SeePU android app – slow running motorola droid?

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been wondering if your droid really is running incredibly slow?  well now you can know for sure with the new app from developer “latedroid.”  with the release of SeePU, you can check the cpu and memory usage on your phone to give you an idea on how efficiently it is running.

the simple way to explain this app, is to have you enable it and tap on the “CPU/memory” button.  this will give you a 2 sided bar in your notification area with your cpu usage on the left side and your free memory on the other.

  • while your phone is sitting idle, you want the left hand bar to be completely black which would mean your phone is processing nothing 
  • and your right hand bar a full green color meaning you have all memory available.
  • (you want it to look like the picture at the top of this post.)

now if your phone is constantly showing orange bars, it might be time to dig deeper into your phone’s processes as you may have something in need of a fix.

download here…


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