top 10 motorola droid apps

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wanted to give you just a quick rundown of my favorite 10 marketplace applications after having my motorola droid for a full week…

1.  twidroid – this is a no brainer.  if yer a tech saavy machine like i am and have multiple blogs, then you need to have twitter. so far this seems to be the best twitter app for the droid and is free.  there is an upgraded version out there which costs money, but i have yet to see a reason to do so.

2.  google places directory – without a workable yelp application available, we checked out google places directory and it seems to work great.  it knows where you are, lists a ton of places around you and until yelp arrives, can’t be beat.

3.  meebo im – solid im application that works with all of your im logins.  you can have everything from facebook to gtalk to yahoo to msn messenger all working at the same time.  too easy.

4.  locale – one of the coolest ideas to date.  you can tell your phone to do certain tasks depending on where you are in the world.  when i’m at home, i have my wifi come on automatically and when i’m at work i have my phone switch to silent.  all without touching a button.

5.  advanced task killer -new droid running slow?  probably because of all those applications running in the background.  a.t.k. will list them out and let you choose which ones should stay running.

6.  sportstap – what else is there to use for sports updates?  no one tops sportstap.

7.  opentable – need a reservation at some fancy restaurant in your city?  opentable is easily the best available.

8.  easymoney – i put every single one of my bills in this bad boy and it reminds me to pay them all.  how great is that?  its a trial version for 30 days and i have yet to find out how much the full version goes for.  i’ll keep you updated.

9. weatherbug -works in the background to update you on crazy weather happenings and also adds the current temperature to your notifications bar.  love it.

10.  wi-fi on/off – if you aren’t using locale, then you should have this app.  without having to go into your settings, you just tap the icon for this app and it toggles your wifi.

any favorites that i missed?


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