android app review: launcher+ and home switcher

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while we all sit and wait for the android 2.1 update with 5+ screens to arrive, we wanted to point out a home replacement app which is on the market right now for free that allows you to have up to 7 screens without completely changing the look of your device.  you get to keep your standard launcher, look, color scheme and all, but you get to have a ton of screens.  that app is called launcher+ and is made by the same crew that supports home++.

also, while we’re whipping through this quick app, we wanted to point out an app called home switcher for those of you with multiple home replacement apps that need an easy way to jump back and forth between them.

video action to follow…

update 3/5 1:25pm:  there have been a couple of additional tips for the launcher+ pointed out in the comments and i wanted to make sure you all saw them:

  • long press on the menu button and you get a helicopter or mini-card view of your screens.
  • if you hold an app shortcut over the trash bin for 2 seconds, you can uninstall it.
  • thanks pierre!


launcher+                                       home switcher


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