Wanted: Moms and Dads with Teens to Beta Test App

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We were just presented with an interesting opportunity that involves a particular group of our Droid Life readers.  What we need, are the Moms and Dads out there who have teenagers with a license to drive plus an Android device.  (Scary! Hah.) Let me say that one more time…we need Moms and Dads with Android devices who have teenagers with Android devices that can can drive.  A family full of Droids!  Got it?  Cool.

What is the app?

If you fit those requirements, then you will have a chance to beta  test an app for 2 weeks which from the info I’ve been given, will allow you to view and  interact with data from your driving teen through your Android handset and a web portal.

How to sign up?

Once again, if you are a family full of Droid devices and want to test out an app (and possibly receive some cash for your efforts), then please send your info to the email address below:

[email protected]

And again, if you don’t meet the requirements, then try not to submit a request.  We don’t want to completely overwhelm them.

Thanks all!


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