ADW Launcher Includes SenseUI Homescreens

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The newest launcher to sneak into the Android world packs too many options for me to even attempt to list out.  The ADW Launcher sort of found its way into a few forums over the last few days even though it appears to have been in several beta stages on the G1 without the mainstream world knowing.  My first impressions are, “Whoa!  It does that?  And that?  Wait…and that too?”  This is the most personalize-able (that a word?) launcher I’ve ever seen.  A mix of Helix, SenseUI,  Samsung Galaxy and so much more makes this thing easily worth an hour of your time.

Any bad news?  Yes.  At this time it’s only for rooted users.  While I know nothing of developing, this appears to need a couple of tweaks and it could be available for everyone.  Maybe once it steps out of beta?


  • Side-to-side scrolling in app drawer.
  • Adjust number of columns/rows in app drawer.
  • Persistent apps + hidden app bar.
  • Hide notification bar.
  • Press “home” key and see SenseUI styled screen preview.
  • Up to 7 home screens.
  • Way too many to list.

*Note 1* – The following instructions are performed using ClockworkdMod Recovery.

Instructions for installation…

1.  Download this file to the root of your SD card:  Version 0.7Beta7 (alt link)
2.  Reboot into recovery. (Power + X)
3.  Select “install zip from sdcard.”
4.  Select “choose zip from sdcard.”
5.  Scroll down and select “ADW.Launcher.0.7….zip.”
6.  After it finishes installing, hit the power button to return one menu.
7.  Reboot your phone.
8.  Choose the “Home” launcher when prompted.
9.  Done!

Comments or questions?

*Note 2* – Make sure to donate to the developer if you can.  Ander Webbs is his name as far as I can tell, and you can find his dedicated launcher page here.


Cheers Tim!



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