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Release: Droid Incredible Boot Animation for Motorola Droid

The Droid Incredible made its big screen debut last night in Verizon’s latest Droid campaign commercial series.  In this new spot, we also saw for the second time, the new Droid Eye boot animation which for whatever reason, failed to actually make it onto the device.  It’s definitely an upgrade from the original version we’ve seen on our Motorola Droid and we needed to get our hands on it.

So yesterday, we challenged readers to snag video of the new Droid Eye and turn it into a new boot animation for the Motorola Droid.  And sure enough, one of them did it.

Update: Just realized after glancing back to the commercial post, that the real boot animation from the Incredible was posted if you own an Incredible.  I’ll try to get instructions up on how to install that later.

Check it…

Installation instructions…

1.  You have to be rooted in order to do this.  (Rooting info here.)
2.  Download Root Explorer from the market. (It’s a paid app.)
3.  Download the Droid Incredible boot anim:  bootanimation.zip
4.  If you downloaded via PC, mount your Droid and drop the .zip file onto your SD card.


5.  Unmount your Droid.
6.  Open Root Explorer, tap on “sdcard” and locate bootanimation.zip.
7.  Long press on bootanimation.zip and choose “Move”.
8.  Hit the back button once and locate the “data” folder.
9.  Tap and open “data” and then “local”.

*If your /data/local/ folder already has a bootanimation.zip then you can skip to step 11.  If it is missing, proceed to step 10.  We need to find it!

10.  Since you did not have a bootanimation.zip in your /data/local/ folder we need to find it.  There is a search function in Root Explorer which can find it.  Or, you can navigate straight to /system/media/ which is where I found mine.  Once you find it, return to your to your SD card, long press on the bootanimation.zip that you downloaded and select “move” one more time.  Now navigate to the folder which is holding your current bootanimation.zip and proceed to step 11.

11.  Hit “Paste” which should be an option at the bottom of your screen.
11.  If there is already a bootanimation.zip file, let Root Explorer overwrite it.
12.  Back out of Root Explorer, reboot your phone, and BAM!
13.  Enjoy your the first ever Droid Incredible boot animation.

Comments or questions?  Pretty slick right?

Huge cheers to Greg for sending this over!

  • Signgalaxy

    I have a qustion, I did all the steps and nothing. I did a search and it seems to me that my bootanimations.zip is in my system/xbin folder. But when I hit on paste is says “You cannot paste here because the file system is read-only please someone help me.

    Thank you,

  • Brandon Hartzell

    i got an error saying “you cannot pate here because the file sytem is read-only.” i tried installing nexus

  • My phone is saying that I don’t have enough memory! what can i do al o my stuff is on my sd card??

  • Matisraw3

    how do i add sound to the boot animation with root explorer? i put my bootanimation.zip to SystemMedia and it works great but where to i put my android_audio.mp3 for sound? someone please reply!

  • Matisraw3

    how do i add sound to the boot animation with root explorer? i put my bootanimation.zip to SystemMedia and it works great but where to i put my android_audio.mp3 for sound? someone please reply!

  • Confirmed works on my N1, MoDaCo Desire ROM 🙂

  • Jonebgd098

    Very nice! Thank you very much. The Android community is without a doubt the best!!

  • Jjimenezjr09

    best animation yet. droid x is my next phone on the 15th.

  • can't locate the boot animation file to replace on bugless beast 0.2.1… did anybody find it?

  • can't locate the boot animation file to replace on bugless beast 0.2.1… did anybody find it?

  • Sabres4510

    says read only file when i try to past bootanimation.zip in system/media any suggestions????????

  • Sabres4510

    will not let me paste into system/media read only file any help?????????

    • Patch89esch

      in the top right corner of root manger there is a button that say R/W you have to push that to toggle read/write

  • moneymaker19

    it sucks that the new iphone has a font facing camera that you can have face to face phone calls.. do you think the “x” will even though it has a back camera? also is it better to wait it out for the next set of realeses of phones bc im not too impressed with the droid 2 even though im a DROIDER FOR LIFE

  • Wingsfan

    nice job….much appreciated

  • PsychoticPenguin

    Very cool…liking it so far.

  • Great instructions, and it works perfect. I am loving this Droid X boot animation. WOW

  • Bye, bye, Verizon logo!

