install launcher.apk from android 2.1 onto 2.0.1

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how does having the launcher from android 2.1 on your android 2.0.1 device sound?  (yay!)

since we won’t be seeing the update to android 2.1 anytime soon according to verizon and motorola, we thought the least we could do is give you the launcher from it.

steps for installing:

1.  go into settings -> applications and check the “unknown sources” box.
2.  visit this post from your phone’s browser.
3.  tap and download this file onto your phone:  launcher2.apk   (alt link)
4.  tap on the downloaded application once it has finished.
5.  install it and hit “done” when finished.
6.  tap your “home” button (yes the house).
7.  when prompted select “launcher” and check the box to make it your default.
8.  done

update 1/24:  here is our video tutorial of the 2.1 launcher in action!

after you’ve installed and set it as your default launcher, you’ll notice that it wiped out all of the application shortcuts and widgets from your 3 screens. this is sort of an inconvenience, but setting those back up is not difficult. oh, and you’ll now have 5 screens to play with instead of cramming such few things into 3. cheers.

if you need further info, check out this post at (thank you!)


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