3 part video series: rooting/unrooting your droid with droidmod 1.0

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on sunday, we dropped a post which covered the new droidmod.org team and the release of droidmod v1.0. this essentially replaced the sholesmod updater which we all remember as the easiest way to root your phone, install a custom rom, and then if you choose to do so, return your phone back to its “stock” or default state.

included in that original post, was a few videos showing many of you the final result including the ever-popular live wallpapers in action.  we even tossed out another post the next day in a question and answer format to help those of you along in the process in case you decided to go the “rooted” route.  since then, we’ve heard from many users who have decided to use droidmod 1.0 with little issues and that’s great to hear.

now, those of you we’ve heard from who are still undecided about the process and want a little extra help, we’ve put together a 3 part video series to make you feel a little more at ease.

throughout the rest of the day, we’ll release these 3 videos which will walk you through the entire process.  we’ll start with step one which is rooting your device, follow that up with installing droidmod 1.0 with live wallpapers and finish it off by returning your phone back to stock.

so if you’re down, let’s get right into it…


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