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Exclusive Verizon/Skype Mobile Details Emerge

The speculation surrounding the difference between other Skype apps and the new Skype Mobile on Verizon (which is due to launch this Thursday) has now been cleared up thanks to some exclusive screenies we just received.  While not a complete surprise, the difference really just comes down to the fact that Skype can be used over the Verizon 3G network while no other Skype app can, including the version on the iPhone.  The rest are stuck with wi-fi only and also lack the ability to make calls to other mobile phones or landlines without additional plans.

And a few more details to make sure you are completely in the know…

Seriously, I can’t wait.

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  • brock

    What it the point of skype on the droid if you cant do the video chat. Isnt that the hole point? stupid to use skype just to do a voice call. I dont get it.

  • Doolidg

    So does this mean wee will be able to see them on our phones if they have a camera?

  • rob

    A few people have mentioned Google Voice… Do you guys mean Google Talk? Isn't it gtalk that allows you to talk over voice, via 3g/wifi? I haven't used it. But Google Voice is just the new # (optionally), voicemail, and vm2txt…. Theres no chat….

  • Rob

    What is all the hype and excitement about? Maybe its a non-usa thing. As a Verizon user with a Moto Droid in the USA I can call my family and friends who are on Verizon phones and it does not charge my minutes. I use Skype on my laptop to call (with video) my parents and brother… who all live in different states.

    So now that Skype will be on my cell phone I can call us phones and use my minutes or call laptops and not have video… but call for free… or use minutes? What the heck is so great about this. I am going back to my original thoughts…

    If you live in one country… and your friend lives in another country… and you want to call that person on Skype… but you don't want to have video… than this is great.

    I am missing something I guess… but nobody seems to read the comments before they post so I doubt 80% of the people on this blog will read this comment.

  • ajavgeek

    I guess I am missing something big here. GV and Skype both take your cell minutes so how will this help if you are calling within US. I understand cheaper international calling. I am under impression that VoIP will allow user to call free of charge at least in US. Does not happen with GV or Skype app. Again am I missing anything?

    PS: One reply that I saw suggests use Fav 10 from VZW but I am on 700 min plan.

  • CrayZme

    Isn't google voice a much better choice? I don't see why such excitement for skype. Can someone please explain?

    • Joandy

      From what I know Google voice (to call) does not work on Wifi. I've tried it and it doesn't work (SMS does work on Wifi). Now, with Skype you can call a friend that has Skype on his/her phone and you don't waste minutes. You can however, use fring (as I said on an earlier post) and use it to call Skype friends, landlines or cellphones. Plus it works with multiple IM clients.
      One drawback I've seen with fring is that you cannot add a Skype, Yahoo, etc friend, you can only add fring “friends”. Someone correct me if I'm wrong!?!?

  • adamrk17

    dono if this is new or what but looks like there was a nice update for google voice last nite too…….this all should be great….ps anyone have an extra invite???


  • LTD10

    I didn't see my comment so forgive the repeat if there is one…
    I've been using Fring on my Droid since I bought it a few months ago. I have many International friends and was searching for a way to contact them free. I found Fring, and have been making calls to them with Fring since. All your contacts are there, so no need for msn, aol and other apps. I would change a few things like, customizations and such. In a perfect world it would be handcent type of customs, but, for now it works great. The voice connections do drop sometimes, but, other than that, it works great and it's FREE! Also, it's great to see and text anyone online at the time.
    BTW, I admit I'm a Droid-Life addict. I check the site several times a day and other than Rooting, have checked out and or used all suggested apps. Thanks for your time and dedication. Keep up the great work!

  • Mathew

    unrelated to this post..

    e just posted about the leaked Android 2.1 firmware for the Droid Eris and then learned a nearly finished firmware is also floating around for the Motorola Droid.

    As many Droid owners know, Motorola promised the Android 2.1 update was coming “this week” which later turned into coming soon. No further updates have been provided since then, but someone leaked a near final firmware (which is expected to be used for the upcoming OTA update).

    Kellex from Droid Life was brave enough to flash the leaked ROM on his Droid and found the performance to be improved. Check out his video below for a quick hands on. Notable missing features from Android 2.1 include live wallpapers and the 3D launcher (both found on the Nexus One).

    Motorola has been struggling with recent software updates so it is anyone’s guess when this one might appear. I wouldn’t be surprised if it happened tomorrow of it got delayed again (and again) till next month.

    Where's the video?? I clicked the link but it's unailable..


