NGGG Tablet Giveaway #4 – Win an Asus Transformer, Jambox and $25 Gift Card from NVIDIA and the Tegra Zone

The final week of the November Gobbler Gaming Giveaway is here, folks! Thanks to NVIDIA, we have already given away three premium Android tablets powered by their Tegra 2 processor to three amazing DL community members. So to go out with a bang, we have one more tablet (Asus Transformer) to give away along with a prize pack that includes a Jawbone Jambox speaker and a $25 giftcard so that you can buy all of the top games from the Tegra Zone. It has been a wild month to say the least, so let’s just jump right into this one and see how many entries we can total. Last week we saw over 3,900 – can we top it?  (more…)

Qualcomm Launches GameCommand, Easily Find Games Optimized For Your Snapdragon Powered Device

Taking after NVIDIA’s TegraZone app, Qualcomm has announced GameCommand.  Finding games made especially for your Snapdragon device has become a whole lot more fun.  The idea is simple – through an app, showcase some great looking games made specifically for Snapdragon processors.  Allow users to then buy the games leaving you with a bunch of happy consumers.

As games start looking more and more polished on mobile devices, people are becoming more interested in buying higher priced titles.  Qualcomm is seeing this trend and are helping Android game developers create better looking games.  This is a huge plus for us as consumers.  On the flip side, some games will be made exclusively for Snapdragon processors, allowing for extra features to be developed into the apps.  But that will also force people to start making tougher decisions when they buy an Android tablet.  (more…)

NGGG Tablet Giveaway #3 – Win a Galaxy Tab 10.1, Jambox and $25 Gift Card from NVIDIA and the Tegra Zone

It’s week 3 of the November Gobbler Gaming Giveaway brought to you by NVIDIA, the Tegra Zone and Droid Life! We have already handed out a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Asus Transformer during the first two weeks, but things are about to get even spicier. For these last two giveaways, we have tablets along with prize packs that include a Jawbone Jambox speaker and a $25 gift card. If you had been thinking of ways to take your tablet gaming to the next level, then adding in one of these top-0f-the-line mobile speakers and some money to spend on games like Shadowgun is how you can do it.  (more…)

And the Winner of NGGG #2 and an Asus Transformer is…

Last week, we announced our November Gobbler Gaming Giveaway (NGGG), a month long contest that includes four (4) NVIDIA Tegra 2 powered tablets and a couple of gaming-inspired prize packs. Each week, we will hand out a different tablet, with the prize packs (Jamboxes and $25 gift cards) being tacked on to the last two giveaways. Up first was the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 followed by the Asus Transformer this week that you are seeing in the photo above. This is hands down one of the top two Android tablets on the market today, even after being out for a number of months. Time for someone new to experience one of the most updated Android devices to date.  (more…)

NGGG Tablet Giveaway #2 – Win an Asus Transformer from NVIDIA and the Tegra Zone

Week 2 of the November Gobbler Gaming Giveaway starts now! Thanks to NVIDIA and the Tegra Zone, we are handing out a total of 4 tablets to the fine folks here at Droid Life over the next few weeks. We gave one away last Friday, but there are still 3 more up for grabs, including two at the end of the month that have been bundled with Jawbone Jambox speakers and $25 gift cards. It’s going to be a wild finish to the end, so be sure to check back often for details on the latest event. For this week though, let’s see what we have in store.  (more…)

NGGG Tablet Giveaway #1 – Win a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 from NVIDIA and the Tegra Zone

Welcome to the first November Gobbler Gaming Giveaway (NGGG)! NVIDIA, the Tegra Zone and Droid Life are on a mobile gaming inspired mission to get brand new tablets in the hands of as many of you as we can. Over the next month you will have the opportunity to win 1 of 4 Tegra 2 powered slates (a couple of bonus packs as well) so that you can enjoy some of the console-quality games that have/will be hitting the market over the next few months.

For our first week, we have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 up for grabs. We reviewed this tablet already, but wanted to reiterate the fact that this might be our favorite Android tablet of them all. It’s ultra-slim, weighs practically nothing, and has one of the more vivid and beautifully 10.1″ screens you will see on any mobile device. Plus, with its dual-core processor (Tegra 2), 1GB of RAM and sleek look, it will take you into the future even as we see quad-core tablets around the corner.   (more…)

SHADOWGUN for Tegra 2 Devices Should Be Out October 26

The much anticipated SHADOWGUN that has been demoed and teased for months is finally going to make it to the market, according to Madfinger games who produces it. October 26 is the day for anyone with a Tegra 2 device, meaning it will be available in the Tegra Zone for a price of $4.99.

We have actually had a chance to play it a bit and can easily say that the future of mobile gaming looks very bright. We all know that a quad-core-enhanced version of the game is one the way as well, but trust me, the Tegra version looks very, very impressive.

On a related note, what would you say if I told you that we had a Tegra 2 tablet, Jambox and giftcard to give away to celebrate the release of it? Would you be interested? Stay tuned for details as we approach the launch date.   (more…)

Sprinkle Released as the Newest Tegra-Optimized Game, Will Have Kal-El Support in the Near Future

Along with the launch of NVIDIA’s, we get a new Tegra-optimized game to check out called Sprinkle.  As a “water physics-based puzzler”, you’ll see some of the more polished graphics and water physics of any game on the market.  The idea is simple – put out fires using an adjustable water cannon.  Completing that task isn’t always so simple though, and requires you to reach back to your childhood fire hose days for inspiration.

The game is available for $1.99 today in the market along with its 46 levels that can be unlocked by tapping 5 fingers on the screen.

*Note – There will be a Kal-El-optimized version of Sprinkle once a device running that new processor has been made available.   (more…)