Revisiting Skype…Seriously No Wi-Fi? Try Fring!

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With zero 2.1 update news to toss at you, we might as well keep the Skype talk alive all day right?  For those of you just checking in, Skype launched right on time last night at midnight and generated all kinds of early excitement.  That excitement however, appears to have been pretty short lived once everyone actually had a chance to open the app and notice the “Skype mobile does not currently work on WiFi” message.  Not a misprint.  (Say what?)

My initial reaction was, “Who cares?  We get 3G everywhere!”  So I posed a question on Wi-Fi importance to Twitter and also checked out the comments on both our poll today and the original Skype post and am now turning to the Skype and Verizon screwed up side.  Here are a couple of questions to ask yourself…

What if I wanted to use Skype for its IM feature and I’m at home using Wi-Fi?  I guess I can’t.

What if I travel overseas and have no cell coverage?  Out of luck.

What if I’m off in the boonies with no coverage except the Wi-Fi at Billie Bob’s Chicken Fry?  Too bad.

What if I’m at work in a basement cubicle with terrible coverage?  No soup for you!

What if I’m at home with no coverage and my wife BlackBerry Skypes me?  S.O.L.!

Seriously no Wi-Fi?  Does the “does not currently” message mean that it will eventually?

An Alternative!

As many have already pointed out, there is a handy little app for free in the market called Fring which works over both Wi-Fi and 3G with your Skype account.  Oh, and it also allows you to connect to almost any IM program that you currently use.  Cha ching!


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