Monday Poll: Give Us 5 Forum Categories

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Yes, you can take this post as an official notice that the Droid Life Forum is becoming more and more of a reality.  Let’s just say that I expect this forum to be the most focused forum on the planet.  You won’t find 800 categories, sub-forums, and other empty spaces.  Instead, it’ll be concise, efficient, to the point and not filled with a lot of garbage.  Sort of like this blog!  So with that thought out in the open, we are looking for some feedback from readers who plan on utilizing them.

For today’s poll, you really just need to list out the 5 categories that you would like to see featured in a forum.  While we’ll likely have more than 5, you just need to list your 5 must-haves.  And feel free to get creative or provide additional details backing your list…

An example would be:

1.  General Discussions
2.  Applications
3.  Rooting Help
4.  Off-Topic
5.  News/Tips

So let us have it!


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