The Tato Series: An Interview with CVPCS of Sapphire

Well…..Hello there lovely readers of Droid-Life! Boy, has it been busy around here! We got an IRC Channel, we got OTA’s, and even Manual Updates! Plus, you can expect it to get busier!

Time for a break and a nice lil’ sit down with one of my favorite peoples in the Android Community, Mr. CVPCS of the most righteous Sapphire ROM. You guys may know me for my non stop flashing of different ROM’s and themes, but if I had just one choice for a “backup” emergency ROM….it would be Sapphire. *sheds tear* It’s very good!

Anyways, enough of the emotional stuff. TechDeft and I had a great time chatting it up with CVPCS and are very excited to share this with you!



Tim-o-tato: So, its great to chat with you as always CVPCS. For the people who might not recognize the handle, mind giving us your name and what it is you do?

Cvpcs: My name is Austen Dicken, and I am currently a software developer full time over the summer and full time student in the fall/winter/spring.

Tim-o-tato: What is  it you are currently in school for?

Cvpcs: Computer science and Mathematics (double major)

Tim-o-tato: From your work, I would say that’s just about right!

TechDeft: Is the development you mention just android or professional as well?


The Tato Custom ROM Manifest!

WELL! We had a sweeeet idea floating around and here we are today. With tons of time to fill waiting to find Kellex and for that darn Froyo Update on the D-Inc, I have decided to start a manifest of *almost* ALL custom ROM’s. This is my way of making droid-*life* easy on all you.

I know there are screen shots of mostly all of them, but there is never full write ups from the people who really use them. I think it would be great to get real user opinions out there for people to read and also see. Sometimes forums are just TOO jumbled to find what you’re looking for. 🙂

So I am taking comments below about what YOU (the droid-lifers) want to see! What type of reviews do you want? Check lists of features, “smoothness”, lag, aesthetics? You tell me, and I’ll make it happen….as always! The possibilities are pretty much endless.


-Tim-o-tato and everyone here at Droid-Life

Thanks everyone for the great ideas! Droid-Lifers are the best!

Picture is credit to: Cyanogen Mod

The Tato Series: An Interview with ChevyNo1

HELLO DROID-LIFE! Well as much as I promise, I also deliver. 😉

We had such great feedback last week that this will become a weekly series on Droid-Life! Can I get a “heck yes”?!? I have had some awesome interviews lately and I (we) really can’t wait to share all it all with each and every single one of you.

Me and TechDeft (TechDeft and I?) had the supreme pleasure to chat it up with Doug (aka ChevyNo1, aka Kernel Masta, aka Mr. Simply Stunning). If you are in the rooted community, then you know this name. If you are non-rooted, you know this name. Let’s face it……you know his name!! So without further ado I give my second installment of The Tato Series. This place has become my second home. After Facebook of course 😉



The Tato Series: An Interview with Peter Alfonso

Hey everyone~

Welcome to an idea I’ve had in my brain for a little while. I thought to myself how cool it would be to chat “Q&A” style with Androids most popular and hard to reach Developers. To try and get under the surface a bit and see just what these guys are all about. My buddy and fellow reader TechDeft have decided to track these people down and ask them the questions we think everyone wants the answers to!

Last week I had a rare privilege to sit down (at a computer) with Mr. Peter Alfonso, the man behind one of the most popular custom ROMs to date, ‘Bugless Beast’. As a fan and frequent user myself I was very excited and even nervous to be chatting with him. As it turns out though, he is a super easy going and NICE guy! We love that! Makes for an easy chat and we hope you like it as much as we did! 🙂



Tim-o-tato: So Mr. Pete, if you could for people who may not know (live under a rock), could you please introduce yourself and tell us what you do?

Pete: Well, people call me Pete. By day I am a student and employee at Advance Auto Parts and by night I work on Bugless Beast. Currently in my second year of college.

TechDeft: College student?  Whats your major?

Pete: Currently I’m finishing my last semester at a local community college. My major is computer science. I recently switched it.

Tim-o-tato: What were you taking before?

Pete: I used to want to pursue a career as an orthodontist but then I bought a Droid and my life changed 😛  So most of my classes I completed are no longer needed for Computer Science major so I am a bit behind in school now.

TechDeft: So you wanted to give people braces and now you want to do comp sci!  And you saw Droid commercials, and now you are going to program. That’s quite a shift!  Were friends and family surprised?

Pete: Well to be honest I have no idea what sparked the orthodontist thing. I had braces when I was younger and most parents tell their kids, “Your going to be a doctor when you grow up” so I just went with it. Once I decided to switch my family was not surprised. My mom works for IBM, I think she knew it was going to happen sooner or later.

Tim-o-tato: How did you hear about the Android OS? Or the Droid in general.

Read the rest of the interview with Pete after the jump! (more…)