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ROM Manager Update Includes Stock 2.0.1

This is sort of painful to say, but you can pretty much ditch DM Updater from here on out.  ROM Manager received another update last night, this time including a stock 2.0.1 recovery ROM meaning you can now use it to do everything.  You will need to make sure you have the premium version to use this function, so go out and drop the $3.99 and support your developers!

Update 8:56AM 3/29: Apparently you do not need the premium version to access the stock ROM.  I still recommend purchasing it to support the amazing work these guys keep putting out.

What about rooting without DM Updater?

For those of you thinking you need DM Updater to root, I’ll just clear that notion up right now by saying, “You don’t.”  You’ll probably notice that while looking to root through DM Updater, it simply asks you to reboot into recovery mode and apply an update.zip.  And if you look on your SD card right now, you should still have that same update.zip file sitting there, assuming you haven’t deleted it.

If you, for whatever reason have unrooted and want to root again, simply boot to the stock recovery (power+x) and apply that same update.zip and you’ll be rooted.  And to help everyone going forward, this would be a great time to back up that update.zip to your PC for safe keeping.

Update 9:36AM 3/29: Here is the update.zip to root a stock droid:  Download Link

Cheers to everyone who sent this in!

  • darkrm

    I am trying to uninstall ROM Manager. It doesn't show up in settings>application list and the option to uninstall it is greyed out in the market? any help on this would be great!

  • Sgt_Terry

    So just go to Rom Manager and tab on download rom and tab on stock rom and you will be back stock???

  • Adamania

    Kellex! I need your help! I decided I wanted to be more versed in the whole modding area, so I attempted to revert back to stock via ROM Manager. I must have done the wrong thing, so I ended up just reinstalling the update.zip file from my SD Card. I resigned into Google and it was just like the first time I rooted. I re-downloaded ROM Manager and when I try to “Flash ClockworkMod Recovery”, I get the error message: “An error occurred while attempting to run privileged commands.” The “reboot into recovery” also does not work. I can still hold “X” and power on, but I just get the clockwork recovery menu, and end up nowhere but back to Cyanogen. I love Cyan and will probably stick with it, but nothing as far as root apps work anymore. DM also doesn't work for me anymore. Any help/ideas?

  • country83

    I have a update.zip and a update-stock.zip. Do i need to keep both of them?

  • Billyhouse

    I've watched the video of using rom manager to install a new rom but in the video he says he was not going to make a backup. I really need to know if all i need to start with is just being rooted and i can go from that point with rom manager and get the whole thing done correcly.

  • lprana

    HELP PLEASE!!!…I was trying to go back to stock from Cyanogen Mod using the DM Update route..when i fired up the DM updater, it asked me whether i wanted to update to a newer version. I said ok and after it did, it gave an error about the SD card not being mounted. I got out and was not able to access my SD card. I have rebooted my phone and still not luck getting it to read the SD-card. It keep saying that it is checking it for errors..Please help

    • jduro923

      It did the same for me. I have ROM Manager Premium and it has Verizon Droid 2.0.1 Stock for installation. There shouldn't be a need for DM Updater than.

  • Billyhouse

    Can some one make it clear to me if when you use the new version of rom manager all you need to be is rooted, You don't have to have a nandroid backup at that point. I'm trying to make sure rom manager with make the backup as i go along.

  • jake4166


    I just needed to catch your attention really quick to say that you have a great site and an even greater STAFF! Izzy182 is the man. Seriously. He has been obsessively helping me with my phone from hell. Not just spending hours with me, but researching on his own, talking with others and literally doing EVERYTHING in his power to help me, which after at least a week of him saying…”here, let's try this…” I have managed to get my phone back in working order. Absolutely amazing. To any of you worried about trying some of the things on this site – DON'T WORRY – If something goes wrong, you WILL be helped until the matter is solved. Kellex, crew, and readers – THANK YOU ALL


  • evltwn

    Okay, I'm wondering if anyone has tested out going from a custom ROM back to 2.0.1 using ROM Manager, and then rooting your phone again? Any problems? Is it as easy as it looks? I have the update.zip still on my phone so just wondering?

  • randy21671

    Ok been running unlimited black droid and having issues with apps f/c .

  • leftiphone4droid

    I rooted and installed the Ultimate Droid Rom yesterday. I am now back to stock. The roms really didn't do much for me. I DID like it at first…the overclocking etc. However, after installing the rom my keyboard lights didn't work for a while, some of my numbers were missing off my calculator and weird characters were showing up when I texted or whatever. So I virgintized my droid back to stock

    I guess I'll just wait for this 2.1 update to come out.

