Beta Version of Utter! Released to Play Store, Most Powerful Voice Actions App to Date?

Utter!, a voice actions Android app that we covered months ago, went into beta today, and then entered the Google Play store. While we normally roll our eyes at the never-ending string of Siri knock-off style apps that have come to our favorite mobile platform, Utter! is quite different. It’s creator had one focus – to make Utter! “super functional and fast.”  (more…)

Utter! Reaches Early Alpha Stage and Has an APK Ready For Testing, Call It (N)utter!

Last time we checked on Utter! it was still a little rough around the edges and not ready for release yet. The start-up voice recognition app demonstrated much more functionality than most Android Siri clones when it debuted and garnered a lot of deserved attention. Today the app isn’t much more ready for primetime but an early-alpha APK is being released for people who want to test it for bugs. In the words of brandall, Utter!’s creator:

The apk below is ONLY a framework release – It contains NO functionality and it will definitely NOT be stable! It’s NOT utter!

NOT utter! = (NOT)utter! = (N)utter! = (n)utter! = nutter!

It’s quite apparent that if you’re looking for a finished application, this is not your time to download. But if you want to help test this app and move it forward towards a very promising finished product head on over to XDA and download the APK now.

Via: XDA 

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Video: Utter! Not Just Another Siri For Android


We have put spotlights on a couple apps that try to replicate the usefulness that iPhone users receive with Siri. None of them have really been able to fully grasp the everyday handiness exactly like Siri, but then again, that’s what makes it Siri. Enter a new player called Utter! The app doesn’t just message people and make calendar events, but can control many aspects of your smartphone that we once thought would be not possible.

What if you could ask your phone how much battery it had left? What if you told your device to reboot into the bootloader or even tell it what to have your processor clocked at? Utter! is in an early beta stage and is not available for download yet, but let’s hope we see it make a great debut sometime soon. Watch the full video and see what all the hype on Utter! is.

Via: Reddit, Android Police