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Weekend Recap: NFL Mobile Leaked and the New HelixLauncher2

A recap from a weekend full of Droid Life goodness that you may have missed while spending too many hours away from your computer. We wouldn’t want you missing out on the latest rumors, news, hacks, apps or ROMs now would we? Catch up!

Another big week is upon us!  Maybe we’ll have an official 2.1 root?  What about a TAT Home?  Flash 10.1 release news?  We’ll just have to see!

  • versusxiii

    Oh god… there'd better not be a 2.1 root. I'll be so angry, I reverted back to 2.0.1 this weekend to root my phone and then brought it up to 2.1 again. 😛

    • as previously stated, root 2.1 may come some day but do not expect it sometime soon. there is no incentive other than being the “first” to do so.

      • kulz

        being the “FIRST” is definitely an incentive for a dev, no? ;p

  • droiddog22

    I want to know what everyones favorite theme on cyanogen is. I love green so JRummy's green them is the best theme for me.

    • kellex

      I'm using the Cyan JRummy theme. Rummy definitely has the best theme I've seen.

  • earz

    whats up everyone. just need a little bit of info and possibly a bit of advice. thinking of rooting my phone. recently, i manually added the 2.1 updated to my phone along with the helix launcher 2. what steps do i need to do in order to have my phone rooted? another thing, would you guys recommend i root my phone or just leave it the way i currently have it

    • John

      You have to return to 2.0.1 in order to root. There is no direct root for 2.1 on the Droid yet.

      Here are steps on how to return.. it's pretty involved and not for the meek.

      • slipstream20v

        Actually, I'm pretty meek (and normally shy away from doing this kind of thing to expensive toys), and I honestly didn't have any problems at all when I did the .sbf method. If you follow the instructions carefully, and TAKE YOUR TIME, it should be a breeze to do.

        That said, if you have problems putting your phone down on a stock 2.1, you'll NEVER put it down on 2.1 rooted. 🙂

    • before the official 2.1 release, I would say definitely root so that you could get live wallpapers, custom themed rom's and overclocking ability

      now that 2.1 is finally here, the only reason to root is to overclock and have custom rom's. if you don't care about custom theme'd rom's then stay with stock 2.1 and wait for it to be rooted.

      the process to revert back to 2.0.1 will be heart stopping if you don't follow the directions closely. Kellex posted the link about a week or so ago.

    • kulz

      rooting your phone is like having administrator access on your computer (or some1 else's computer for that matter). You have the rights to do anything (over clock cpu, themes, customize your screens, etc). I definitetly recommend you root your phone just to know what your DROID is capable of. If you don't like it, you're free to go back to unroot. This site gives you ALL the necessary info so check out the Root(unroot) category and root away~!