V CAST Video App: Watch the World Cup at Work

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Anyone stuck in the office today while the opening matches of the World Cup are going on?  My inbox is telling me that at least a few of you are!  So Verizon, finally launched their V CAST video app and most people’s initial impression was, “Really?  $10 per month? $3 per day? On top of our data plan?  You kidding?!?”  A few of us though, realized immediately that this thing is actually pure gold.  For $10 bucks this month, you can watch all the World Cup you want while attempting to remain productive in your cubicle. +1 right there.

And for those of you not into soccer or sports, this V CAST app also does full TV episodes, news clips, pop culture and quite a bit more.  While this isn’t ground breaking or world changing, it is a nice option to have.

The app itself is free in the Android Market.

Huge thanks to @jamerson90 for forking out the $3 and capping all of these photos!



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