  • Easy install. Even though my bootanimation.zip was in the systemmedia file, it was an easy find. Thanks a mili. Good work

  • Matt

    P.S. the below method requires you to be in usb debugging mode which is located at, Settings-Applications-Development-USB Debugging check mark. Then just put the desired bootanimation.zip into the folder shown in the video, and run the .bat. It took about 30 seconds, and red rage is beautiful if your wondering.

  • Bleakleym


    This can be done without rooting your phone!!! This worked with red rage on my phone.

  • AdamZ

    Actually… you do not need root access to use a custom Boot Animation. Android actually looks for Boot Animations in a few locations, the first of which is in the Data partition – accessible to non-root users. If you place the bootanimation.zip file into your /data/local folder, your stock Boot Animation will be ignored and you will see the new one displayed upon reboot. You can do this with ADB or Root Explorer… root is not necessary.

    Also interesting to do as a rooted user… delete or rename your bootanimation.zip in /system/media and you will see the stock Android Boot… as boring as it may be.



  • Nick

    Looks awesome as hell but its very very short on my Droid. Im running Bugless Beast 1.1 at 1.2ghz so its only like 5 seconds of the boot animation before it goes to my home screen. Oh well, the dude did an awesome job on it anways, A+

  • Daleman25

    when I try and paste the boot animation it says, warning you cannot paste here because the file system is read-only, what do i do?? anybody?? any info could help??

  • tyler graves

    can you please make a video on how to do this there is something i must be doing rong cuz its not working for my droid

  • barczakmark

    here's a combination between the droid incredible eye and the nexus boot screen I made! Enjoy- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f-dMrUVWUx8

  • UnknownZ13

    Hi man, I have a quick question. I did it how you did it but it seem like not working and I want it to ask you because is giving me option and I want to know if that normal or do I have to choose something to make it work. Help plz

  • Berto
    • Berto

      Got it to work..thanks

  • No root is required to install a custom boot animation; android will look for /data/local/bootanimation.zip before it looks for /system/media/bootanimation.zip, and root isn't required to put files there.

  • Josef F

    “You cannot paste here because the file system is read-only.”


  • loooney2ns

    This is very cool! I tried to load with Astro first, which didn't work. Root Explorer did the trick. Well worth the money!

  • r8rfan1010

    isn't there a FREE app similar to the Root Explorer that can do the same job? Seems like just about ever app that is out there that someone needs, there is a free one available that can do the same job.

  • b00sted4fun

    I really wish people would quit taking my stuff and crediting themself. I spent hours cleaning and ripping the images and modded the moto droid boot to sync with the incredible commercial. here is the post here. http://androidforums.com/htc-incredible/70040-i… please if you just completely take what I made give me credit or if you modify what I made give me thanks.. ffs

    • DroidFan

      what you mean taking credit for your work?
      I spent countless hours on this. you are not the only one who knows how to do this, and I didnt ask for any credit on this, I did it for the droid community, so before you go and start crying over credit stop and think if anyone else knows how to do it.

      • b00sted4fun

        umm. so you ripped the images from the youtube trailer and then converted the moto logo to blend into the eye the exact same way I did? it's weird how that works. And I was not pissed at you for posting this but that Greg guy for taking the credit. but whatever if “others” can do it I wont take the time next time to do something for the community.

        • DroidFan

          so just because you didnt get credit for it you will stop doing stuff for the droid community. no offense bro, but that sounds like something my 15yr old sister would say. And I am “That Greg Guy” man all I can say is grow up a little, you did make one and you did a decent job on it, kudos to you. if you want to be a crybaby and stop making stuff then I guess its ur choice, but regardless of what you might think the world dont revolve around you. your not the only person that can make these images.

    • DroidFan

      and I checked yours out it is pretty good also, but dont say I ripped you off. your image size is a bit off though.

      • b00sted4fun

        keep looking, i changed the rez 3 times to get it working better. I will say someone fixed what I started but the image work was mine. sorry for being pissy I just spent a long time working on that.

  • Nothing short of its name.


  • aarynk

    I like this a lot!! Just did the process as described and worked flawlessly… now I have something to rub in the face of my buddy who gave up his rooted Droid for an Incredible!!! HAHAHAHA

  • Question…why must we use root explorer to accomplish this? Can't we just mount the phone and the copy the zip file over to where the existing one is or does it have to be done through root explorer because of permission issues? For some reason I feel like that this could be accomplished in a much simpler way, but I could be wrong.

