Moov Wants to be Your Personal Fitness Coach, Make You Better at Fitness

Fitness bands and trackers are everywhere these days. Some have AMOLED screens, others still use layers of LED lights to give you basic info, and a handful lack interfaces altogether, instead relying on companion apps to do the dirty work. For the most part, none of that really differentiates one from the other because all pretty much do the same thing – they log hours of fitness info and expect you do figure the rest out on your own.

What if a smart band or fitness tracker could not only log your workouts, but also instruct you on how to get better at them? What if you could improve your running form or swimming stroke or golf swing by wearing a tracker on your leg, arm, or body? A new product called Moov aims to do exactly that.  (more…)

Flyfit Brings Fitness Bands to Your Ankle Through Kickstarter, Lojack Jokes Welcomed

What do you do as an entrepreneur when you find something like the smartband market growing in popularity yet are hesitant to enter it because it is completely flooded by competitors? Apparently, you build the same exact product for an athletes ankle. And that brings us to the latest Kickstarter (did you change your password yet?) project that appears to be on its way to guaranteed funding. It’s called Flyfit, and yes, it’s a smartband for your ankle. It’s an anklet!  (more…)

Fitbit Force Review

If CES 2014 was any indication, 2014 is going to be the year of wearable technology. The story of the Fitbit Force extends a little bit earlier than that, but now Fitbit finds itself in the middle of an overly saturated fitness band/wearable technology market. Fitbit might not have the sexy brand of Nike or the respected Android history of Motorola, but the Force is looking to distinguish itself. The question is, with so many other options out there, is the Fitbit Force worth your money? Let’s find out. (more…)

Tuesday Poll: Are You Interested in a Smartband?

It seems that wearable technology is going to be riding shotgun this year, with just about every consumer electronics manufacturer under the sun taking up some type of project concerning a device that either tracks your health, shows your notifications, or something along those lines. At CES 2014, we were practically bombarded with a ton of smartbands and new Android-powered smartwatches, and while a few certainly look more intriguing than others, it’s clear that a lot of money is being invested in the wearable field.

We already know that many of our readers are rocking Pebble smartwatches or even Galaxy Gear devices, but for those who don’t want to spend crazy amounts of cash on those things, the smartband is a new trend that seems to be catching on pretty quickly. We saw one in particular at CES that caught our eye, the Razer Nabu, which features notifications for your smartphone, as well as all of the health tracking software you would expect. Smartbands are essentially the same concept as smartwatches, but are less about the flashy looks with higher price tags, and more about the overall value.

After writing up the Nabu, we saw a lot of interest from our community in smartbands, so it’s time we did a poll to see just how interested you all are. Let’s hear your thoughts down below.

Are you interested in smartbands?

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