Zooper Widget Pro Receives Update, Features Fancy New UI

An update is rolling out to users of Zooper Widget Pro, the application we use to bring you many of our hot widget recommendations. In the update, the app has received a fantastic overhaul in the design department, allowing for easier understanding of what exactly is going on.

Before this update, when I first opened Zooper back in the day, I was almost overwhelmed by all of the customizable options and icons. Now, labels and the overall workflow is much easier to understand when applying widget skins, which is greatly appreciated.  (more…)

This Zooper Widget is Hot: Plastix

A couple of weeks ago, Tim gave you a quick list of three apps you should probably own, one of which was Zooper Widget Pro. For those into custom clock and weather widgets, Zooper is easily the best available because of its openness that allows you to build your own clocks or quickly install those made by the pros. One of those “pro” made designs that we couldn’t help but feature, is Plastix. This, is by all means, one of the coolest Zooper skins I have seen in a while.  (more…)

3 Apps You Need to Own Right Now

Apps are what make our smartphones so important to us, not just the phone itself. Without so many great applications available on Android, then who knows, maybe we would all have iOS devices. Thankfully, that is not the case.

Whenever we are setting up a new device, there is a set list of apps we instantly download from Google Play, as using our phones without them would just be unfulfilling.

Below, we will go over 3 apps that always get loaded onto our devices. The point being, if you don’t already have these apps installed yourself, then we recommend you check them out immediately.

Ready to blow some of that Google Opinion Rewards money?  (more…)

Check Out “Zooper By Beard” and “Pastelus,” Two Great New Zooper Widget Skins

On the hunt for new ways to spruce up your home screen on this fine Monday? These two new Zooper Widget skins may be good enough to be worth your money.

First, we have two great designers, La Barba and Richard Colon, who have come together to create twelve minimal widgets as part of Zooper By Beard. The other widgets we’re mentioning today come from the Pastelus pack, made by the developer of Cryten (an icon pack we’re fond of). (more…)

Top 5 Zooper Widget Skins: February 2014

Customization is a huge part of Android, and part of that starts right on your home screen. A lot of us use many tools to achieve home screen perfection, including UCCW and Zooper Widget. We’ve gone over the best UCCW widgets in our Icons and UCCW series, so we thought we may as well start to show you our picks for the best of Zooper.

Here are five good options for February. (more…)

Zooper Widget for Android – Weather, Battery Info, and More in a Minimal Look

Widgets are one of the easy ways to take a boring homescreen and turn it into something tasteful and useful to look at. A new widget that has been taking control of my homescreens is Zooper Widget. It allows me to add tons of info right on my screen like a weather forecast, battery stats, calendar, and many options for different clocks, while still keeping a clean and organized look.

There’s a free version for those to test out and a paid version which unlocks all of the available widget settings. If you’re also into the classy, minimal look, give it a shot.

Play Link: Free | Pro ($1.99)