    • aarynk

      When I first opened Root Explorer it did ask for SU permissions so that's probably why we have to go through that program

    • Dito_Muertez

      There are other ways. You could use terminal, or ADB, but root explorer is the easy way.

  • gusvazquez

    For Unrooted users, WE can also do this. I have THIS bootup on my droid…i also have audio that includes music and the “drooooiiid” voice sync to play when i bootup my phone.

    • Can you provide steps for those who aren't rooted? Would be very helpful for them and I'm sure they would appreciate it.

      • gusvazquez

        its all quite simple if you follow the directions to the T. I've done over 8 different type of animations on my phone and its all safe. you can redo or unchange and go back to stock boot at any time without any risk. http://www.droidforums.net/forum/droid-hacks/12… are the directions. Download the files and ignore the 'create animation' part. that only if you know how to make YOUR OWN boot. just skip to the part where you place the file in the tools section. Thats it. If you want this animation boot you can get it from the link Kellex posted if not there is what i think is a better one on http://androidforums.com/htc-incredible/70040-i… is how mine looks (This video is not mine but I have my droid to boot just like this.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fezcpSb5xoQ&feat

        • gusvazquez

          If you need any help just let me know

          • Dito_Muertez

            I only skimmed through the droidforums link, but did not see anything about adding audio, where's that section at?

          • gusvazquez

            pg 4 and onward…full set of directions on pages six. but all you basically do is put the mp3 file in the tools folder just like the bootanimations and do cmd…
            adb push android_audio /data/local

          • Dito_Muertez

            Cool thanks

    • Alcides

      how did you do that?

  • Alexpeegs

    root my incred just fro this.
    ok now your putting my life on the line lol

  • nick g

    EVERYONEEEE who is having the “read only” problem, just hit the mount ro button on the top in your root explorer and it works

    • Josef F


  • nick g

    everytime i try to paste the bootanimation.zip it says it cant because its a read-only which i dont know why? can you help

  • gusvazquez

    WHOA…you do NOT have to be rooted to do this, not only that, you can add custom mp3 audio to play synced with the boot process.

  • DroidFan

    thanks for the kuddos Kelly.lol now only if i can win one of the droid stands!

  • DroidFan

    glad i could do my part in the droid family!

  • dgriff

    when i go to paste the bootanimation.zip it gives me the warning “you cannot paste here because the file system is a read only” anybody know what to do on this one?

    • Are you using Root Explorer? I tried with Androzip, but it has to be an explorer with Rooted permissions in order to be able to overwrite/replace the current boot animation.

      • dgriff

        yeah i am using root explorer.

        • dgriff

          i got it i had to click the Mount R/O / Mount r/w button?

  • Gotta love a rooted droid. Root Explorer hurt at 2.75 but I'm over it.

  • BodyMarks

    Worked great, looks nice. I used Moto Phone Portal to move the file from pc to Droid, very easy, no cables woohoo. Also I made a folder on the sd card side “Boot Animations” and made a copy of the stock bootanimation.zip file if I want to put it back. I love these Android families, you guys rock!

    • kellex

      Nice! Great use of tools. 🙂

  • jesus319

    a friend showed me something similiar ive been meaning to post http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6nrAYGnI_IY

    • Mike

      is it possible to get the .zip with that

  • Brad

    What am I doing wrong? When I try to paste to /system/media/ (where my bootanimation.zip file was too), I get the following message: “Warning – You cannot paste here because the file system is read-only”.

    • Brad
      • kellex

        Read my comment just above yours.

    • kellex

      Oh, hit the “R/W” button to change it to “R/O”. Then after it is pasted, hit that button again to change it back to “R/W”.

      • mayajw

        Thanks for including that. Was having the same problem…I really like this.

  • terry

    cool eye, worked like stated. Oh, found it in my system/media folder, fyi and you have to make the file r/w.

    • Brad


  • nkhex19

    Sick, Just installed it and looks awesome. I installed it the old school method, I put it on the root of my sdcard and made sure it was named bootanimation.zip and went into Terminal Emulator and typed this su (then enter) cp /sdcard/bootanimation.zip /data/local/ then press enter and then rebooted and BAM!! Sick new Droid Eye Boot animation!!! Thanks Kellex!

    • kellex

      I just updated the boot animation file to make it appear bigger. Check out the new version. 🙂

      • aarynk

        Newer version is a lot better I like how it takes up a bigger chunk of the display

    • Collin

      I tried that and didn't work…?

