Skyfire for?