current list of nexus one 2.1 apps ported to android 2.0.1

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to keep everyone up-to-date on android 2.1 apps available for your motorola droid, we thought it was time for a summary post…

1.  nexus one / sense ui 2.1 launcher –  very similar to the original 2.1 launcher we posted but has the look of htc’s sense ui.  it also feels a little more stable and has some of the bugs fixed from previous version.  if you ever get stuck, make sure to hit the “home” button to free up the phone again.

2.  flan(eclair) gallery 2.1 – an incredible upgrade from the gallery on our 2.0.1 devices.  “flick” features are everywhere, sharing is nicer, and even has slideshow capabilities when working with multimedia dock.

3.  genie news and weather 2.1 – customizable news in a reader style format plus weather.  3 widget options available with certain versions working nicely with the new 2.1 clock app.

4.  launcher 2.1 – the app we all were hoping worked flawlessly, but unfortunately doesn’t completely deliver.  gives you 5 screens, a new launcher, quick buttons and card style shortcuts.  too bad for landscape bugs and intermittent crashes.

5.  music app 2.1 – needs to be installed on your 2.0.1 device.  this music upgrade, although not groundbreaking, adds some minor features which makes music playing so much nicer.

6.  clock app 2.1 – a fun app which can replace your current docking app and also act as a stand-alone for those without docks.  works great with flan gallery and genie weather.

7.  flan(eclair) gallery 2.1 w/ multi-touch –  same as the previous gallery but includes multi-touch or pinch-to-zoom.  also has much quicker load times for photos.

any other nexus one apps you  want or have heard of?  any bugs with this current selection?  any tips to show off?


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