Samsung Stratosphere 2 Poses in Press Images on Twitter, the Keyboard Lives on!

The Samsung Stratosphere 2 and its physical keyboard may still be on the way. A fresh press render showed up today, even though it has been 2 months since we last saw the device enter Verizon’s Equipment Guide. This could be a sign that the phone will be announced at any moment, or it could be a leftover image that has finally surfaced.

We know the Stratosphere 2 will have a 4″ Super AMOLED display, physical slideout keyboard, 4G LTE, and a much faster processor than its predecessor. We’re under the assumption that the device runs a Snapdragon S4 dual-core, just like the Galaxy S3. Other than that, this device will sport Samsung’s TouchWiz, probably over the top of Ice Cream Sandwich, and launch at a reasonable mid-range phone price.

For keyboard lovers, this may one of your last options for a phone with a physical keyboard. Well, Motorola still seems willing to make them, but that could change now with their new executive team.

Via:  @evleaks

Verizon’s Epic Q4 Roadmap, Which Will be Your Next Smartphone?

Over the last week or so, the holiday lineup on Verizon has really started to take shape. Most companies took to press events at the end of August and beginning of September to announce their Q4 devices for Big Red, while others have remained slightly silent. Thanks to a handful of leaks and rumors though, we have been given a clear enough picture that we can at least start to talk about it. Verizon may have introduced questionable shared data plans, however, they still have the biggest LTE network in the land, and are also about to take back the “best device lineup in the land” crown as well. Q4 of 2012 is going to be a time to remember in the history of smartphones.

How are you going to decide which phone to get? Let’s walk through the expected lineup, with potential dates, and see if we can’t help.  (more…)

Samsung Stratosphere 2 and LG Spectrum 2 Also on the Way to Verizon

According to Verizon’s Equipment Guide, they are planning to introduce follow-ups to two of their late-2011, early-2012 devices. The Samsung Stratosphere, aka the first 4G LTE slider, will get a refresh and be released as the Stratosphere 2 (SCH-I415). We aren’t seeing much for specs that would impress, but are assuming it’ll sport a Snapdragon S4. What 4G LTE phone doesn’t these days, right? Otherwise, we know it’ll have a 4″ Super AMOLED display, and carry the exact same form factor as its predecessor.  (more…)