all nexus one 2.1 apps ported to droid in action

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on a slow friday in the motorola droid world we were handed this awesome video.  it comes from reader @johnpariah who took the time to install all of the android 2.1 apps we’ve been raving about and then provided evidence of their awesomeness.  he also took a look at beautiful widgets which is a paid app worth your $2…

on a side note, during the video he comments on us porting all of these apps over ourselves which i need to correct him on. while i’d love to take all the credit in the world, my conscience can’t allow that.

just look at this blog as an outlet for all things motorola droid so that you don’t need to spend countless hours sifting through the trenches trying to find the latest and greatest updates. we’re essentially your average user, but one that loves us some droid hacks and news!


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