download and install quake 3 on your motorola droid

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the video we had up earlier showing off quake 3 on your motorola droid got us all excited to attempt to install it ourselves.  luckily we have the best readers on the planet and one of them dusted off his quake 3 disk and sent us all the files needed!  within minutes we were dominating some q3.

so here we go!  the following instructions and files will get quake 3 running as smooth as ever on your motorola droid.  and once again, thanks guanako for putting all this together.

instructions for installation…

1.  Download and install this file:  kwaak3.apk
2.  Download this file to your PC:  quake3.rar
3.  Mount your phone to your PC.
4.  Extract contents to the root directory of your phone.
5.  You should have a folder in your root called “quake3” with a folder inside called “baseq3” which has 9 “.pk3” files.
6.  Go back to your app drawer and open kwaak3.  (You may have 2, use either one.)
7.  Enjoy!

*note* – the file is large, like 416mb large

controls for the game…

-Movement: a/s/w/d, up/down arrows
-Look: touch screen, trackball and left/right arrows
-Shooting: Alt / D-pad center / tap on screen / trackball
-Tilde (quake3 console): search button
-Escape: back button

for more info head over to the developer’s site.

on a side note, you all seriously just keep amazing me everyday and make it incredibly easy to keep pumping stuff into this site.  thank you very much for continuing to read this little blog of mine.


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