Thursday Poll: Which Ice Cream Sandwich Features Impressed You the Most?

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Now that Tuesday night’s Ice Cream Sandwich event has had time to settle on your brains, we want to know what impressed you the most from it. Not only was a brand new UI introduced, but we also saw a brand new outlook on the experience from Google. Everything has been cleaned up, made more efficient, and really gave us the impression that the end user was their focus for the first time.  


We saw a face unlock feature that would have wow’d the crowd had it worked – we will blame the low lighting for that one. We saw a brand new People app that learns from the services your friends use to stay updated in real-time. There were completely redesigned browser, Gmail, and calendar apps that add features and functionality that many of us have asked about for years. We get native screenshots! Google Voice has been built right in. The keyboard now predicts, corrects and types better than ever. Swiping gestures were added to almost every app to make your experience that much more fluid. The lock screen is all new and beautiful. Resizable widgets from Honeycomb made the cut. Native folders were introduced. Network data monitoring could change the way we consume data. A new NFC feature called Beam was unveiled for quick sharing of almost anything with your friends. Oh, and let us not forget about the camera and video apps that can shoot time lapse video, take pictures in a split second, and allow you to edit it all with the push of a couple of buttons.

It was one hell of a night. So rather than posting an actual poll since there were so many amazing features, we just want you to sound off in the comments. Give us your top 3 moments from the ICS event. What 3 things did you say, “Holy…” Were you blown away by the speed and clarity of the camera app? Will Beam become your new friend? Are you looking forward to the detail and polish of the People app? Screenshots topping the list?

My top 3:

1.  Camera app was mind-bogglingly fast.
2.  The entire new UI is so clean and beautiful.
3.  Revamping of Gmail, browser, calendar and People apps. All were so needed.



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