DROID X Sees Custom Recovery Image, ROMs Next?

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How far away are custom ROMs for the Droid X?  Maybe not too far since the one and only Birdman has found a way to push a custom recovery image onto the device which means a couple of things:  full nandroid backups and ROMs, baby.  Posted to Alldroid, the method is not available for anyone else as it sounds, well, frightening…

Using a hack discovered by the folks who’ve done all the work on the Milestone, birdman has booted a custom recovery on his handset. The process is labor-intensive and dangerous if you’re not prepared to recover from a bricked device (and technically this bricks the device since you can’t reboot into Android at this moment), but it’s a sucessful proof of concept.

Right now he’s working on getting ADB up so we can further investigate what it will take to get a fully functional recovery working (that will also allow reboot back into Android).

From there the focus will move to a more robust recovery and discovery if/how we can do Nandroids and/or write a new /System image (like Froyo)

Stay tuned, we know this is going to get very interesting in the coming days.  Might want to pay close attention to Birdman’s Twitter account as well.

Via:  Alldroid

Cheers Jason and Kyle!



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