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Droid Eris Receiving Update “Soon”

Droid Eris users, your time is almost here.  Well “soon.”  The Verizon Wireless site has been updated to show that an update is officially coming, but with absolutely no timeline for its arrival.  It also says nothing about this update being Android 2.1, but the attached PDF lists out many of 2.1’s features.  Actually, the list includes more features than the Motorola Droid’s update including an “Enhanced Android Market.”  That the same market which includes auto-updates for apps?  Interesting…

How you feeling Eris users?

Source:   Verizon Wireless

  • Jacobmcmillan11

    i luv dis phone

  • Jacobmcmillan11

    ily dis phone

  • droiddidit

    Finally, it's about time for an upgrade!!

  • droiddidit

    Finally, it's about time for an upgrade!!

  • mayajw

    get the low voltage kernel. I Had the same issue and now I'm fine. I'm overclocked to the max and I'm staying at a normal temp.

  • can any one tell me why my bug less beast has my phone so hot? Im over clocked at max

    • Well, that'd be why its so hot. You're probably pushing your chip too hard. I'd suggest somewhere in the 800-1100 mhz range. BB runs quite fast regardless of overclocking or not.

    • andrew401

      are you using setcpu? if so even tho your not supposed to with this rom alot of people are having problems since the latest setcpu update

    • mayajw

      get the low voltage kernel. I Had the same issue and now I'm fine. I'm overclocked to the max and I'm staying at a normal temp.

  • Lee

    I hope the Eris gets their update quickly and I also would not mind if they got a new feature we didn't yet. If they did get an auto update feature or any additional feature we would following very soon. It would also put peoples minds to ease about HTC phones with Sense that they will get updates.

  • Kevin

    sounds like the newer senseUI from the incredible along with the 2.1 update…so the Eris will just be a “slower” version of the incredible.

  • StephanC

    So by soon they mean July right?

  • Jarred

    I think what they mean by “enhanced Android Market” is they'll be upgrading to the one we already have. Since the Market is different from 1.6 to 2.0.

  • Michael_NM

    Great headline! Soon in quotes… VZW-speak for between now and… uh… who knows?

  • 2.1Atom

    Finally happy to see this coming soon, been hearing May 11th? Might be a rumor but if so I'll be pleased. 😉

  • Octotron

    I am very disappointed that stock Android is seemingly lagging so much behind Sense UI. I like the Eris a lot, my friend has one and I consider it now the Incredible Light, heh.

  • Are we going to try to capture and post an Eris update in case it goes in stages also? Some of have gotten the Eris free when we bought our moto Droids.

  • HopefulEris

    Is this close to the same 2.1 Rooted version for the Eris that it floating around? Also is there a way to go back to Stock 1.5 from the rooted 2.1?

    • andrew401

      yes there is a way. check out xda i seen it over there before. i own a eris but ditched it for the droid because i got too damn tired of waiting for 2.1

  • Sounds as though the eris will be receiving a pre 2.0 update with some new features, its very interesting to see htc update one of their devices after such a long time out in the public. Its possible this auto update feature might go out to everyone at this point to ease the stress of updating to developers. Here's hoping all of us see an update!

  • Ray

    I will be pissed if this thing is passing us in software updates after being so far behind. Hopefully we will get 2.2 before this goes out.

  • Mrpicolas

    Funny how the Eris has more screens than us stock isn't it?