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Weekend Recap: Dolphin HD, Droid Life Wallpaper, Eris Update

A recap from a weekend full of Droid Life goodness that you may have missed while spending too many hours away from your computer. We wouldn’t want you missing out on the latest rumors, news, hacks, apps or ROMs now would we? Catch up!

  • Dolphin Browser HD Released – The top browser outside of the stock version just went “HD.”  Not exactly sure why they are calling it “HD” but it is definitely worth a look.  Very polished, tons of options and downloading made easy.
  • Droid Life Wallpaper Released – Yessir!  We had a little extra time on our hands and managed to toss together the first ever Droid Life live wallpaper in white!  White baby.  White.
  • Droid Eris Update Expected “Soon” – No official date, but we definitely know this update is finally on its way.  The VZW page has been updated and lists out all sorts of goodies.
  • Custom Theme Friday – We brought you a classic on Friday in Adamz’s Smoked Glass theme on top of Bugless Beast.  Timeless.  Enjoy.
  • Android Quick App:  TabbedOut – Once this app goes live across the U.S., expect your bar hopping to become insanely easy.  For now, use only in Austin, Dallas and Chico.

Another amazing week in the works!  We’re hoping to make the Droid Life white live paper available for everyone, plus we also just received a black one from one of our readers.  Stay tuned on that front.  And we’re also digging into a crazy new theme called DarkEdge which looks more than promising!

  • Smartie_allan1

    Ihave a Droid Eris, but icant download any live wallpaper? Why?

  • Richie79

    I've been reading nothing but good things about Dark Edge…can't wait for Kellex to review it!

  • kulz

    sounds like a good week ahead 😉

  • maizekidstill

    Dark edge looks amazing. I was reading on it all last night.

  • Jedi_Gunslinger

    Dark Edge sounds delightful indeed…!!!

  • Yea…..black wallpapers ftw! 🙂
    Woot woot! Should be a good week…