NVIDIA Launches TegraZone.com, Updates App, and Wants to Give Away 5 Acer Iconia Tabs to Celebrate

The folks at NVIDIA are taking this mobile gaming thing as serious as anyone these days.  For months now, we have enjoyed their TegraZone app which highlights any game that has been optimized for devices running Tegra processors.  So to help further influence this world of mobile gaming, NVIDIA has unveiled the new TegraZone.com website as well as an easier way for developers to submit games that they believe are on good enough to be featured as a Tegra-optimized title.

Through this new site, you’ll find many of the same great features you found through the TegraZone app (which updated today by the way), only you can access it from anywhere and at any time.  You will see high res screenshots, videos, interviews with developers, and more.

Oh, and to celebrate the launch of all this gaming goodness, NVIDIA is giving away five (5) Acer Iconia Tabs, plus 15 t-shirts.

Enter the contest | Visit TegraZone.com | Market Link

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