  • Waldizle

    Alright guys, I downloaded the premium ROM Manager. I don't have the DM Updater. I am running a Black Smoked Glass ROM and I have the Cyanogen Sholes ROM in my SD card— How do I uninstall the Black Smoked Glass ROM to get the AWESOME Cyanogen running on my DRIOD, without somehow being paranoid on messing up my phone? PLEASE HELP! THX

    note– I have a backup

  • scottzim

    I've gone back and forth between Cyanogen and Ultimate Droid more then I can count, pretty much every time theres an update. Gotta say both are great ROMs. This is so easy with ROM Manager it's scary, these guys are right on top of it. GREAT PROGRAM!
    I had some problems trying to run different launchers with UD V8.6.3. DON”T choose the Laucher 2 in the options as your setting it up, will not open and you have to reboot to a back up. Helix 2 is quite jumpy and doesn't run smooth at all. BEST option is Helix, it's very smooth and lighting fast. Also I changed fonts to the ifont bold. Looks great!

    Wish there was a way to see what the other font looked like before you commit to them…..

    • gsxr750

      comic font is pretty cool

  • BRIM

    I LOVE the ease of DroidMod. I'm in no way a user used to “hacking” into any phones, computers, or anything but DroidMod made it simple and my FAVORITE PART being keeping all my settings intact & my appsinstalled (even the free ones).

    If I switched to using ROM manager to try out one of the different 2.1 ROMs….the ease that DroidMod gave me won't be applied here, would it? Like keep all my settings & apps intact?

  • df7003

    Ok anybody out there i am running CyanogenMod 5.05 and im trying to upgraded to the latest verison of Cyanogen but everytime i try to Flash clockwork Mod recovery it says An error while attempting to run privilged commands. my current rcovery is and the llatest is can anyone help me ?

    • randy21671

      Need to update rom manager…

      • df7003

        did the upgrade and its still saying the same think so idk what to do im stuck with CyanogenMod 5.05 cause if i cant flash clockwork Mod cant flash any new Roms this really sucks, if i knew how now i probably would just go back to stock

        • randy21671

          Ok… after you download the rom update go to rom manager. is download rom highlighted

          • df7003


          • randy21671

            So you don't have check for rom updates?

          • df7003

            its dark can't select it

          • jamilack

            seems I'm in the same boat. ever figure out what to do?

          • randy21671

            Did you download Rom Manager Premium? Someone said to just use dmupdater and go back that way.

          • jamilack

            I did indeed. Seems like I can't get those permissions for DMUpdater either.

          • randy21671

            Did you save a backup? That is what I ended up doing to back to stock.

          • jamilack

            Shoot I sure didn't. I think that's my problem.

          • randy21671

            Do you have a nandroid backup?

  • For any of you out there that are running Ultimate Droid v8.6.3, kellex or anyone, have you been able to find any good themes for it, preferably metamorph. I was rockin a sweet theme on cyanogen and ultimate droid seems to be running pretty smooth but may have to go back to cyanogen if I can't find a good them for ultimate droid.

  • ForeverInOur

    dont think i did the wipe data and cache option. so do i have to select wipe data/factory reset in the recovery as well as wipe cache partition?

  • cpeter753

    So as each day rolls by with no real news of the update, i lose more faith in verizon and motorola putting out the update and move closer to rooting. i downloaded rom manager yesterday, today i downloaded the update.zip file and will probably root by tomorrow. im scared for droid's life

    • javi

      HOW DID YOU GET THE ZIP TO DOWNLOAD TO YOUR SD CARD? ii won't download for me???

      “cannot download. The content in not supported on this phone” is the msg I get.

      • cpeter753

        did you download the file then attempt to unzip it? because you're not supposed to unzip the file. i just clicked the download link and it downloaded fine to my phone and had no problems. and maybe you should try the DM updater. maybe that will download it correctly to your phone without running into this problem

        • Illrigger

          You have to have an app that can handle zip files installed on the phone, or it will not let you download zip files (stupid, IMO, but that's how the phone works). Install Astro or Estrong File Manager, and the file will download.

          • cpeter753

            ahh that makes sense i have androzip so thats why i didnt run into that issuse. Good call. im probably going to root my phone tonite i just hope Rom Manager makes things as easy as everyone makes it sound like it is to install custom roms. im a noob when it comes to rooting

  • So if I get Rom Manager Premium can I switch roms without reinstalling all my apps?

    • kellex

      Yessir. Well you can do that without ROM Manager too, but its just easier now.

  • ForeverInOur

    this is steve. any info on what to do next would be appreciated

  • steve

    after rooting, installing rom manager, and uploading cyan rom the phone keeps rebooting to “droid” and the red eye thing over and over.

    • ldrbuck

      steve I had the same issue, I did a battery pull and rebooted in receovery. From there I reinstalled my nandroid backup. I'm not sure what went wrong but it scared the hell out of me.

  • Brendan

    ROM manager is my number one paid app and it is shaping up to be the best go to app for ROM managing.

  • Lee

    I must say that Rom Manager has really done a fantastic job. This is now a one stop solution. While I have not yet purchased the pro version I am going to and suggest that everyone else does also. The few bucks is very well worth it! The guy that is creating this thing is very deserving of whatever we can give him.

