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Quick Tip: Boot Motorola Droid Into Safe Mode

Over the weekend, we asked Droid Life readers for their input on how to solve a force close loop that many users were running into while testing out the new HelixLauncher.  It was pretty amazing to see the number of responses in just a short amount of time and I hope that everyone experiencing that issue stumbled onto that post as it provided you with a number of options to ease your pain.

One of the most important tips brought up throughout the discussion was the option to boot your phone into “safe mode” to cut off and uninstall the launcher.  For those of you not familiar with “safe mode” just look it as a way to use your phone in a completely bare bones fashion.  Safe mode can save you in many instances should you run into an issue on your device.

So how do we boot into “safe mode”?

1.  Power off your device.
2.  Slide open the keyboard and power on by holding power and “menu” at the same time.
(Use the menu key on the physical keyboard.)
3.  Continue holding the menu key until you get to the Droid eye.
4. The phone should now vibrate if done correctly.
5.  Release menu and your phone should boot with “Safe Mode” showing in the bottom left corner.

Let me know if you run into any issues!

  • Misspennyr

    I don’t know how I turned it on, but how do I turn safe mode off!

  • You can also delete applications by installing an app uninstaller such as Quick Uninstaller from the Android Market. Great tips, by the way!


    AMAZINGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Michaelgodell

    as soon as i get my phone in safe mode, it automatically reboots into the regular screen?? thoughts

  • Michaelgodell

    as soon as i get my phone in safe mode, it automatically reboots into the regular screen?? thoughts

  • Scottmcoy

    How do you turn off safe mode?

  • stack

    I have tried every which way to boot in safe mode and WILL not boot in safe mode. Widgit causing force close of launcher pro app before I can remove widgit causing problems. Any other way to boot in safe mode or remove app/widget before launcher pro loads?

  • bOOm_cORNEr_sHOt

    Quick question. So do I continue to hold down the power button once it starts to come up or let go of power once it starts to power up yet continue to hold down the menu button on the keyboard. I got it to vibrate when the droid eye came up but no indication its in safe mode and Helix continues to force close. thanks.

  • HeathCliffR

    I was playing with trying to install a theme – Skaggs, or something, in Metamorph. I selected black.

    When I phone rebooted, it keeps looping to the Droid eye.

    I followed your instructions for Safe Mode – pressing menu on the physical keyboard while pressing on the power button.

    It’s still looping at the Droid eye, no vibrate, no safe mode.

    I’m sick.

    What now?

    • HeathCliffR

      Okay, figured it out – just did X, into recovering, Nandroid, etc. Though it gave me two options of backup – two different numbers, and it didn't identify date, but it worked out fine.

      • kyleranker

        can you explain exactly what you did to get it into recovery? my droid just keeps looping as well… and holding down the power and/or menu button on keyboard does nothing..

  • Brendan

    i am in a force close loop because the metamoph theme i used didnt work how do i fix it?

  • syntakk

    Great info that everyone should have, safe mode can be a life saver!

  • monstergamer

    Thanks for the tip. Hope I really never have to use it. But its good to know.

  • gonzo319

    what's new from the previous mod 5.4 something

  • have you installed the new cyanogenmod rom?

    • kellex

      Yessir I have. Written instructions coming for those needing some support going through the install. In less than 2 hours actually. 🙂

      • awesome! smoother than the previous version…im finding the current version I have lags in landscape view

        • ISUVetMed

          It is much faster and overall feels more polished and smooth. It was very easy to update, thanks for the continuous tutorials Kellex, I have learned a ton for you!

          • kellex

            It is a much more polished version.

          • RealGame22


            Do you have a Link?

          • ajavgeek


            Do you have installation help link? Please let us know, Thanks

          • ISUVetMed

            Download the new ROM manager and use the “download rom” button. It will show you the available options. 5.0.5 is the top option.

          • gonzo319

            once we downloaded the ROM manager do we have to flash clockworkmod Recovery again in order to see the new ROM? because I installed the CM updater and nothing comes up when I check for new ROM's? Also can we back up the current ROM 5.04?


          • ISUVetMed

            Yes you need to flash the newest clockwork and then the other options will be available. You also have the option to backup your current rom.

          • ajavgeek

            Thank you all, downloading now!

          • do u have to install ROM addons “google apps” and “modules” or can i bypass that?

          • gonzo319

            cool, thanks bro just want to make sure. This is very exciting, ahh I forgot my USB cable at home didn't know cyanogen was going to come up with a new ROM. Was going to do it at work, but now I'll have to wait until I get home. Sucks. Anyway hopefully Kellex will show the new features on his video so I can see the difference between the current ROM and 5.05. The hell with the 2.1 OTA from Moto this ROM is great, it's a good thing I never went back to stock.


          • ISUVetMed

            You wont need a USB cable to update from the previous version of cyanogen mod. Just search for Rom Manager in the marketplace. Install and choose the flash Clockwork recovery mod, then choose download rom and you have the option to backup from there as well. No USB cable needed 🙂

          • gonzo319

            Thanks again backed up my current rom but got an error when I tried
            downloading the rom. Error says couldn't download the rom list


          • i installed the 5.0.5 cyanogenmod but i'm getting a fc on the launcher everytime i reboot my phone…any reason why?

          • gonzo319

            installling it right now will let you know

          • gonzo319

            I don't get that error bro, just installed it and everything is fine. Here what I did, I couldn't see the update because I needed to update my rom manager. Then I was able to see it, selected 5.05 once I saw the update, kellex said to select both google apps, and modules don't know why so I did. I downloaded after it finished prompt me to back up current rom and wipe data and cache. Since I already backed up my rom earlier I didn't chose any of the option and just hit ok. I did its thing and now I have the current ROM. Hope that helps bro.

          • gonzo319

            I figured it out brown. But one thing on install gives me the options on
            addons Google Alps and modules. Do I select one or the other or both?


      • einstien2

        Not sure if they fixed it or not the new Rom 5.0.5 defaults to 5 screens and in there are 7 screens. This seems to cause FC loops on the launcher2 if you just do a straight update without wiping the data which you dont need to do if you are just upgrading.

        Easy fix is just to remove anything from the last 2 screens and use the configure option to change to 5 screens then you can update and add back the 2 screens.