Android App Review: Executive Assistant

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Guest post written by Danny Darko, the craziest Droid maniac on the planet.  Danny is a technology freak who could bring to life a new piece of technology almost daily.  He may just be one of the most entertaining internet personalities I’ve ever met.  Enjoy his offerings!

Hello , my fellow Droiddicts!  First and foremost “thank you” to Kellex for hosting such an awesome blog where Droiders of all levels can enjoy all the fruits of the Android.  (Gotta love open source software.)  As a fellow Droider I am always looking for new and useful apps and the app that I am writing about today is called “Executive Assistant” by Appventive.

Executive Assistant is an all around app meaning it is a multi-purpose app.  There are up to 7 different widget variations with a very user friendly integration.  It has 5 functions by default, with 2 more as add-ons for social networking bringing the total to 7.  (Count kids, 7 functions, sweet? Right?)  And those 7 functions can be displayed 3 different ways:

1) Lock Screen (My personal choice.)
2) A Widget
3) Welcome Screen

Through those different displays, the functions are in order:  Phone, Gmail, Messaging, Feeds (Google Reader by default) and Calendar. You can even set each icon to have a preferred app for that specific function and also launch apps, return missed calls, check your voicemail, or even dial Google Voice.

You can leave a number in the app in case the phone is lost.  Whatever number you leave is displayed at the top of the lock screen stating, “If found Please Call 123-456-7890″ which I feel is a great plus. We all know how easy it is to lose your phone so, every little bit helps.

You can add Twitter and Facebook to the app, so that you can stay in touch with what’s happening in your world; never missing a beat. Just like the other functions you can set Twitter and Facebook to your preferred apps of choice. (Hootsuite baby!)

You can use this as a lock screen which does not wear on the battery as much as other lock screen applications do.  I have found no problems with battery life using the app in that capacity.

There is also a payed version of the app which is called Executive Assistant + which comes with some hidden features meaning they took the ads out of it.  So to sum it up this app treats you like an A-lister.  You will never have to use 7 different apps to keep your life up to date, again.  Go to the market and grab yourself a personal assistant “Executive style” and rock out with your assistant out.   Droooooiiiiiid#1


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