    • Mike

      i did it your way and it worked perfectly. that's the first time i've used the terminal emulator, other than using it with scripts. it kind of makes you feel good doing it this way.

    • loooney2ns

      This method didn't work for me. I don't know why.

    • UnknownZ13

      Hi man, I have a quick question. I did it how you did it but it seem like not working and I want it to ask you because is giving me option and I want to know if that normal or do I have to choose something to make it work. Help plz

      • nkhex19

        Do you have Astro file manager installed? Make sure you downlaod the bootanimation.zip file and then you can go into your download folder and then copy and paste the file to the root of your sdcard, you don't need to rename the file cuz its already named bootanimation.zip, go into terminal emulator and type su (then hit enter) then type cp /sdcard/bootanimation.zip /data/local/ (then hit enter) you should then see this symbol # then type reboot and hit enter and you should be good to go. Make sure you type a space after cp and after zip as its hard to tell there is supposed to be a space after those.

        • UnknownZ13

          No I don't have astro file managet but I have root explorer.I took a snop shot of the scrre so you can see what is doinf exactly but I can paste it of insert it.

        • This worked perfectly for me. I cant wait for the sound part too

        • I can’t thank you enough. I’ve been trying to paste the damn bootanimation.zip file into the folder with Astro not realizing that Astro doesn’t have su permissions.

          I did it with Terminal Emulator the way you described and can now set any bootanimation I want. Thanks man.

  • teddyrucks

    Quick tip. At boot, the /data/local/ directory is checked before /system/media/ directory. You do not need to overwrite the stock boot in /system/media/ if you place your custom boot in /data/local/ .

    • kellex

      Interesting, cuz I tried that. 😛

      • briderx

        Actually Kellex, that's the only way I could get it working for me. I placed it in the /system/media folder, because nothing was in the /data/local/ folder… Rebooted and it just flashed “DROID” 10 or so times, then booted fine. Put it in the /data/local/ folder, not overwriting anything (remember, nothing was in that folder) and rebooted with the glowing eye..

        The resolution on that eye is terrible.. Don't know if anyone else noticed this or not.

        I DO appreciate the FREE bootanimation. No complaints there.. It's just.. low quality/ugly. 🙁

  • I would love to put that on my Droid but ever since I moved to the newest Cyanogen when I turn my phone off and reboot the SD card is unmounted. Moved to Bugless Beast and same thing. Wiped cache still same thing. Flashed a backup and re f
    lashed BB and it goes to a continuous boot cycle. Finally got the SD card mounted and I won't turn my phone off in case it does it again.

    • KCshuffle

      I had that same problem. Whenever I mount onto my computer I have to put all my music on my sd card while I can. Then when I unmount it it goes haywire. I have to redownload another rom or whatever. I just use drop box now to put new songs on my phone. it is kind of annoying

    • nkhex19

      This was a known issue with BBv1.0 (Don't know if it was an issue with other Rom's) when you unmount your Droid from your pc it would reboot for no reason. A simple fix I found that someone posted in Pete's section on Droidforums.net was at your home screen go into settings: then select Sound & Display: then scroll down to SD card notifications and uncheck it (make sure its not checked). After I did this I had no more reboots after unmounting my sdcard. Hope this helps.

      • Just done what you said and rebooted my phone and it started up like new. No problems. Tried it 4 times just to make sure.

        Thanks for the advice. Now to get this on my phone.

  • Looks sweet but I might have to stick with my blue droid peeing on an apple

  • KCshuffle

    This looks pretty sweet. Kind of off topic guys but I have a problem. My search soft key on my droid is out completely. and it seems like the touch screen along that side is messed up as well. Has this happeend to anyone else? I am rooted and I didnt think this would be a cause of it. I have insurance on my phone but don't know if I will need to go back to stock or how to get back there so they don't say that is the cause.

    • nkhex19

      Strange, haven't heard of this happening. Do you have Rom Manager? If you do try fixing permissions and see if that helps. Or did you try installing a back up and see if that fixes it? maybe the Rom messed with your soft key button but I haven't had this happen so I cant say for sure what would cause this. Droidforums.net has a rescue squad section, they may be able to help.

      • KCshuffle

        thanks for your help. trying to get as much info as I can from droid forums. Hopefully they can fix it.