Interview: Roman Birg, Lead Developer of the Android Open Kang Project

Owners of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus have surely heard the name Android Open Kang Project (AOKP). It is undoubtedly one of the most, if not thee most commonly used custom ROM available for select devices. I have had the opportunity to have a quick session with lead developer Roman Birg of AOKP and ask him some questions to get inside the mind of one of today’s top developers.   (more…)

The Tato Series: An Interview With Liquidzgrl – One of the Few Female Android Developers


I was fortunate enough to snag some time with an upcoming developer who’s work can be found for many HTC Thunderbolt devices if they search hard enough through the forums. The neat thing about this developer is that they are an incredible multi-tasker just like the platform they work on. A mother, full-time worker, and part-time Android developer. Impressive. Her name is Misty and she goes by Liquidzgrl on the web, and she creates ROMs and themes for the Thunderbolt.

Down below you can read my conversation with her on starting to develop, being a mom and still having time for a hobby, and possibly being the only underground Android developer who just so happens to be a girl. (more…)

The Tato Series: An Interview With Fede Of LauncherPro

So, anyone who knows me should know two things about me:  I love Sapphire and I love me some good ol’ LauncherPro.  When it comes to launchers though there are lots of choices other than LP like ADW, Stock, Helix, and the list goes on. Well we took a poll a lil’ while ago to show what our readers were using then, (Time for an updated poll? I think so!) but there was one launcher missing from that list that lately has pretty much wiped the floor with the competition. That Launcher, is none other than LauncherPro.

Besides ADW, LauncherPro is the definitive Home replacement application. With a widely growing list of widgets and customizable  features…who could argue? I have been fortunate enough to score some time with the man behind the app, Mr. Federico Carnales. Please enjoy this as much as I did; he was a sincere pleasure to talk to!   (more…)

Custom Theme Friday: RZ Alien Darkness for BB V0.5

Another great week down!  We had Kellex at OpenFeint in my neck of the woods (That was fun.).  We got 4G on the Droid Incredible? And I’m changing the name of the IRC to CCROM-Life? More about that after the break…or not.

So since the release of Bugless Beast Version Zero Point Five, I have been looking for a theme to throw on top and I think I have found someone who knows what I’m shooting for. Widgets, whole APK’s, Pulldown Menu, and even your Mommas Pajamas are themed here! Yes, please!

I present RZ Alien Darkness by ‘RaidZero’.  Enjoy… (more…)

The Tato Series: An Interview With JRummy16

Exciting times around here seeing as how Kellex’s Droid X finally got some 2.2 love, but I wish all you DX users the best. (I was skeptical hehe.)

I got to have a very fun chat with JRummy the other day and can tell he is a very well spoken, smart individual. Throughout the Tato Series I have yet to converse with anyone that hasn’t come off as someone who isn’t extremely nice and knowledgeable in their respective fields including JRummy. Put all these guys in one room and North America might explode!

Task Killers, nicknames, future of LithiumMod, and even a possible interview with “The Great Tim-o-tato”? Ha! We’ll see about that!

Continue on…. (more…)

Custom Theme Friday: Invertnito by ‘Shocka2430’ for Sapphire

Happy Friday everyone! Now we all know Mrpicolas is a master of customizing home screens with a bunch of cool widgets and apps to make it look how you want, but may I just say, I think I know how to make a pretty cool home screen myself. I am a more reserved ‘less is more’ type of guy and can’t really enjoy looking at a bunch of clutter. (I need order!)  And let me tell you, that’s what makes this theme quite nice. Thanks to Ludacrosse05 (for always hooking it up Bro Status) I am able to tinker with a bunch of imagery.

Last week we had a few people wanting a lighter theme. Is this light enough for you?

This is the Invertnito theme by Shocka2430 based on BGill55’s Incognito theme but, you guessed it….Inverted! I’m usually not a white notification bar kinda guy, but I will admit that this theme is extremely clean. Good job Shocka and BGill!

Instructions on installation after the jump!


The Tato Series: An Interview With InsaneNemesis Of Shadow ROM

HOWDY D-L! Hope everyone is having a great week!

So I have had the chance recently to sit down for a bit with Aaron aka “InsaneNemesis” (definitely the most brutal Dev name so far). I’ve been following him personally for a while and have passed a lot of cool stuff on to Kellex and even demanded he post this all the way back in July! He complied….

When I heard Aaron (17 year old whiz) was working on a new project I knew I just had to catch up with him and have him give me the scoop and how this young dude got into all this! I give you the 4th installment of The Tato Series!


Tim-o-tato: Hello sir! Mind introducing yourself for anyone  who may not know you?

InsaneNemesis: Hello my name is  Aaron (InsaneNemesis) and I develop for ShadowROM. I am 17  years old and am currently a Senior in High School.

Tim-o-tato:Wow! How long have you been developing  for the community?

Custom Theme Friday: Drop Theme for Sapphire

Tato’s Homescreen!

Hey everyone! Hope you’re all doing well this glorious Friday! What an amazing week here at Droid-Life! We’ve been running our Live Supprt IRC Channel, and now have our very own Droid Life Forum! It’s turning into an amazingly glorious place to be and I am completely honored to be here as a part of it. *Note: I always tear up when writing these*

So, this week we have an truly beautiful theme for Sapphire 1.0.0 for you; it’s called the Drop Theme by Pandroid. I’m sure most people here have heard of Dark Edge. Well imagine if Dark Edge had a “sexy cousin”. That is this theme. So, come on and take the plunge and give it a shot!

Downloads and install instructions after the jump…