  • LTD10

    I also have Fring and I love it. I've got International friends and talk to them on my droid to thier computer all the time. Also, have no need for multi apps for online contacts. MSN, AOL, Gmail and even contacts are all there. Give it a try. I only hope Skype for our phone is more stable. A few things I'd change, make each account or contact customizable, different tones and such, like handcent for text. But, it's very useful and it's one app I use daily.
    BTW, I'm addicted to this site. I admit I check it several times daily. Keep up the good work. Thanks for all your time and dedication!

  • This is game changing.

  • Joandy

    Guys I've been using fring for android, its a multi IM client and it has skype. VOIP works just fine over verizon's network!!!

  • leftiphone4droid

    The iphone version of Skype CAN work over 3G for the iPhone. I had on both my iPhone 3G and my 3Gs. ATT just allowed it over 3G about a month and a half ago. But like I said it DOES work. I actually used it a lot when I'd beat work and it worked pretty well also.

  • I still do not see the difference between this and Google voice, if you have unlimited data? GV doesn't use minutes. Am I missing something? Now if it did video conferencing that is something.

  • hihello72

    “Other wireless carriers have blocked the Skype app from running all the time. It's available on the iPhone only in Wi-Fi hot spots. In October, AT&T said it would relent and let the program work over its cellular network as well, but Skype has not yet released an application to enable that. Verizon's version of Skype mobile will not work over Wi-Fi, the companies said.”

    • adamrk17


      Looks like ur right from the article above….also looks like if u try to call a U.S. number like u said it makes u use ur minutes from ur voice plan possibly? Well anyway looks interesting..

      • hihello72

        so other than the fact that you can call international skype users
        …what's so good about this?
        i dont see the big difference between using skype and using just the regular verizon service

        • whats good about is that is free! skype to skype anywhere in the world is free… skype to landlines in US is free, skype to international landlines is $$$

          • hihello72

            true…except skype to landlines in US i think uses your minutes
            so no point in that

  • sr_erick

    Does anyone know how this would work if I were to go to another country with my Droid and connect via a WiFi hotspot? Is there a charge for this or do they take “plan minutes” away from me as if I were making a regular call over their network?

    • hihello72

      id also like to know…
      so this app would use your verizon plan minutes????

    • adamrk17

      If your on wifi it shouldnt touch ur minutes but I assume skype would charge their normal fees …….. Otherwise if you are taking to someone else with skype and you have unlimited data it should be free from my understanding

      • sr_erick

        OK, so from what I understand then is that any call made via Skype from the phone, not dependent on network (WiFi or 3G) is absolutely charge free so long as it's being made to another Skype user? If I am calling via Skype from my phone to a landline, I am charged whatever rates that Skype has set for domestic or international calls.

        That would make sense…

        • hihello72

          skype to domestic landlines only uses your minutes

      • Tom

        Skype to mobile will go off of your plan allowance meaning if its to another VZW mobile phone then its M2M minutes which is unlimited. If its to another carrier (ATT, T-Mobile, etc..) it uses your min allowance so if your on a 450 min plan it uses up your 450 mins unless its after 9:01pm on a weekday or any time during the weekends where it goes off of your unlimited Nights and Weekends.

    • TomZ

      Same here. I was hoping to use this overseas for phone calls. I guess we will find out Thursday if it works over WiFi.

    • sr_erick

      A little more clarification of my question…

      Basically, what I want to know is what is the cost to me to use this app on my phone, if I'm in Europe, connected to a WiFi hotspot, and I want to call a land line in the US (NOT another Skype user). Is this billed by Skype at Skype rates or does this somehow get deducted from our Verizon plan minutes being I'm not on Verizon's network and I'm making calls effectively overseas…essentially meaning, I'm paying for it, just that Verizon is paying Skype on my behalf.

    • machinegun68

      Not applicable to WiFi. That's the part that sucks. Your example is where it would be most advantageous and cost effective.

  • fuyuasha

    Progress and some nice touches for sure but mobile->mobile takes plan mins?! Skype via Fring doesn't' do that right ?

  • Ron

    Looking forward to this…

  • as more and more of my friends join the smart phone revolution, this little app will come in very handy.

    • kellex

      Exactly what I'm thinking.

  • Scott H

    Can't wait for this, will let me talk to friends all over the world without the international call charges.

  • rjholla2003

    This is gonna be TIGHT! It'll make it a lot more convenient to talk to my one friend in South Africa. 😀