NVIDIA Renames GRID to GeForce NOW, Launches October 1 for $7.99 a Month

NVIDIA’s game streaming service known as GRID, available on most NVIDIA-made devices for the past year or so, including SHIELD, SHIELD Tablet and SHIELD Portable, will now be known as GeForce NOW and include a monthly subscription price of $7.99. This subscription nets you access to 50+ gaming titles, all stored on NVIDIA’s cloud servers. So, essentially, it’s Netflix for Gaming(more…)

Having Issues With Your SHIELD Pro (500GB Model) After 1.4 Update?

If you happen to be a consumer of everything NVIDIA, things may not be going too well. After a recall of nearly 90,000 SHIELD Tablets, it appears a few owners of the SHIELD Pro, the 500GB model of the SHIELD Android TV set-top box, are experiencing a severely crippling bug after installing the 1.4 update.

NVIDIA notes that less than 1% of SHIELD Pro owners have been diagnosed with having a hard drive issue that can worsen over time. You will know if your SHIELD is affected if you see the fastboot menu during the update process, which is not normal. For those affected, NVIDIA is asking you to replace your SHIELD unit, with them footing the bill.  (more…)

NVIDIA Pushes Updates to SHIELD and SHIELD Portable

NVIDIA is pushing updates out to the SHIELD Portable and SHIELD Android TV set-top box, both of which are quite minor. For Portable owners, this update will treat you to a button functionality change, with the NVIDIA button now going to the SHIELD Hub app instead of performing a Voice Search. In addition, the Start/Play button now behaves as it did when your device was on Kit Kat. (more…)

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NVIDIA SHIELD Now Available on the Google Store for $199

This seems like something that should have happened from day 1, but the NVIDIA SHIELD gaming system that NVIDIA doesn’t want to call a gaming system, is now available on the Google Store. It’s priced at $199, just like it is everywhere else.

As a recap, the NVIDIA SHIELD runs Android TV and can act as the media hub for your living room. It plays 4K content from places like YouTube and Netflix, is a gaming beast with its Tegra X1 chipset, 256-core GPU, and controller built for gamers, and also looks pretty damn sweet.  (more…)

NVIDIA SHIELD Gains Support for Seven New Games on Google Play

Seven new games for NVIDIA SHIELD owners are available for download through Google Play today, a few of which were downloadable for other regular smartphones and tablets, but were not supported on the Android TV platform.

The list of games includes This War of Mine, Killing Floor: Calamity, Windward, Pure Pool, Flyhunter Origins, Xenowerk, and Twin Runners 2. They range in price from $0.99 all the way to $14.99, but you can rest assured you will be getting a solid game for your shiny NVIDIA SHIELD and HDTV.  (more…)