  • talkdj

    I'm sorry. I guess I don't understand. If I use Clockwork to unroot and I want to go back. I need to use this update.zip after I go into recovery? Before Clockwork, you had to change all these zip files with other names to just update.zip and after installing them I would delete. With Clockwork no need to do that anymore. After I use this update.zip that Kellex has graciously given a link for, to re-root, where will I be at as far as ROM goes. DroidMod?

  • javikid

    It wont let me donwload the updated.zip to my phone?? (cannot download. The content in not supported on this phone???????????)

  • Papawiskas

    Download finished fine, but I had not intention of installing the stock ROM, due to really being happy with Cyanogen. So I escaped out and did not proceed, now I wonder where exactly it puts that file.
    Does anyone know where the ROMS are stored that get downloaded?

    • kellex

      “clockworkmod” folder on your sd card.

  • steve

    clockwork mod isnt appearing in my marketplace. or anything related to it.

    • Hoagie

      Called Rom manager.

    • kgnept

      clockwork is in Rom Manager. look for Rom manager in the market

  • Billyhouse

    Kellex Could you tell me if the roms that out now will have to be change after the update? What would be the best for me since i am mainly interested in the overclock feature.

    • kellex

      They all pretty much run on the 2.1 build that is expected to be the OTA update. Some of them may be rebuilt once that official update file is released, but transitioning over to an official build custom ROM from another 2.1 custom ROM won't be that hard.

      • Billyhouse

        Thanks, i appreciate you getting back to me

  • hexodat64

    I don't have the premium and the stock rom IS there to download!

  • kgnept

    Now if they would add an option to “Root My Phone”

    • kellex

      Did you read the post at all, heh? ROM Manager will not root your phone. All you are doing to root is apply an update.zip. 😛

      • jaymez007

        Does the update.zip to root your phone come with DM Updater?

        • kgnept

          and this is my point. If the ROM Manager would add the option to “Root My Phone” it would have the update.zip to apply. then everyone would know where to get the update.zip file.

        • Hoagie

          Sure dose but you only need to download it once.

          • kellex

            I see what everyone is saying. I just assumed that you all wouldn't remove it from your SD cards, but apparently people have. 🙂

            DM Updater was simply downloading the update.zip for you and then you were actually going through the practice of rooting the phone. I've added a download link for the file so make sure to save this one! Well, it's now on the downloads page as well.


          • jaymez007

            Thanks! Yeah, figured it out once I looked over some other posts. Trying to download the Ultimate Droid Rom now….

          • Illrigger

            Well, a lot of us that have been tinkering have replaced the original update.zip with other, because until ROM Manager (which can install *any* zip) that was a common way to get ROMs installed. Thanks for posting the link, for those of us that did 🙂

  • Is there anyway to get the update.zip back? Because I cannot find it.

    • kellex

      I just updated the post with a link to it.

  • Billyhouse

    I've wanting to root and overclock my phone but i wanted to wait for the update. Will the roms out now have to be changed after that? And by the way what would be the best one mainly for getting the overclock feature?

    • Illrigger

      It's very likely that if you update to the official 2.1 update, you'll be unable to root your phone at all – at least not until they find a new bug that they can exploit to gain root again. Given how much better they have been getting at making sure holes don't appear (and the fact that there will be fewer people actually looking) that could be a long time.

  • kulz

    i've received more updates from ROM Updater these past few days than i did with the all the updates for my apps!!! This is what i'm talking about! DEV's thats on top of their shit!! go koush!

  • Papawiskas

    I just went into it, I have the free version and am downloading the Stock ROM now.
    So apparently you do NOT need the Premium Version…can anyone else confirm this? Because I am at 10% downloaded so far.

    • kellex

      That would be great news. I only have the premium, so can't check unforunately.

    • ajavgeek

      I do not want to in stall stock but I can see the option is not disabled so I am assuming it is available for free version. I was wondering about the same thing why K said you may require the paid version.

      Any way, does any one know how to buy the ROM Manager, I do not see any buy now button. I guess I have to uninstall the free one and then go buy paid one, correct?

      • Papawiskas

        Download the free one first then go search for the paid version, the link to buy should be on that one.

  • Papawiskas

    So we cant use this function unless we pay for the premium version? So some of us will still need DM Updater then right? I have never bought anything off the market before so I do not know how the billing is done. Can anyone tell me how the billing is done, hopefully not Paypal only.

    Also what happens if you run into one of those situations where you do a ROM update and you lost all your apps in Market, does that mean you have to pay for the premium all over again in order to get the updates?
    Sorry to sound so stupid.

    • hsy

      You pay for the apps using google checkout and it tracks what you have paid for. In the event you lose everything, you can go back into market and use the menu to go to the downloads section and re-download and install them without having to pay for them again.

    • kgnept

      ROM Manager was the first Program I purchased. You will need to setup a google checkout account to purchase items. wen setting up the account, you will enter a CC number and that will be used in the Market.

  • syntakk

    Awesome, ROM Manager is really turning out to be pretty amazing.

  • Lane252

    This is so exciting….just so u know Skype doesn't work on ultimate Droid 8.6.3 I love this site I check it more than Facebook